How Do You Understand the Term “Human Rights”? Essay Example
How Do You Understand the Term “Human Rights”? Essay Example

How Do You Understand the Term “Human Rights”? Essay Example

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  • Published: September 19, 2017
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Human rights originate from every individual, including you and me. They originate in the tiniest places imaginable: in our interactions with family and friends, our homes, and our communities.

And we can value, safeguard, and implement human rights in our everyday interactions. However, the initial step towards becoming a human rights advocate is comprehending their significance and how they pertain to both you and the world you inhabit. This toolkit aims to facilitate that understanding. At Breakthrough, we firmly believe that human rights are not just a collection of proclamations or a matter confined to distant territories. Human rights represent the fundamental entitlements that each individual possesses to live with dignity, equality, and fairness.

At Breakthrough, our belief is strong that human rights are interconnected and inseparable. It is crucial to understand them in relation to the various


identities and experiences that shape us. We also acknowledge the equal value and importance of every right. This encompasses civil and political rights, such as fair legal proceedings, protection from cruel treatment, and freedom of opinion and speech. These rights hold just as much significance as economic, social, and cultural rights which encompass access to food, shelter, healthcare, and the ability to express one's culture. Most importantly, we affirm the universal application of human rights to all individuals without any exceptions.

It is our collective responsibility to safeguard and advocate for human rights on a daily basis, recognizing their fundamental importance in our lives. While governments and international laws play a crucial role in advancing global human rights, there are also ample opportunities for us to make local contributions by collaborating. By fostering a culture that respects and protects

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the rights of all individuals, we can ensure that everyone has the opportunity to fulfill their potential, benefiting both ourselves and the global community.

And the first measure begins today, commencing with the individuals present in this room. It commences at this very moment. It initiates with you.


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