Is there evidence of horizontal integration within the HR function? Essay Example
Is there evidence of horizontal integration within the HR function? Essay Example

Is there evidence of horizontal integration within the HR function? Essay Example

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  • Published: September 3, 2018
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Within the HR function and insofar as the administration of personnel services is concerned, there is a strong indication of horizontal integration. The policies on screening and recruitment of personnel to fill-up the vacant positions are well understood among the HR staff and strict implementation of these policies and guidelines is observed. The administration of personnel benefits is also well understood by everyone in the HR department. Its interlink with the other departments as well as its linkages with the governmental agencies to comply with the requirements of the law are well implemented.On these functions, HR moves within timelines and set rules.

However, the other roles that HR is expected to undertake remain ambiguous to the HR Staff and even to the Head of the department. The confusion is mainly due to the lack of a policy guideline to direct the


ir actions. As admitted by the Head of the HR Department, this new role of the HR is impliedly assigned to the department by virtue of instructions from the Executive Committee. Thus, the reluctance and hesitation to play its new role is obviously due to unclear and unstructured responsibilities. Contribution of HR functions to organizational performanceThe small group discussions that were undertaken as well as responses gathered from employees randomly selected revealed that HR is seen as an employee champion. Respondent-employees see the Head of HR as their counselor notwithstanding the fact that one of HR’s main functions is the implementation of the company’s disciplinary action policy in collaboration with the line departments.

HR Staff is considered the allies of the people in the other departments as the former readily render assistance to the employee

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in whatever way they can. On this aspect, HR is highly esteemed by the employees of the company.This perception and sentiment for HR among the company’s employees is good. However, it cannot be ignored that HR is seen by these employees their champion in proposing changes of their present work circumstances. The people issues like the salary increases, higher merit increases, and clamor for a more considerate and supportive Executive Committee are serious concerns that need to be addressed and resolved.

The empathy that HR showed to the employees is seen as a sincere understanding of their plight as the drivers of the company’s continued existence and growth.

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