Human Growth And Development Chapter 13-16 practice questions

Gender convergence can be described as:
A. women’s and men’s personalities becoming more similar.
******B. All of these answers are correct.********
C. men becoming less aggressive around age 42.
D. an international occurrence.

Which of the following is an indication that the social clock is less restrictive now?
A. retirement age has become more variable
*****B. All of these answers are correct.****
C. women are having their first baby later
D. the ages of college students have risen

A 2001 study of midlife found that _________ increased and ________ decreased.
conscientiousness; extroversion

Jesse, age 20, and Alicia, age 19, are not married, but they live together. If they get married, factors that make divorce more likely for them are:
that they are under age 21.

A characteristic of adult friendships is that:
friendships improve with age.

Couples who have children tend to:

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class="col-sm-5 col-md-5 col-lg-5">be happier when the children leave home.

From a developmental perspective, shift work results in:
less job satisfaction.

Dr. Sullivan, a 79-year-old psychology professor, has been teaching at a college for more than 40 years. He vows that he is not ready to retire and that he loves teaching and helping prepare young adults for their careers. He is demonstrating:
generativity through employment.

Pamela, the oldest of six siblings, cares for her elderly mother, who lives with Pamela. As her mother ages and has more health complications, Pamela has noticed that her siblings have become:
more resentful and critical of Pamela’s efforts.

The body has what is referred to as _________ reserve, meaning extra capacity for withstanding unusual events.

Research by Braun and others (2008) found that women did ________ than half the household work and indicated a ________ prevalence of injustice.
more; low

A risk for major disease, premature aging, and death is:
a large allostatic load.

1. ______ pitch and ______ speech are actually easier for an elderly person to comprehend when carrying on a conversation.
Lower; slower

Schaie and Willis (1996) observed that the “typical” old person is often viewed as:
A. uninterested in sex.
B. conservative and rigid.
******C.All of these answers are correct.*********
D. weak and dependent.

__________ is the most common cause of blindness.
Macular degeneration

Cardiovascular disease is considered secondary aging because:
not everyone develops it.

Cardiovascular disease is ___________ aging because it __________.
C. secondary; may not be age-related

Which of the following reduces the water in the body?

An aspect of impaired control processes is evidenced when an older adult:
relies, when making decisions, on preconceived ideas rather than considering new evidence.

Research on late-adulthood cognitive decline has led scientists:
to differ on exactly when cognition declines

____________ affects parts of the brain that regulate emotion, causing compassion and self-awareness to fade.
Frontal lobe dementia

Feminist theory argues that old women may be poorer than old men because:
of past sexual discrimination.

Positivity effect is an example of:
selective optimization with compensation.

The most comprehensive self theory was developed by:
Erik Erikson.

Elderly people who are recent arrivals in a community are _____ likely to approve funding for _______.
less; public education

A preference of the elderly to remain in the same home and community, adjusting but not leaving when health fades, is called:
a natural retirement arrangement.

The age of retirement should be determined by:
one’s health status, job conditions, and financial reserves

About 4 percent of those over age 65 in the United States:
have never married.

Research shows that cohorts born in the 1950s and 1960s endorsed _______ responsibility toward older generations than _________ cohorts did.
more; earlier

Sexual intimacy is a major aspect of long-lasting marriages. Younger adults tend to measure sexual activity by _______, and older adults value _______.
frequency of orgasm; satisfaction of intimacy

A possible living arrangement for an elderly person who is not self-sufficient is:
A. a skilled nursing facility.
****B. All of these answers are correct.****
C. to age in place with family help.
D. an assisted-living facility with some medical supervision.

Which statement is true about caregivers?
Family caregivers may feel that they do not get enough help from other family members.

Martin, age 86, is no longer able to bathe and dress himself. He also needs help in eating. He is considered:
to be frail.

Thanatology is the study of:
death and dying.

One reason why adolescents and emerging adults die in suicides, homicides, and accidents may be that they:
A. are more vulnerable to cluster suicides.
B. are more vulnerable to foolish dares and drunk driving.
C. romanticize death.
**D. All of these answers are correct.***

The power of age as it relates to death can be a determinant in:
the sorrow felt by others.

Both healthy older adults and older adults with cancer most often chose to spend free time with:
a family member.

Which of the following refers to a state in which a person may or may not be dead?

Which of the following is an accurate example of passive euthanasia?
Anne has a DNR order on her chart, and the doctors follow it.

Which of the following terms belong together?
double effect, active euthanasia

___________ is a public and ritualistic expression of bereavement.

Following Jim’s death, who is most likely to experience disenfranchised grief?
Karla, his mistress of 30 years

One of the purposes of mourning is to reaffirm life. Crucial to reaffirmation is the search for _____ in the person’s death.

Studies of personality stability show that:
pathological traits are likely to be less extreme as people grow older.

Erikson’s stage of intimacy versus isolation is similar to Maslow’s stage of:
love and belonging

Generally speaking, married people are a little happier than unmarried ones. The largest difference was found in __________, where significantly more married than single adults were “very happy.”
the United States

Shondra has just divorced, and she has custody of her two small children. Which of the following statements about her future is true?
If Shondra remarries, the marriage will have a higher probability of failing

Toni cares for her elderly mother and helps her daughter, who is newly divorced. It could be best said that she:
represents the sandwich generation.

From a developmental perspective, the fact that today’s workers frequently change jobs is problematic for an older worker because:
***A. All of these answers are correct.***
B. relocation becomes more difficult with age.
C. seniority becomes a disadvantage when one must seek a new job.
D. many skills and types of knowledge required for a new job have not been learned by the older worker.

An adult expresses generativity by:
caring for others, such as young children.

When responding to stress, _______ tend to be more problem-focused, and ______ tend to be more emotion-focused.
younger adults and men; older adults and women

A near-death experience is often an occasion for:
religious affirmation

What was the least common cause of death for 15- to 24-year-olds in the early twenty-first century?

People who believe that they might die soon are _______ likely than others to ____________.
more; believe in life after death

Where is active euthanasia definitely legal?
A. Netherlands
B. Belgium
***C. All of these answers are correct.***
D. Switzerland

Which of the following would not be a component of palliative care?

________ is the medical order that would precede _________.
DNR; passive euthanasia

Adults whose parents died when they were children:
are more distraught by death.

What term refers to the sense of loss following a death?

A study of widows and widowers found that _______ percent were _______ depressed than before their spouse’s death.
18; less

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