Gym Management System Essay Example
Gym Management System Essay Example

Gym Management System Essay Example

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  • Published: July 23, 2017
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It is known that exercising is of import. Exercise has a great impact in the organic structure as it has all kinds of benefits. Physical activities are really helpful non merely on doing people fit but besides on bettering one’s personality. If they have a healthy organic structure. they can be productive in day-to-day life.

Exercise increases the energy degree. Through it delivers O and foods to the whole organic structure assisting it to work more expeditiously and hike endurance. It is besides proved that regular exercising decreases the hazard of wellness jobs. Exercise can be fun. Physical activity releases chemicals in our encephalon called endorphins that are known to do you experience happier and loosen up. A 30 minute exercise aid improved tempers and alleviate emphasis.

Making physical activities are frequently great c


hance to socialise. Focus and motive can be achieved to prosecute end which helps by traveling to the diversion centre like traveling to gym to interacts and communicate with others.

Fitness gym is one of the topographic points they should see to execute physical activities. This topographic point has a installations and equipments that you will utilize in our preparation session. There are trainers that give exercising plans and assist you to go fit and strong. Every individual in the universe would wish to hold a perfect organic structure. In order to hold a healthy and a strong organic structure. people would necessitate to see traveling to a gym to work out. What do such people expect of a gym? Surely. frequenters would anticipate a broad choice of equipment available in a gym. Patrons would bask knowing staffs who know everything people want to cogniz

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about working out.

To supply a good quality of service to people. fittingness gym should hold an organized direction system that will supply convenience to their staff to execute their work more expeditiously. The proposed system will give the list of exercisings and it will maintain records of gym members. attending of gym employees. stock list and the payment of measures of the clients. This will assist in supervising day-to-day activities in the gym.

This proposed system will be helpful to clients because it will steer them in making proper exercising and better the productiveness of concern of gym proprietors that will supply an first-class service. hypertext transfer protocol: //www. megaessays. com/viewpaper/5886. hypertext markup language

The chief job is how to make. design and develop a Gym Management System that will automatize the manual procedure of enrollment. manual scene of exercises and preparation plans. manual dealing. manual encryption of attending. Manual stock list of equipment’s and in conclusion the coevals of studies.

Specific Problem:

How make the respondents asses the affectivity of the proposed system.

  1. Functionality
  2. Dependability
  3. Serviceability
  4. Maintainability
  5. Portability

The conceptual model the proposed Gym Management system starts in the mechanization of the manual procedure from enrollment and rank. manual scene of exercises and preparation plans. stock list and minutess and in conclusion is the coevals of studies. The proposed system automates the manual procedure to come up with the efficient and dependable system that will decrease the manual procedure.

Scope and Delimitation of the Study:

  • The proposed system serves as the automated Gym Management System that systematize/manage the old procedure of enrollment. stock list and minutess of the Gym. This helps to rush up dealing and give more efficient and

dependable informations.

  • The Gym Management system is designed in supplying productiveness in the gym and helps in maintaining all the records of day-to-day activity and minutess. This will be developed in Microsoft Visual basic 2010 and Sql Server as the database.
  • Significance of the Study

    The proposed Gym Management System provides a important betterment to the proprietor and its employee above the manual procedure of enrollment of new member. payment and stock list. The proposed system will assist the undermentioned receivers: Gym Owners – The system will supply convenience. Because it keep the record of minutess to their clients. gym equipments and the attending of employees working in the gym and it will be helpful in supervising their concern. Gym Staff/Personnel – Using an machine-controlled system will decrease the attempt and avoid fuss in maintaining the records. Clients – It will supply privateness on their personal information. They will non be confused on what workout they will make. The system will supply guidelines in executing exercisings. Advocates – This system will give them thoughts that they can utilize in their research related to this subject.

    Review of the Related Literature and Studies

    Gym Management System Academic

    It gives us great pleasance to show the undertaking on “Gym Management” prepared unfeignedly. duly and with extreme attempts. The contents of this book are presented into many chapters. in order to ease reading. The undertaking has been illustrated with precise informations elucidated with orderly System Flowchart. dataflow diagram. Entity-Relationship diagram and Use Case diagram that simplify in understanding the package. The undertaking includes the package development tools like hundred # . crystal studies to show the package really exactly. Meticulous attention has been

    taken to do this undertaking perfect and utile in every regard.

    Approximately EXISTING SYSTEM

    The present system is wholly depending on manual informations direction for different activities such as keeping inside informations of client. provider. Students etc. They maintain Different registries for assorted activities such as hive awaying and seeking informations which is boring and clip devouring undertaking. In present system all minutess are done manually with pen and paper so the frequent updating is non possible. Besides bring forthing studies. measures accurately is non possible with current system. There are assorted other jobs for case. if client semen for the enquiry of peculiar Parcel and if that Parcel is non available so it is hard to retrieve about it. In short system is missing installations such as seeking. canceling. and adding informations expeditiously and efficaciously.

