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In the 21st century, as the world builds its enterprise of modernization on technology, internet is something that most humans in the developed world consider as an alternative air they breathe. However a wide range of cultural, social and moral aspects are also associated with this unchecked river of information and media content. The excessive use of internet has rendered a significant amount of adverse effects on people of multiple age groups. Said addiction of cyber connectivity would be the topic of my paper.

The study would target students of teenage turning adults from 12 to 15 years and 16 to 18 years. As they pass through high school and transit from fresh man to college. The study would be carried out by two different approaches. Initially different analysis reports and documentary evidence would be considered for statistics and basic data. This would be followed by carrying out a series of interviews and group analysis to gather data regarding the facts: how much teens turning adult are addicted to the use of internet, for what purposes do they use the cyberspace, how much of their time spent online is devoted to social networks, study related research, entertainment or shopping etc.

As described above the research subjects wuld be chosen from both genders to start with. They would be divided into two age groups, i.e. from 12 to 15 and 16 to 18 years of age. The subjects would be analyzed for social background to preview the accessibility of technology to them in multiple forms e.g. availability of internet in educational institutes and at home, availability of cell phones, tablets or laptops for their personal use etc.

The primary point of concern associated with excessive cyber connectivity is the addictive drive that is being inflicted in the youth; this addiction deprives them from other cultural and social reforms that are so important for their appropriate grooming at an important stage of their life. In pursuit of an adequate solution to said problem; initially the subjects would be gauged whether they have a feeling to the order being developed in them. This would be followed by enquiring from them any possible solutions that they propose. Another dimension that would be added to this analysis would be a word of thought from the teachers and parents of said subjects and also from third party observers that could volunteer to give their opinion and observations.

Another point to ponder regarding excess use of internet is with respect to its ethical implication and baring on the up coming generation. Although internet has unleashed a world of informatioon, yet the technologists have failed to keep a barrier or check to safeguard the age factor that is very vital to consider before exposing a child, a teenager, a young boy or girl to multiple aspects of knowledge. As this world of information goes unchecked, it adversely effects the moral, of the people e.g. the outbreak of visual and written aid related to pornography, child harassment activities, even local or state terrorism have become a serious matter of concern for parents, and guardians. As internet is fusing into our lives at lightening pace, control of such offend-able content is far behind in catching up, leaving a very adverse effect on mental and physical health of the up coming generation.

As a solution to said problem, one should start by questioning the users, as to how much they consider this a problem and what are there proposed remedies to it. This should be followed by a productive discussion with the parents, guardians and teachers of the sample subjects. At the later end one might also survey multiple parental control technologies, and software that are also being developed by the mega technological giants and portray them as a solution to ensure parental control in said domain. At the end a sorted conclusion would be derived indicating some possible solutions to curb or limit the internet addiction, or re-channel it for more beneficial utilities.

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