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Willy Loman is frequently recognised as the tragic hero of Arthur Miller’s Death of a Salesman but statements can be made against Biff being the modern-day hero and therefore the true hero of the drama. The intent of a calamity is to make commiseration and fright in the audience. A traditional calamity consists of the cardinal character. the tragic hero. making pandemonium in the community he lives in. The hero becomes tempted by something. taking to the exposure of the character’s fatal defect. The fatal defect becomes the dominant feature of the hero and finally leads to the hero’s ruin and death. After the hero’s decease. at the terminal of the calamity. order is restored. go forthing the audience with a sense of katharsis. Miller creates an American calamity. as opposed to a Grecian or Shakespearean. America has ne’er had a male monarch or aristocracy who could stand for a tragic hero in a traditional calamity and Miller wanted to give a voice to the ordinary on the job category adult male. demoing their lives can besides be tragic.

He one time stated “I believe that the common adult male is as apt a topic for a calamity as male monarchs are” ( New York Times. 27th Feb 1949 ) . Despite critics reasoning against it being a calamity Linda declaring “attention. attending must be eventually paid to such a person” ( Page 44 ) recognises the tragic position of the drama. She besides highlights the importance of the ordinary on the job category. who excessively can be tragic heroes. The tragic hero is seen to be punished out of proportion for one fatal error they make. Willy’s error is his belief in the American Dream which he continues to trail unrelentingly. His fatal defect -his tragic flaw – is his insecurity. which leads him to endure throughout the drama. Willy is an unsuccessful salesman. life in the metropolis. fighting to face world and re-living memories which he had reinterpreted to suit his dreams ( Page. 2003. Page 62 ) .

Willy has bought into the American Dream. trailing it unrelentingly throughout his life. but his dreams are unrealistic. Dave Singleman. an 84 twelvemonth old salesman. became his inspiration and function theoretical account. after he “realized merchandising was the greatest calling a adult male could want” ( Page 63 ) . Willy saw Singleman as loved and adored by everybody and so his insecurity led him to follow the same calling way. in the hope he would take the life that Willy saw Singleman as life. “Cause what could be more hearty than to be able to travel. at the age of eighty-four… and be remembered and loved and helped by so many people? ” ( Page 63 ) . Willy’s perceptual experience of Singleman is a warped perceptual experience. Just like his perceptual experience of the American Dream. it is merely an semblance. Willy fails to gain this and derive a appreciation of world. taking to his decease and doing him a tragic hero. Willy has lived the incorrect dream ; he should be out in the countryside with his household. working in a occupation doing usage of his custodies.

He put his ain ceiling in his life room and is unmindful to the sum of accomplishment it takes to make such a occupation. Charley: “Yeah. That’s a piece of work. To set up a ceiling is a enigma to me. How make you make it? ” Willy: “What’s the difference? ” ( Page 34 ) . Biff recognizes Willy “had the incorrect dreams. All. all incorrect. ” ( Page 110 ) . However. Willy ever worked difficult for his household. demoing bravery and finding. Willy wants success to be able to pass more clip with his married woman and household but is frequently dismissive of them. even call on the carpeting Linda for purchasing the incorrect cheese. “Why do you acquire American when I like Swiss? ” ( Page 12 ) . Willy is incapable of releasing his dream and another character defect. his pride. stands in the manner of him accepting a occupation from Charley. “What the snake pit are you offering me a occupation for? ” – Willy ( Page 33 ) .

Willy’s relentless chase of his dream makes him a tragic hero. Willy was abandoned by his male parent and brother at a immature age. Singleman so became his function theoretical account and father figure. Throughout the drama Willy struggles with insecurity. a consequence of being abandoned. During times he relives the past and escapes into old memories he frequently talks to his older brother Ben. It is non an accurate representation of his existent memories of Ben – it is improbable he of all time saw Ben once more at all – but Willy uses Ben as a voice to knock his ain life. During Willy’s memories Ben spends a batch of clip seting Willy down and seeking to go forth. “Haven’t the clip. William. ” – Ben ( Page 66 ) . Although Willy’s chief character defect is his insecurity he has others. Willy is frequently contradictory. naming Biff a “lazy bum” . so stating Biff is “not lazy” ( Page 11 ) . Willy fails to call on the carpet Biff for stealing a ball. even stating “Coach’ll likely congratulate you on your enterprise! ” ( Page 23 ) .

