Relevance of Society and Culture in Legal Management Essay

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“Legal Management is one of the best preparatory programs for law school because it exposes us, the students, to the basic laws and principles governing the Philippine legal system. This course is also designed to develop the writing and verbal communication skills of the students, both business and legal. ” As the definition of Legal Management says above, it Just show how this subject is relevant/important in my course.

First reason why I say so is because since in this subject, we will be discussing about Society or the “collective man”, it will help us understand the people around us that we will be handling in the near future, as the future lawyers of the country or maybe as the legal experts in a business. As a future lawyer, one branch of Sociology will help me study the nature and causes of crimes, the activities of criminals, and the criminal Justice system.

It will help me understand better the suspects or the criminals outside a trial court. This subject will also help me apply solutions to the legal problems that I will handle through the lessons in one of the branches of Atrophying. Another reason is that since we will study about unman behavior, it will help us, the Legman students, to weigh things and know the consequences of our action.

It will help us, as the future legal experts in a business, think better if the decision we will be doing will have a good effect or the other way around in the business that we are handling. And lastly since some people who wants to be a lawyer wishes to be in politics too, this subject will help them to study the nature of the distribution of political power in the society because political institutions are Just part of social institutions which is covered by this subject.

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