Information System and Decision Making

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In a complex system of human life, communication plays a vital role in every single acts of living. What comprises communication is the actual languages people speak as there involve feelings more than spoken words that bridges the communication gaps—it is the individuals’ sentiments and ideas.

Communication not only allows openness and continuity, but it also creates social relationship that is critical to an individual. Why so? Communication involves more than the spoken words. It involves deep feelings, ideas and mutual understanding. (Awake!,2006) It is for this reason why communication is very important to both individuals and to the business world. This is how AmericanGreetings.

com (2006) derived its mission to their consumer that is to “create”: 1. Innovative products and services to meet our consumers’ needs to connect, express and celebrate. 2. Superior value for our retail partners, customers and shareholders 3. An environment for our associates to excel 4.

Collaborative and reliable relationships with suppliers and 5. A responsible community presence through leadership and stabilityThe $2 Billion company-earner, American Greetings, was founded in 1906 and is considered to be the “world’s largest publicly owned creator, manufacturer and distributor of social expression products. ” (Market Watch Inc. ,2006).

The company prospered from its humble beginning in the 1900s when a young Polish immigrant aimed for the American dream through “ambition, ethics and hard work. ” (AmericanGreetings. com, 2006) These are the very core of the young American Greetings way back in the 1900s and became a family-owned business.How have American Greetings prospered from a humble ambition to an extravagant family business that marked the turning point in the information systems these days? Summary and Analysis Equipped with “ambition, ethics and hard work,” Jacob Sapirstein and his family has initiated and marked the information system turning point in the history of communications.

In fact, at the height of the World War II, communications to the members of the family were sent through greeting cards.Moving forward and after the wars, American Greetings portrays a better living for all in 1970s when focus on the sensitive genre has attracted consumers simultaneously during the rock and roll era. Revolutionary speaking, American Greetings has acquired assets and proved successful in its business partnerships while the Sapirstein family continued to innovate and maximize the effective use of communication technology in the market. To further enhance and sustain the growing needs for greeting cards, American Greetings interacts with its consumers by entering the world of the web.With this new communication system, American Greetings made sure that its customers remember when to send greeting cards to their loved ones and to whom by creating a reminder service. Systematically speaking, its Marketing Group therefore took advantage on what the web could offer to the growth of their company.

In this regard and aside from creating reminders for those consumers who tends to forget when to send cards to their loved ones, American Greetings in the same way made sure that the service and products were both enhanced and consumers can still get the best out of their monthly subscriptions.There are times that American Greetings offered free deliveries to each card sent through the web thus accumulating sales and revenues for the business. Furthermore and to top its sales, American Greetings made alliances and affiliates with other companies like Walmart, Gibson Greetings, DesignWare and other web-based companies. American Greetings’ affiliation with these sites and companies created positive business relationship that enhanced their products and services.

For one, American Greetings made sure that its affiliates receive percentage of the sales if consumers purchased products through their affiliates.Also, American Greetings made sure that the company supports its affiliates in the same way that it received support from these sites. Conclusion The generation of sales and continued positive business partnerships with other web-based company nonetheless proved that effective marking strategy pays its ways to the top of the online business world. With proper information management system, American Greetings able to master its piece from its beginning as a family-owned business down to its revolutionary web-based communication company.Moreover, American Greetings intelligently played information systems’ critical roles to its advancement, that is to connect, operate and stay current with the technology. The company focused on connectivity when it integrated the kind of communication needed in boosting the morale of the people during the war period and enhances relationship to people even in their busiest time ever.

Also, American Greetings’ market approach is inter-operability in the sense that the company networks run smoothly even to the smallest and handy devices as mobile phones.As of this time, American Greetings is catering its service to cell phone owners who have access to WAP services thus initiating another aspect of communication called “always on” mode. Lastly, the success of the company in maintaining the kind of advance technology can be attributed to its smart marketing management group whose focus is collaborated with online advantages. It is true that in the world of business, competition is very stiff.

Thus, it takes a lot of effort to maintain the numbers of consumers whose product patronage involves more than just $14.00 yearly subscription and “follow where the customers lead. ” (Biniak, 2006). It takes a lot of great effort to maintain and sustain the quality of its business but American Greetings made it all that possible. Is there anything to improve? From its mission statement through its success, American Greetings positively delivered the kind of quality information systems that creates a lasting impression in the business world, something that is worth to be admired and patent for.

It is the product, the service and the technical innovation of telecommunication and networking that generated sales and revenue to the Sapirstein family down to these days.ReferencesAmericanGreetings. com. Company Profile: About Us.

Retrieved July 29, 2006 from http://corporate. americangreetings. com/aboutus. html.

Awake! Languages: Bridges and Walls to Communication. Watchtower Bible and Tract Society . Retrieved July 30, 2006 from http://www. watchtower.

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americangreetings. com/phoenix. zhtml? c=112504&p=irol-irhome

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