Definition and Research Two Emerging Issues in Multicultural Psychology Essay Example
Definition and Research Two Emerging Issues in Multicultural Psychology Essay Example

Definition and Research Two Emerging Issues in Multicultural Psychology Essay Example

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  • Published: May 15, 2017
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The following paper explores the potential influence of emerging issues on society in terms of definitions and research.

In this work, the impact of these issues on the interaction among culturally diverse groups is explained. The significance of words in society can differ based on their origin, present location, and the cultural identity of the user. The development of research methodologies has primarily been influenced by European and American culture, resulting in a limited ability to address cultural diversity. Professional providers need to consistently assess and take into account relevant information regarding standard definitions and suitable research methodologies. Throughout history, nothing has caused more difficulties than a failure to communicate effectively.

The misuse of certain words can lead to both comical situations and negative consequences. An example of such a word is 'nigger'. Although some African Americans use this word casually in conversation


s and music, if someone outside their group or culture were to use it, there would be serious repercussions. This illustrates the potential for miscommunication between a patient and their healthcare provider. As Hall (2010) explains, culture includes shared attitudes, beliefs, norms, roles, and self-definitions.

Misunderstandings between cultures can arise when individuals define themselves based on their own perspectives. The patient's perception may differ from the provider's because of how the patient defines their actions or beliefs. It is significant to acknowledge that numerous psychological theories and concepts have been created by Europeans or Americans, leading to a restricted understanding that disregards various ethnic groups and sub-cultures.

The lack of standardized definitions and terminology among the creators of these processes leads to apples being used to describe oranges. Even the American Psychological Association (APA) has encountered difficultie

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with definitions within their own organization. In January 2009, the APA's Ethics Committee established a website to gather feedback from members regarding the existing Ethical Standard 1.

According to the Ethics Comity (2009), some respondents pointed out that without clear definitions of terms, psychologists are at risk of facing various interpretations of human rights when standards are codified. This demonstrates the negative consequences for a professional society when definitions are ambiguous or deceptive, particularly in regards to legal terminology. Furthermore, the lack of clarification and standardization for these definitions has an impact on other areas, including research.

Research is the vehicle to establish facts scientifically and systematically. The nature of science involves controversy over meaning, but when terminology is debated or interchanged, it leads to less understanding and knowledge (Jackson, 2005, para 6). The majority of current research constructs are based on outdated standards that were originally designed for a limited range of cultures. Research conducted on ethnic groups often involved generalizations. For instance, studying persons of color with lower socioeconomic status is significant as it may lead to the development of interventions beneficial to these populations.

The field of psychology does not possess sufficient knowledge about non-poor individuals of color, often relying on generalizations based on those who are poor. This leads to a lack of comprehension regarding the needs and experiences of multicultural individuals in the United States. Neglecting to update current frameworks to encompass this diverse population will undermine research credibility and impede the ability to offer suitable care. Hence, it is vital to address emerging issues, definitions, and research that affect individuals irrespective of their race or ethnicity.

The impact on culturally diverse groups is

widespread. Without continually reviewing and refining current terms and definitions, there is a high probability of erroneous diagnosis and treatment for these groups. Additionally, if existing research constructs are not modified, the information derived from that research will not be applicable to culturally diverse individuals. The failure to make necessary changes will perpetuate inequality in treatment for the culturally diverse. In conclusion, this paper examined two emerging issues that psychologists face in multicultural psychology. When working with culturally diverse groups, numerous issues may arise.

The paper primarily discusses the consequences of definitions and research. Psychologists have identified numerous ways in which these new issues can influence society. Furthermore, the paper explores how these issues will affect the interaction between culturally diverse groups. When addressing these emerging issues, taking into account the cultural background of individuals is crucial in resolving any concerns related to definitions or research constructs.

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