EXO’s Kai Confirmed for Role in New KBS Drama 

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From the boxing ring to the top of Hollywood or from a singing band to a movie star, that is what goes in the showbiz industry nowadays. But come to think about it. Who would have predicted that Dwayne Johnson would become the highest grossing Hollywood actor today? Well, that is a story for another day.

We have seen many musicians showing their acting prowess in productions like Moonstruck, Dreamgirls, 8-Mile, Training Day, Independence Day, and The Bodyguard. The list is endless. You could have also thought and even believed that for one to make it in the film industry, becoming a star depends on one’s educational background. Moreover, you would add that it is important to write several drama essays as a way of learning the nattiest and grittiest of acting, and that’s okay. Isn’t it the case with KAI (Kim Jong In)? Well, maybe. A look at KAI’s life and acting background would reveal more.

But, here is something that will keep everyone glued at the age of their seats this summer and beyond. Kai is set to feature in ‘The Miracle We Met,’ a new melodrama production that will premier in KBS 2TV and everyone is excited about it. Well, find out more in this post.


KAI is becoming a movie sensation by the day

At the age of 25, KAI, whose South Korean name is Kim Jong In, is getting a lot of attention in the showbiz and it’s not for nothing. You can bet on the fact that featuring in the upcoming TV drama series ‘The Miracle We Met’ is something most people may have not anticipated. But having undertaken a lead role in Choco Bank, a drama movie series that premiered in 2016, there is no doubt many have been waiting to catch a glimpse of KAI in yet another film.

KAI isn’t just a young actor whose star keeps rising high but also a singer known for amazing vocals. He is one of the twelve members of a popular South Korean pop singing group known as EXO. At the age of 8, KAI started a dancing career then a movie role came and now, more of such are in the offing.


It isn’t just KAI who has been picked for an acting role

According to OSEN, a Korean News outlet, KAI is set to feature in a new production alongside two EXO members. OSEN reported that KAI, together Lee Si Young and Kim Soo Ro, would play leading roles in a new reality show dubbed ‘Let’s Go.’ By now, everyone must have heard that apart from his dalliance with the silver screen, KAI, according to a post on his Instagram page, loves English soccer.

There are several other instances showing KAI’s acting prowess on set. For example, he featured in Andante, a South Korean TV series. But that is not all there is to know about his acting career. After calling it a day with Andante crew, Japanese News reports by Sankei Sports and Nikkan Sports channels indicated that KAI was set to play a lead role in a drama production dubbed ‘Spring Has Come.’ When the program aired on WOWOW, his role was that of Japanese photographer, a call up that marked his first appearance for a Japanese television. The movie, spring has come, is a rendition of a book by Kuniko Mokoda.


KAI and what to expect in the KBS drama ‘The Miracle We Met’

And wow with KAI’s confirmation for a lead role in upcoming KBS 2TV drama, fans are eager to see more of the actor’s prowess on screen. But first, it would interest you to note that ‘The Miracle We Met’ is a fantasy production. It is a story that unfolds into a life of a man who struggles to find his identity. Sharing a name and age with another man as well as living the same life isn’t an ordinary occurrence but one which elicits a lot of attention. The fact that the man has nothing in common with the other makes the miracle we met a little spooky, but nonetheless, a thrilling production for movie watchers around the world.


KAI’s role

In this fantastical drama, KAI’s role is even more crucial. He is an actor named Ato – a messenger, who makes vital mistakes, but which becomes the turning point of everything that affects everyone’s life in the miracle we met. While his misdoings prove disastrous with unbearable consequences, Ato (KAI) faces up to trials and sufferings in an attempt to make things right.

Interestingly, it isn’t just KAI’s role that will underline the masterpiece. Movie directors and screenwriters Lee Hyung Min and Baek Mi Kyung whose production prowess propelled Woman Do Bong Soon will be part of the crew. Baek Mi Kyung is also the brainchild of My Love Eun Dong and Woman of Dignity, all of which are sensational productions.


When will ‘The Miracle We Met’ Air

The Miracle we met is an 18-episode drama TV series that started airing in May 2019. Originally released on April 2, it is a fantasy production with a blend of romance and melodrama featuring some of South Korea’s finest actors and actresses.

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