    Drawbacks of Existing System

    It utilizes a big sum of infinite for client and supplier dealing information in paper files. Sometime manual computation may be wrong therefore. taking to the wrong information A big sum of informations can non be viewed at a glimpse

    No reminder for client and Purchaser. Sometime the computation has to be done manually so it requires a batch of work. Updating is non performed that expeditiously and may take complications. No security as informations can be misplaced or damaged. Last. it was non offers a user friendly work environment

    Need for New System

    Working with current system is rather boring. complicated and clip devouring undertaking. It may take mistakes. certain operations such as surfing seeking. adding. taking. entries can non be done expeditiously. Keeping different registries for assorted activities such as hive awaying and seeking informations which is boring and clip

    devouring undertaking. Generating studies. measures are much boring undertaking with new system. Hence the organisation needs new system with enhanced characteristics. Features such as automatic study coevals. measure coevals. calculating complicated computations. executing operations such as adding. canceling. updating and seeking etc. System should be user friendly.

    Proposed System

    We hereby are thankful to show our package undertaking through this study. Our proposed system is compute based. Which provide assorted User interfaces ( Forms ) for assorted operations and therefore synergistic. The system is able to bring forth computations. measures. studies automatically. Operationss such as adding. taking. seeking clients. providers and employees can be done expeditiously and efficaciously by proposed system. Adding Parcels class and unit wise is possible with the aid of this system. System can expeditiously execute assorted minutess such as gross revenues. purchase and maintain informations after each dealing. In short proposed system is user-friendly.

    Features of New System

    Graphical user interface: The proposed system provides better graphical user interface Search: Searching inside informations about client. provider. employee. Parcel is relatively easy Increase Work Speed: Due to mechanization of some portion of system work velocity would increase Less Paperwork: For the proposed system less paperwork is required Reduces Mistake: Due to computerization there are less possibilities of mistake Economical.

    Gym Management System Project

    Gym direction system undertaking is a standalone user friendly package application developed in asp. net utilizing C # programming linguistic communication and MS entree database.

    Main thought behind developing this undertaking is to pull off different types of informations in fittingness centre. gym. Using this package we can pull off employee attending inside informations. members payments. day-to-day attending. present and absent yearss of employees and members.

    Along with these inside informations gym equipment and payments inside informations are besides managed.

    Gym Management System Project Modules Description:

    Equipment faculty: In this faculty we can add. cancel. modify gym equipment inside informations like when it is purchased. licence. termination day of the month. . etc. Instructor Faculty: This is besides called as employee faculty where teacher profile inside informations. experience. present and absent inside informations for every twenty-four hours are updated. We can add. modify and cancel these inside informations.

    Method of Study

    To steer the research workers in developing the survey. the advocate usage SDLC ( System Development Life Cycle ) to run into user demands in their concern ends. SDLC is a series of stairss and stages for the development of package.

    The stages of SDLC used are:

    • Data Gathering ;
    • Analysis
    • Design ;
    • Cryptography ;
    • Testing and Evaluation.

    Data Gathering Phase is a aggregation of information that will be usage to develop the system. The advocate studied the informations needed by detecting and carry oning an interview. And in Analysis Phase is a procedure of roll uping factual informations. understand the procedures involved. placing jobs and urging executable suggestions for bettering the system working. This involves analyzing the concern processes. garnering operational informations. understand the information flow. happening out constrictions and germinating solutions for get the better ofing the failings of the system so as to accomplish the organisational ends. ( hypertext transfer protocol: //oer. nios. Ac. in/wiki/index. php/Phases_of_System_Development_Life_Cycle ) .

    In Design Phase is based on the user demands and the elaborate analysis of a new system. the new system must be designed. This is the stage of system planing. The logical design produced during the

    analysis is turned into a physical design – a elaborate description of what is needed to work out original job ( hypertext transfer protocol: //oer. nios. Ac. in/wiki/index. php/Phases_of_System_Development_Life_Cycle ) . In Coding stage is a system design needs to be implemented to do it a feasible system. This is besides called the scheduling stage in which the coder converts the plan specifications into computing machine instructions. which we refer to as plans.

    It is an of import phase where the defined processs are transformed into control specifications by the aid of a computing machine linguistic communication . In Testing and Evaluation Phase is really implementing the new system into operations. a trial tally of the system is done taking all the bugs. if any. It is an of import stage of a successful system. After codifying the whole plans of the system. a trial program should be developed and run on a given set of trial informations. The end product of the trial tally should fit the expected consequences

    Models Used in Developing the Software

    Used Case Diagram – It will demo the function of each user of the system. In this diagram. we will larn the significance of each respondent on the flow of the system. Activity Diagram – Activity diagrams are graphical representations of work flows of stepwise activities and actions with support for pick. loop and concurrence. In the Unified Modeling Language. activity diagrams are intended to pattern both computational and organizational procedures . Database Schema – construction described in a formal linguistic communication supported by the database direction system ( DBMS ) and refers to the organisation of informations as a design of

    how a database is constructed. divided into database tabular arraies in the instance of Relational Databases

    Tools Used in Developing the Software

    Adobe Photoshop – it is a exposure redacting tool created by Adobe Systems Inc. The advocate used this package to heighten exposures for the design of the Graphical User Interface of the system. Ocular Basic 2010 – programming linguistic communication created by Microsoft Company. the package that will be usage to develop the proposed system. My SQL – is the world’s most popular unfastened beginning database. enabling the cost-efficient bringing of dependable. high-performance and scalable Web-based and embedded database applications.


