Western style democracy cannot flourish when human rights
Western style democracy cannot flourish when human rights

Western style democracy cannot flourish when human rights

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  • Published: December 22, 2017
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For the purpose of this paper, “Western-style democracy’ will refer to a form of preventative democracy, in which the law requires those in power to protect individual rights.

Some of these rights include the right to equality, liberty, free speech and other fundamental rights. This however brings us to the definition of “human rights”. “Human rights” are a set of rights that apply equally to all individuals by virtue of their existence and such rights are to be observed regardless of where the Individual may find his or herself.

By the definition of “Western style Democracy, we see that human rights are Intertwined with this style of government.

And thus It Is impossible to have this form of democracy when these rights are being violated. Western style democracy also entails that power be separated into different branches, and also free and fair elections be held (Viral, 2012). Certain developing countries claim to be practicing western democracy, but they do so at the surface level.

This means they are only concerned about having a system of government In which the majority rules.

By this, I mean they do not go beyond elections to consider what a true democracy should look like. Consequently, as mentioned In lecture, certain aspects of democracy such as the link between democracy, and equality are oft out, tampering with some fundamental rights. If these countries claim to be democratic, but yet do not conform to certain aspects of what a democratic society should look like, then we cannot refer to them as a real democratic society.

One of


the questions that will be explored in this paper Is “If we cannot refer to them as a real democratic society, then what do we call them? Another question that will be explored Is whether or not the abuse of human rights can be prevented In these countries. This paper will argue that human right violations occur because decision Akers often weigh the costs and benefits of violating human rights before violating them intentionally (Goodhearted, 78). It will also argue that human rights violations could occur due to other issues, including political, and religious issues.

In order to develop my argument In this paper, I will be comparing the democratic system of countries that practice western democracy to the Democratic systems In other parts of the world [Africa, Latin America, and Asia]. I will do this in order to relay the social differences between the democracies that make Western-style Democracy unable to lorries in these countries. For clarification purposes, it is important to note that human right abuses could occur due to various reasons.

The government may be incapable of providing their citizens with the kind of help they need, and this may human rights are violated are corrupt, as we tend to believe. Also, human right adulations can take on different forms such as torture, extra-judicial killings, political Imprisonment, and disappearances (Goodhearted, 78).

Extra-judicial killings are human rights violations that occur in countries like Burma for example, where prisoners are usually taken to an unknown location, then mysteriously disappear (Amnesty, 1988). O begin, most African and Latin American countries are dominated

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by corruption, Inch makes it hard for western democracy to flourish. Western democracy has a system of checks and balances on the power of the government, which restricts the government from abusing power and in turn represses corruption, which is a political right abuse (Gloom, 2012). Countries like the United States, France, and Italy have a separation of power in the sense that the government is divided into the legislative, executive and Judicial systems (Gloom, 2012).

The Judicial systems and law enforcement bodies such as the FBI are independent from the government, Inch makes it impossible for the government to influence their decisions (He-man, 1996). Also the FBI and other law enforcement bodies are committed to ensuring limited existence of corruption in the country, thus making corruption and consequently human right abuses unlikely.

Similarly, countries like Nigeria and India have checks and balances on the power of the government. Nigeria for example has system that separates power between the three levels of government (Gloom, 2012).

However, where Nigeria differs from the western countries is in the lack of commitment by the law enforcement bodies to ensure that corruption is at its minimum. Just like the FBI, Nigeria has a body called the FCC who fight against corruption (Schneider & Kinsley, 2013). But unlike the FBI, the FCC is a body controlled by the government, thus making it impossible for them to fish out people responsible for money laundering, election rigging, and other illegal activities that may be committed by government officials (Schneider & Kinsley, 2013). This aspect of corruption has led to the undermining of human rights in Nigeria.

In order for a democracy to exist, the will of the majority has to be represented through the elected individuals. However, the majority does not rule because the election votes are usually rigged. This means the votes of the people are not taken into consideration as top officials pre-select whoever they want to be president, and steal the votes in order to enforce their decision (Schneider & Kinsley, 2013). Elections are often rigged because the political party owes the presidential seat to a particular individual, and has to make sure he gets his fair share of the presidency when the mime is due.

Election rigging leads to siphoning of public funds because they have to make up electoral results, and also pay the thugs that fill up the ballot boxes with fake votes (Newsweek, 2011). People who try to obstruct the thugs from rigging the elections are often killed, some are left injured, and others are sometimes kidnapped Knocked, 2011). The system of pre-selecting people to hold the presidential seat makes it more likely for this human right violation to occur.

I also call this a human right violation because the citizens do not have the right to choose who governs hem, thus they are denied their basic rights to free and fair elections (Newsweek, 2011).

Since human rights are a necessary element for democracy, there cannot be a democracy if rights are being violated. Also, election rigging implies that the will of purpose off democracy (Newsweek, 2011). Just like Nigeria, India has

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