Globalization of English Essay Example
Globalization of English Essay Example

Globalization of English Essay Example

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  • Published: December 18, 2017
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Society is always changing.

People reside in different parts of the world; adopt many changes into their lifestyles and social structure over time that causes the world to change. Almost all the people in this world are somehow engaged in a huge network constructed by globalization. Globalization helps continue the spread of culture which creates a better world society in turn which spread wealth and bolsters economies. According to Lieber and Weisberg (2002), “Definitions of globalization abound, but for our purposes it can be described as the increasing global integration of economies, information technology, the spread of global popular culture, and other forms of human interaction” (Lieber p. 273-274) .Opponents of globalization argues that globalization has negatively affected almost every part of life; however, globalization has improved the knowledge and lifestyle of people and has positive


ly affected the various aspects of human life such as, culture and economy for a long duration of time with such examples as fast food.

Fast food being embed in many different cultures is a construct and direct result of globalization
Firstly, globalization has a positive impact on culture. Culture means the values, beliefs and behavior of certain group of people. Globalization has dissolved international boundaries and created a great opportunity for people of different cultures to interact with each other. Those against the globalization argue that the cultural and group identity has been sacrificed by globalization. They argue that globalization causes cultural imperialism, which means the imposition of one culture on other cultures by replacing or destroying the original values of that culture, which leads to cultural collapse and loss of identical cultures (Kottak, p. 379).

In addition,

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these people argue that globalization and especially the mass media have caused the access and
exploitation of intellectual property and so, destroying the traditional culture...

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