African Borders’s don’t Make Sense Essay Example
African Borders’s don’t Make Sense Essay Example

African Borders’s don’t Make Sense Essay Example

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  • Published: November 23, 2021
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During the colonial period, there was the emergence of the European borders that divided Africa into several sections. The division of the African continent facilitated the development of various borders made by the European countries that took part in the colonization of Africa. The design of these boundaries had both positive and adverse effects on the African communities. The effects of these boundaries imposed social, economic and cultural impacts on the people from Africa.

Concerning the social aspects of the European borders in Africa, there existed a high level of ethnic rivalry among the African communities. It led to the division of people into different ethnic communities. The division of individuals resulted in the emergence of various classes of people with different interest. Conflicts and other types of disagreements among the various ethnic groups emerged. As a result, separation of


people and migration took place among these communities. As a result, the development of the boundaries led to the unequal distribution of resources by the European countries to the African communities. The European countries favored one ethnic, religious, racial and cultural societies within the colonial period.

During this time, the favored group had excellent access to the most significant resources that facilitated adequate enrichment among these groups of people. In addition, border disputes was a common problem in the African society. For example, a border dispute emerged between Ethiopia and Eritrea, Malawi and Tanzania that fought over the separation of the lake boundary. They also act as blocks to economic development, custom arrangements and the emergence of tariffs among the African states. Development of the boundaries created a barrier and restricted the movement of individuals in th

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entire continent. It affected the economic activities that existed among the African communities that belong different countries. Borders restricted movement of people and goods from one place to another for trade purposes. Borders led to the emergence of the visa cards and passports that complicated movement of the African traders from phone place to another (Trng, 119).

The openness of the African borders had many implications for the security issues of the African community. Many African countries lack border control, security and policing strategies that created a lot of problems to their governments. Most of the African borders were weak. A condition that contributed to the lack of control by most of the African boundaries by their countries. As a result, most of the countries could not solve conflicts that affected their countries. Lack of border control inspired most of the African government to significant problems such as insurgency and smuggling. It led to the emergence of other contemporary issues such as ivory poaching business.

However, the development of the African boundaries had positive impacts on the African countries. It created a spatial relationship among the African states by specifying their location and their social-economic identities. It created a reliable way of organizing the whole continent by categorizing different regions within Africa. Moreover, the emergence of boundaries led to the emergence of economic integration among the various communities in Africa. It emerged as an attribute of the West Africa (Dominguez, 24). European boundaries enhanced the development of ports that opened the African continent for trade purposes with other continents. It allowed the introduction and exportation of goods to other places. The development of the ports existed in

Sahel, Lagos, and Abidjan. These ports acted as intermediaries for the suppliers and customers that engaged in trade with the African economists. The development of boundaries by the European colonizers led to the creation of the international traffic routes and access regions in Africa. It resulted in the globalization of some regions in Africa.

Moreover, the Europe borders in Africa acted as a way of minimizing corruption. It reduced links between various communities and regulated the movement of goods to different places in Africa. The flow of goods and services across the borders within the African states followed transparent means that did not involve any form of corruption (Muller, 78). It included the use of official or private authority for individual enrichment and acquisition of resources.

The above argument defines the European borders to possess both positive and adverse effects on the African society. The introduction of limits by then European colonizers in Africa created differences in the African languages, cultures as well as the changes in the social lifestyles of the African communities. It led to the existed of different ideologies that resulted in various ideas concerning the African society.

In conclusion, Africa's borders are significantly more hazardous than those in challenged ranges of Europe, Asia, and Latin America. While they are porous and verging on outlandish for frail state organizations, little-armed forces and poorly financed police strengths to control, they regularly separate people groups and structure gigantic obstructions to exchange. Additionally, contamination and the longing of individuals to purchase and offer merchandise across over fringes make open unlimited doors for pirating, tax avoidance and cross-border crime.

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