Improving and Making Communication Effective Essay Example
Improving and Making Communication Effective Essay Example

Improving and Making Communication Effective Essay Example

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  • Published: November 23, 2021
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The management needs to employ communication principles in order to overcome various barriers that arise in the workplace. These barriers may include physical, systematic, and attitudinal obstacles, among others. Such barriers have the potential to distort messages and result in misunderstandings or failure to effectively convey the intended message (Prince & Hoppe, 2011, n).

To improve communication and efficiency, it is crucial to reduce the distance between the sender and receiver. Moreover, organizations should have appropriate communication mechanisms in place to tackle these problems. Cultural disparities greatly affect business communication, especially due to language barriers that can result in misunderstandings. The Lasswell model of communication demonstrates this by emphasizing how a message travels through various audiences and channels. For instance, when interacting with people from different cultures, the message must be translated into different languages for bett


er comprehension (Prince & Hoppe, 2011, n.).

p). The impact of culture on communication can be seen in different ways, such as the belief that one culture is superior (ethnocentrism). The Lasswell model analyzes the elements involved in message transmission, including the sender, medium, and audience response (Berger, 2011, p. 60). To effectively deal with communication challenges among diverse groups, it is crucial to develop an understanding of both our own culture and those of others.

Understanding the impact of one's culture, beliefs, values, and behaviors on message interpretation is beneficial as it helps minimize conflicts resulting from misunderstandings. Having an open mind and respecting each other's values are crucial in achieving this. Additionally, learning both verbal and non-verbal languages enables effective social interactions. The most effective approach to addressing communication problems arising from cultural differences is by gaining knowledge about variou

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cultural variations. Moreover, adopting the Shannon and Weaver model can be advantageous if the organization agrees to establish and follow a shared culture.

Bowman and Targowski (1987, p.23) define communication as a linear process where a message is transmitted through a channel to the destination without any changes. In terms of professional communication strategies in organizations, there are two applicable models. The first one is the Defleur Model of mass communication, explained by Beacker et al. (2013, p.19). This model involves transmitting messages to a wide range of people and emphasizes the circular nature of communication with two-way feedback. Another option for organizations to communicate with mass recipients is the Hiebert, Urgurait, and Bohn (HUB) model of communication, which views it as concentric circles resembling waves formed in a pool after throwing a pebble.

The communication process involves transmitting a message from a source to an audience, followed by feedback. This model includes multiple stages that the message must pass through before reaching the intended audience. Both forms of communication aim to distribute information to a large group of people and can be effective strategies for organizational communication.


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