He does non censure Biff for his larceny. frequently encouraging him. Willy is contradictory. stating Biff “just wan na be careful with those girls” . yet has a kept woman himself ( Page 21 ) . The debut of his matter “ [ From the darkness is heard a laughter of a adult female ] ” ( Page 29 ) turns Willy’s memories darker. as it was Biff happening out about the matter that caused their relationship to interrupt down. Willy exaggerates his success. stating Linda he did “five hundred gross in Providence and seven hundred gross in Boston” and so altering to “roughly two hundred gross on the whole trip” ( Page 27 ) . He exaggerates to hike his ego assurance and battle against his insecurity. Willy has bought into the mercenary construct of the American Dream. His slogan is “be liked and you will ne’er want” ( Page 25 ) . . Willy believes to be successful you must be good liked. believing “a adult male can stop with diamonds here on the footing of being liked” ( page 68 ) .

He believes he has to be successful for Biff to love him but ironically Biff has loved him all along. Willy is a good adult male. turn outing this by demoing his felicity for Bernard success – “Willy: [ truly shocked. pained and happy ] ” ( Page 75 ) . Despite Willy prosecuting the incorrect dreams he shows bravery. finding and a love for his household. making commiseration and understanding in the audience. However his several defects. the biggest of which is insecurity. lead to his death. doing him a tragic hero. A modern-day hero has qualities such as strength. honestness. morality. unity. autonomy and the bravery to confront up to world. At the start of drama Biff has non managed to release his father’s dreams wholly. He works out on a spread. a occupation he loves. but comes back every spring because of his guilt. to seek and win in gross revenues. a calling he hates. “It’s a miserable mode of existence” ( Page 16 ) .

He realises he would make better in the state and all he genuinely desires “is to be outdoors” ( Page 16 ) but he hasn’t been able to abandon his father’s dreams wholly. Biff is physically attractive and could hold been a top football star but his assurance has diminished. “Biff Loman is lost” ( Page 11. ) It is apparent from the beginning of the drama that Biff is worried about Willy’s battle with world and his yesteryear. “Does he cognize Mom can hear that? ” ( Page 20 ) . From a immature age Willy encouraged the incorrect ideals in Biff. Willy frequently condoned and ignored Biffs inclination to steal. instead than reprimanded. “Shut up! He’s non stealing anything! ” ( Page 40 ) . Biff stole after experiencing humiliated to recover a sense of power. By the terminal of the drama Biff is honest about his larceny. even acknowledging he “stole a suit in Kansas City and was in jail” ( Page 104 ) . Stealing a pen from Ben Oliver’s office forces him to gain the things he loves in the universe and the stupidity of his larceny.

“What the snake pit am I catching this thing for? ” ( Page 105 ) . Biff has a minute of self-fulfillment at the terminal of the drama. accepting world and being honest about his life. He realises they have spent their lives trailing the incorrect dreams and his male parent must abandon the American Dream. “Will you take that bogus dream and fire it before something happens? ” ( Page 106 ) . He tries to coerce the remainder of his household into confronting world. pull offing to coerce Willy into face it for a brief minute. Willy refuses to allow travel. releasing the opportunity to go the true hero. and staying the tragic hero of Death of a Salesman. Biff had ever been conceited. a consequence of Willy’s changeless congratulations – “Good work. Biff” ( Page 22 ) – throughout his young person. when they had a great relationship. until Biff found out about Willy’s matter.

However. by the terminal of the drama Biff realises he’s “a dime a dozen” ( Page 105 ) . fring himself of the self-superiority he has spent old ages transporting about. He understands Willy spent so much clip praising him that he became narcissistic. “I ne’er got anyplace because you blew me so full of hot air that I could ne’er stand taking orders from anybody” ( Page 104 ) . Biff realises his haughtiness. confronting up to world. acknowledging he is “not a leader of men” ( Page 105 ) . Biff has ever felt some reluctance to follow the American Dream. By the terminal of the drama he realises Willy and the Lowman household had ever been trailing the incorrect dreams and he faces and accepts world. He accepts he was ne’er anything more than a transportation clerk and realises his household have been populating in a fantasy universe. “We’ve been speaking in a dream for 15 years” ( Page 82 ) . Biff finds confidence. and is comfy with who he is. “I know who I am. kid” ( Page 111 ) .

