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Is the Five-Paragraph Essay History?
Is the Five-Paragraph Essay History?

Is the Five-Paragraph Essay History?

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  • Published: August 17, 2017
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Any text, whether it's a thesis, abstract, article, story or essay, should have a clear structure. The most important "secret" of the essay is the absence of any rigid rules. But it will be nice if you come up with a headline and try to keep a typical text structure, by providing an introduction, the main part, and the conclusion. It is not necessary to make it on some formal rules. The essay is not an abstract or even an article and does not need such typical phrases.

Preliminary Outline

To compose a plan of composition is to break it into fragments (parts of the text), mentally highlighting the main stages of the path by which your thought will develop. Each such fragment is a microtext, which can be equal to one paragraph and can consist of several. Each microtext will correspond to the plan item. It is important that it be united by the main idea, which has its beginning, development, and completion within its boundaries. As a name, not single words or sentences are put into the plan, but detailed phrases. But there are also possible formulations in the form of questions to which answers are given in the work. It is important to remember that the plan carries information on how your essay is built. The writing should be "viewed" through the plan.

Drawing up a Plan

A five-paragraph essay always has the following elements.

An introduction.

An introduction and conclusion mean the initial and last paragraph. The initial paragraph introduces the reader into the course of the matter, brings him to the problem to which the essay


is devoted. It is not necessary to write long five-paragraph essay introduction - one or two paragraphs will be enough.

The main part.

The main part requires the most attention, especially when drawing up a plan. It should consist of three paragraphs, each of which includes a thesis and argumentation. In this case, are dealing with classical five-paragraph essay.

A conclusion.

There are several standard ways to finish an essay:

  • An output. Usually, it is customary to finish the composition with a conclusion from the above. This is the most common way to finish the composition. However, at the same time, this is the most difficult way because it is difficult, on the one hand, not to duplicate in the conclusion what has already been said, and, on the other hand, not to step aside from the topic of writing.
  • An expression of hope. This is one of the most advantageous options for the final part because it helps to avoid duplication of thought, ethical and logical errors. It is important to express hope in something positive.

As for non-standard ways to complete an essay, then the choice is not so great:

  • Completion of the story about a certain case that made you think about the topic (if such a story was included as an introduction).
  • An appropriate quote. The meaning of the quotation must necessarily correspond to the main idea of the work. You cannot use a quote just because it contains a keyword, and do not take into account its general meaning.

Structure of the Body

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of the Text

You can go from simple to complex; you can conduct analysis or synthesis, use the method of deduction and induction. In order to build a logical text:

  • Formulate thesis affirmations;
  • Choose several arguments for each thesis;
  • Build your theses in a logical sequence: one thought must flow from the other.

When the plan is made, you can start writing the text itself. Now you can accurately write the work itself following the five-paragraph essay format.  It is better to start with the main body of the text. Introduction and conclusion are easier to complete after you make sure that the basis of your essay is logical and understandable to the reader. If you took care of the detailed plan, you could write in five-paragraph order, and it will be easy.

Some Additional Recommendations

  • Follow the topic and purpose of the essay. Your text should meet the title and the topic that you raise. Excessively detailed descriptions, even artistic ones, can do you a disservice.
  • Divide the text into paragraphs, dilute with subtitles, if necessary, use visual formatting tools. The ability to save a thought in a paragraph for a whole page does not interest anyone - such a paragraph simply will not be read. Make your text convenient for the reader. Even if this reader is the only one.
  • Refuse a long introduction. There is no need to talk about the urgency of the problem, the importance of its solution for the modern person; it is not necessary to list the goals and objectives of the essay in long sentences if this is not required in the assignment. The same applies to the conclusion. Do not waste the reader's time.
  • Your text should have a structure. The introduction and conclusion should be by default, even if they are one or two lines long. It is important to structure the main part. Decide where you put the problem, where it is argued or described. The problem and its argument should be in one form or another.
  • Avoid water. There are "technical" and semantic water. "Technical" refers to introductory phrases and words - in short, everything that makes the text difficult to read. Meaningful water is everything that does not make sense, does not answer the topic and is not required in the text at all.