How Common Factors Found in the Synergetic Model

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This paper will discourse how the communicating procedure can be affected by single forces. social forces. civilization. context. and moralss. It will discourse the importance of understanding how communicating is affected by these forces. It is of import to understand the manner they affect communicating so that proper and effectual communicating can happen.

How Common Factors Found in the Synergetic Model
Affect the Communication Process

Communication is a transactional procedure that involves more than one individual. When an interaction between two or more people occurs. assorted factors come into drama because of the difference in each single individual. Communication can be influenced by different factors and it is of import to understand these factors and how they contribute to the effectivity of said communicating. Communication can be influenced by single forces. social forces. and by context. It is of import to understand how communicating is affected by these forces. so that we can decently and efficaciously communicated in the universe today.

Communication chiefly focuses on the person. Identity plays an of import function in the communicating procedure. A person’s individuality is composed of many different single forces or features. “The factors that contribute to one’s individuality can be demographic features such as age. race. ethnicity. nationality. gender. sexual orientation. regional individuality. and socioeconomic category. In add-on. single forces include your field of experience. such as your instruction and experiences. ” ( Alberts 2012 ) It is of import to understand non merely. your individuality but besides the individuality of the individual or people you are pass oning with.

Since each individual is alone. they communicate in their ain typical ways. Everyone is cognizant of the alteration in behaviour when we interact with others in different scenes. Our communicating with other people alterations along with our behaviour. Our single experiences and backgrounds influence the ethical competency in communicating. We are responsible for how ethical we are in twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours communicating. Although we are persons. our individuality is limited by the society that we live in.

A society is made up of different people. which means social forces and single forces play a function with each other. Communication is influenced by social forces. These forces refer to the societal constructions of a society based on political relations. history. and economic sciences. The single forces that affect communicating can besides be influenced by social forces. Behaviors can be perceived otherwise when covering with communicating between multiple individuals of different societies. Nonverbal communicating is greatly affected by differences in societies. Many gestures and gestural messages vary greatly in intending when expressed in different societies. “Participants bring their beliefs. values. norms. and attitudes to each interaction and the civilizations they belong to determine each of these factors. ” ( Alberts 2012 )

Context plays an of import function in the communicating procedure. Context refers to the scene of the interaction every bit good as the single participants. Bing cognizant of the scene and state of affairs allows us to take the proper manner in which to pass on. “When pass oning with others we need to see the manner in which we are workings. sometimes we need to accommodate to the manner we communicate in different state of affairss for illustration the manner we conduct ourselves in a meeting would me a more formal manner of communicating and different to the manner we are when working usually. ” ( Studymode 2012 ) Puting plays a strong function in the manner we communicate. Typically. if person is in a public scene. their behaviour is more rational than when they are in a private scene.

We engage in human communicating every twenty-four hours and it is of import to understand how different factors affect the communicating procedure. We need to understand them so that our messages are sent and received with a clear apprehension. As worlds in an age of such technological promotion. we are faced with the undertaking of pass oning with people from different backgrounds and understand this phenomenon is the lone manner that we can efficaciously pass on with people and let for advancement to happen in our day-to-day interactions.

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