    The instrument called the Gym Management Assessment signifier is an assessment questionnaire. The points were categorized into the two factors: convenience and efficiency factors. Convenience factors were assessed based on three standards: portability. security and maintainability. Efficiency factors. likewise. were assessed based on the three standards of dependability. functionality and serviceability. Each standard under each factor had 5 inquiries.

    Response Mode -Responses were categorized utilizing a 5-point Liker Scale.

    Scale Description:

    1. Strongly Agree
    2. Agree
    3. Moderately Agree
    4. Disagree
    5. Strongly Disagree

    Consequences and Discussion

    This chapter discussed the presentation. analysis and reading of all the informations collected from the study of the respondents as clearly stated in chapter 3. After reexamining. the method in this survey. this chapter presented. analyzed and interpreted the informations gathered from the study questionnaire on UPHSD Automated Clearance. Figure 1 illustrates the bit-by-bit development procedure that the advocate undertakes in developing the proposed system.

    These are the stages of system development scheme where both users and advocate engaged in the rating. design. and execution. During the demands planning and design stage. the advocates place the aims of the

    system and the information demands originating from those aims. These stage focused on making the undertaking ends.

    During the first stage. the advocate is working with users intensely during the workshop to plan the concern or non-technical facets of the system. Equally shortly as these facets are agreed upon and the systems are built and refined. a new system or portion of the system are tested and so introduced to the Gym direction.

    Use Case Diagram

    Use instance diagrams are used to show a graphical overview of the functionality of a system. it is a type of inactive construction diagram that represents the user interactions with a system. This diagram portrays the different types of users and the assorted ways they interact with the system. In UML. the user is called actorand he can be human or an external system. The links between an histrion and a usage instance are called associations. Use instances can be generalized. extended and included. Figure below contains the relationships and histrions that illustrates and discussed the different set of constructions of actions.

    The figure below illustrates the database design and its entity relationship diagram of the different tabular arraies used in the database system. The diagram illustrates the one to one relationships among the tabular array clients and client minutess. The diagram demonstrates the relationship from one tabular array to another.


    The advocate brings up the significance of the proposed system along with the value of recommendations. The Gym Management System has attained its aims. Thus the advocates recommend that the package must be implemented and can be adopted by any Gym or fittingness concern in grounds of it will let the mechanization of

    manual procedure of rank enrollment. scene of exercises and preparation plans. sing of attending. minutess. stock list and coevalss of studies. This will rush up the manual procedure and gives effectual. convenient and more dependable Gym Management System.

    The advocate chose the Software Development Life Cycle ( SDLC ) methodological analysis to hasten the package development procedure. The SDLC provides structured system development methodological analysiss that guide the systems development attempt toward quality systems that meet the user demands and are delivered within clip and budget. The traditional waterfall theoretical account has morphed into different methodological analysiss that attempt to get the better of some built-in failings of this traditional theoretical account and other older theoretical accounts developed after the waterfall. which will be examined in the subdivision below.

    This continued version of the SDLC to run into current challenges in information systems development is expected to go on and is the Southern Cross of the proof of its continued relevancy in information systems development. Some of these newer theoretical accounts include Structured Systems Analysis and Design Method ( SSADM ) . Rapid Application Development ( RAD ) Extreme Programming ( XP ) Spiral. Fountain. rapid prototyping. incremental. and synchronise and stabilise.

    The advocates used the descriptive narrative study method to garner informations. Statistical research describes informations and features about population or phenomenon being studied. Descriptive research answer the inquiry who. what. where. when. now.

    The advocate selected 20 Gym members to serves as respondents of the proposed system. Performance will be acceptable to the terminal users demands and presenting the system to the full functional. The survey used the undermentioned statistical intervention ; the distribution shows the figure

    of responses obtained for each statement or point in the questionnaire.


    The advocates came up with the following decision based on the findings: Based on the studies and questionnaire the respondents came up that the Gym Management System is more effectual and convenient to utilize. Registration. the response of the respondents is really effectual with the leaden mean of 4. 31 ; Log In. the response of the respondents is really effectual with the leaden mean of 3. 97 ; User Friendly Features. the response of the respondents is really effectual with the leaden mean of 3. 97 ; Inventory of Items. the response of the respondents is really effectual with the leaden mean of 3. 97 ; Generation of studies. the response of the respondents is really effectual with the leaden mean of 3. 97 ;

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