Honda Cog Analysis Essay Example
Honda Cog Analysis Essay Example

Honda Cog Analysis Essay Example

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In 2003 Honda, in the UK market, was having trouble selling cars. People said that their cars were reliable but boring, they had no cool factor. They realized that if they didn’t appeal to a younger audience then their sales weren’t going to increase. In response to their lack of sales Honda created the “cog” commercial, which featured various internal parts of the new Honda Accord working together in a Rube Goldberg-esque Machine, to appeal to a younger audience and help raise their sales.In the end of the commercial the machine stops on a Honda Accord Station wagon.

This is an interesting thing to notice because even though the commercial is aimed at a younger age group they use a car that is not necessarily a car meant for younger age groups. When you think of a car th


at most young adults aim for it isn’t a station wagon; young adults are usually more associated with driving coupes, convertibles, sports cars, etc.. Then here in the Honda commercial it is advertised with a station wagon which is usually more associated with families.This commercial, at first glance, would not seem to be created for the younger generation but if you look into this fact a little more then you can deduce that maybe they were aiming at younger families that are just starting and are investing in their first family vehicle. In the commercial all these car parts serve different functions but when they all work together they are able to accomplish a much bigger more complex process.

This is the same way a car works just in a more glamorized fashion. What they are sayin

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is that the Honda accord is this precision built machine that works in perfect harmony.They even have a line in the commercial, which is actually the only dialog used in the commercial, that says “isn’t it great when things just work? ” This is meant to make you focus on exactly what they are saying and absorb it. What they are actually saying is how great it is, with all these cars that break down nowadays, to drive a Honda that works and won’t break down. The Honda Accord “Cog” is a very interesting commercial to watch. It’s made even more interesting by the fact that is uses virtually no CGI effects.

This is quite effective at achieving the wow factor. Which for some people is enough to cause them to buy the car, but for others it can sway their decision if for example they have narrowed a car choice down to a few options. Another thing they used in this commercial to help sell the car was when it came to the Honda dashboard and the machine turned on the radio, the song that came on was “Rapper’s Delight” by the Sugarhill Gang. This is a very happy upbeat song which I think is supposed to give you a happy feeling about the Honda Accord.

If you read the lyrics to “Rapper’s Delight” you will start to notice a trend of them rapping all about how they are the sexiest and best at what they do. Relate this to the commercial and you can venture to say that this is the point that Honda is trying to prove about there new Honda Accord that is

being advertised. The arguments that are used in the Honda Accord Cog commercial are effective at selling to a younger audience than there typical audience. Overall I think that Honda was successful with this argument, it was good at helping shed the boring commuter car image that Honda has earned for years since they came to America.

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