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For me, integrity refers to the quality of a person’s character.

It also pertains to the general character of a person. It can be anchored on a person’s different aspects of life such as intellectual and artistry. Moreover, it implies one’s values. It implies that a person needs to be consistent with his or her values. He or she must stand on his or her belief system without questioning or bothering his or her own due to other people’s influences and beliefs.

Workplace integrity means that a person is doing his or her job properly and correctly even if no one is looking.It means that a person is working honestly for the benefit of the company, as well as for him or herself. On the other hand, political integrity can be sifted to the political leaders. It can be defined as performing one’s task and responsibilities to the government without harassment and corruption. It means abiding with the law and standing with one’s own political belief even if it is being contradicted by others.

Societal integrity, on the contrary, refers to the general oneness and completeness of a society.It means that each individual is accepted in the society that he or she belongs to, and as such feels that there is togetherness. It also means that each individual is expected to cooperate truthfully with his or her society. It pertains on the right things and acts that the members and the leaders of society need to be done and to live into. Integrity is the state of being complete; it demonstrates the wholeness and entirety of a person, of a society and of politics. It also refers to the state of being unimpaired and the state of being in a moral principle, uprightness and sincerity.

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