Improving the Accuracy of Vessel Traffic Monitoring System Displays
Improving the Accuracy of Vessel Traffic Monitoring System Displays

Improving the Accuracy of Vessel Traffic Monitoring System Displays

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  • Published: October 15, 2017
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Chapter 6

Discussion and Decisions

This subdivision gives a general treatment of the survey and presents the critical finds obtained through the probe. It states the decisions arrived at the terminal of the research procedure. Furthermore this chapter examines the jobs experienced during the survey. The chapter finishes up by giving a treatment of countries for farther research and sweetenings.

6.1 General Discussion

The first home-grown Vessel Traffic Monitoring System ( VTMS ) was developed as a undertaking of the mold and simulation group of the University of Colombo School of Computing ( UCSC ) . It is installed at the Colombo South Harbor. These sorts of Vessel Traffic Monitoring systems play a important function in the pull offing vas activities in the seaport. It assists in set uping port operations and reference safety concerns such as hit turning away and safety of nautical environments and other security affairs. Furthermore the VTMS manages information of vas motions, ocean trip grounds and other indispensable facts.

In the bing solution, real-time motions of the ships are visualized. However one of the major jobs that can be discovered in the current VTMS is that the vas motions are non possible to see as a uninterrupted flow. AIS informations received from ships are used to shows vass on a 2D map. AIS information signals are non emitted as a continual sequence. As a effect of this the way of a traveling ship is non continuously seen on the VTMS. This was considered as an of import affair to be dealt with. This would finally better the VTMS soon used.


This research so address the above mentioned job, that is better the truth of AIS informations that is used to expose ships on the VTMS. The aim is to take the discontinuity that exists in the prevalent solution and doing the show of the vass smooth by finding the way of the ship as a uninterrupted watercourse. In order to detect a solution to this job Kalman and Particle Filters are suggested by the subject.

The information is collected from the database at the UCSC that contained AIS informations of ships that are in Colombo-South Harbour. The ship’s location, velocity over land ( SOG ) , class over land

( COG ) , true header are considered for the survey. A ship is selected from the database to implement the Kalman and Particle Filters.

6.2Discussion of theKalman Filter

Initially the issue with the original information is identified. It is clearly seeable that there are some spreads in AIS measurings. When this information is used to stand for ships in the VTMS the motions are non seeable continuously.

Kalman addition and the anticipation clip are two of import factors in the Kalman Filter. Then some analysis is done in order to find the impact of Kalman addition and the anticipation clip in the Kalman Filter.

Through the analysis it is possible to see that the Kalman Gain is the highest when uncertainness in procedure or the theoretical account is higher than uncertainness in the measurings. It is besides seeable that the Kalman Gain stabilizes rapidly after some clip. In the juncture where Q is highly big the estimations

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exactly follow the measurings. The anticipation clip in the filter is selected to be the mode value of the clip difference between signals.

Then the Kalman Filter is applied for the AIS information. It is possible to see that the Kalman Filter has made anticipations for the occasions where the AIS signals are losing. Furthermore the consequences besides include ;

  • There were some topographic points that Kalman Filtered values divert from the existent measurings nevertheless as clip progresses the Kalman filter anticipations converges to the existent measurings.
  • The divergences might be for the ground that a one-dimensionality premise of a theoretical account that is nonlinear in nature.

6.3 Discussion of Verification and Validation of Kalman Filter

Then the Kalman Filter is applied to an unreal dataset which is created from the original dataset by canceling some records from the original dataset. It was clearly seeable that the Kalman Filter anticipations agree with existent anticipations in some periods and in some periods deviate from the existent anticipations. The ground for this may be the deficiency of records in the unreal dataset.

In order to verify the antecedently developed Kalman Filtered appraisals in unreal dataset, the original dataset is given as a mention dataset. The confirmation and proof procedure is conducted stressing on look intoing the proper functionality of the Kalman Filter in bettering the AIS informations.

The consequences indicate that the appraisal is much smoother compared to the instance when merely unreal dataset is added. However still there are some points where appraisals deviated from the existent information. The ground for this may be the natural discontinuity exists in the AIS informations.

The residuary analysis in order to look into Kalman Filter operation shows that the remainders appear to disperse around zero indiscriminately bespeaking the proper functionality of the Kalman Filter.

6.4Discussion of theAtom Filter

Implementing the Particle Filter is a boring project. An attempt is done in order to develop the Particle Filter to better the AIS information. The normal distribution is selected as the importance denseness. Atoms are possible locations where the ship would be in the following measure. In the research the atoms that are the closest to the ship are given higher weights than the atoms that are far off. Findingss obtained from this are as follows:

  • When using the Particle Filter for the intent of bettering truth of AIS informations there are batch of divergences in Particle Filtered estimations and existent measurings.
  • However there are a few topographic points that Particle Filtered estimates agreements with existent informations.

6.5 Decisions

The research job looked at turn toing the Use of Kalman and Particle Filters to better truth of AIS based place informations.

  • The Kalman Filter provides better estimations for the cases where existent measurings are losing. There are some topographic points that estimates deviate from existent informations the ground for the divergences might be the one-dimensionality premise of a nonlinear system.
  • In the instances where one-dimensionality premise is violated the Particle Filter is appropriate pick. It was possible to see that the Particle Filter provides estimations for the losing information. However it is extremely dependent on the pick of the right importance denseness.

6.6 Restrictions of the Study

Few restrictions and jobs faced during the

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