Fiction Essay – “Eveline”
Fiction Essay – “Eveline”

Fiction Essay – “Eveline”

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  • Published: December 17, 2017
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The short story "Eveline” by James Joyce depicts the conduct of certain adult offspring in a standard lower middle-class residence. The conduct being referred to is faithfulness, integrity, and obligation towards one's kin. Throughout the narrative, “Eveline” is indoctrinated by her parents to prioritize family. How many individuals adhere to this principle nowadays? Certain readers of Joyce’s tale might perceive the protagonist as feeble because she hesitates to abandon the familiar elements of her life. Departing from a challenging situation is uncomplicated; the arduous part lies in persevering and deferring one's own aspirations.

At the end of the story "Eveline," Eveline displays bravery by choosing to remain. Despite being an adult, Eveline feels the burden of fulfilling her mother's dying wish: to maintain the home for as long as possible (6). One might argue


that a better wish would have been for the freedom and happiness of Eveline herself. However, instead of pursuing her own desires, Eveline is appointed the roles of housekeeper and caregiver for her aging, verbally abusive, and alcoholic father. Only someone who has been subjected to manipulation and mind control would willingly take care of a man who constantly threatens her. Eveline admits feeling endangered in his presence (5). Nevertheless, she remains committed to her duty even though her father's remarks make her believe she is inadequate in caring for him ("that she had no Evans 2 head").

Throughout her childhood, "Eveline" was taught to be submissive and obedient, disregarding her own desires. Despite her father's disapproval, she finds comfort in Frank, who offers a chance to escape from a life of servitude. However, it is unclear whether Frank genuinely loves Eveline or

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if he simply fears losing his servants.

While this relationship brings some happiness into Eveline's life, the sense of duty instilled in her as a replacement for her mother compels her to fulfill obligations when the opportunity for a new life with Frank arises. Ultimately, this leads to a difficult decision.

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