He matures and faces up to the universe of world. Biff finds his individuality. faces world. is honorable about his life and finds a personal. every bit good as physical strength. He shows a batch of the qualities found in a modern-day hero. Miller uses expressionism and pragmatism in Death of a Salesman. Realism accurately portrays characters and state of affairss through human features and linguistic communication. costumes. and sets. Expressionism is concerned with portraying the interior emotions and psychological science of a character. Dialogue tends to go more poetic and lighting is used to make atmosphere in expressionism. Realism looks at the aim ; expressionism looks at the subjective. Miller uses pragmatism in the drama through the life-like sets. the realistic American-English linguistic communication and the typical costumes. Expressionism is used when Willy is re-living the yesteryear. re-explaining memories to accommodate him ; he frequently lives in this universe. He is happier in his past memories. before the matter and before his and Biffs relationship broke down. Willy frequently tries to get away to the past and into expressionism.

Realism and the present are excessively painful for Willy as he has to populate with his labored relationship with Biff. his failure as a salesman. and his guilt of an matter. Happy has been influenced by Willy to trail the American Dream but does non prosecute it to Willy’s extent. governing him out as the tragic hero. He is non every bit successful as he would wish to be. “All I can acquire make is wait for the ware director to decease ( Page 17 ) . He sleeps with adult females to revenge work forces who have surpassed him on the calling way ; similar to Pummel seeking retaliation on those who have humiliated him by stealing. Happy lives in the Loman dream universe. declining to face world. He is happy to let Willy to populate in a dream universe. to transport on humouring him. “Sure. have lunch tomorrow! ” ( Page 88 ) . Even after Willy’s decease Happy is unable to release Willy’s desire to carry through the American Dream. “I’m gon na demo you and everybody else that Willy Lowman did non decease in vain” ( Page 111 ) .

Happy appears to be covetous of Biff being Willy’s favourite “How do you like that damned sap! ( Page 47 ) . This could be a possible ground why he follows the dream – to seek his father’s blessing. Linda on a regular basis defends Willy and excuses his behaviour. which merely keeps Willy trapped in his destructive dream. Miller’s opening phase waies suggest Willy creates and constructions Linda’s ideals for her “his monolithic dreams and small cruelties…longings which she portions. but lacks the disposition to utter and follow to the end” ( Page. Linda is the go-between of the household. frequently detecting the grounds behind Willy’s inhuman treatments whilst interceding. She adores Willy but kindness such as purchasing him particular cheese is merely thrown back in her face. something she accepts without statement. Linda knows Willy has impossible dreams. but unlike Biff she can non convey herself to admit the fact. Linda will non let Willy’s dreams to be crushed because he is the “dearest adult male in the world” ( Page 43 ) to her and she will non hold anyone “making him experience unwanted and low and blue” ( Page 43 ) .

What she does non gain is by go forthing Willy to go on trailing his dreams. he will go a tragic hero ( Page. 2003. Page 71-73 ) . Willy is a tragic hero ; he continues to trail his dreams unrelentingly neglecting to recognize he should be in a occupation doing usage of his custodies. life in the state. Willy merely saw a warped perceptual experience of Singleman’s life. Willy’s inspiration. function theoretical account and father figure. after his male parent and brother abandoned him. Willy uses Ben’s voice to knock himself in his reinterpreted memories. His forsaking led to his insecurity. taking to his decease. His insecurity led to his matter. which led to the dislocation of the relationship between him and his boy. Biff.

Despite Willy’s defects. he loves his household and shows he is a good adult male. inspiring commiseration and understanding in the audience. arousing unhappiness with his decease. doing him a tragic hero in the traditional sense. but non the true hero. Biff could hold been a top football star and is physically strong. He is brave ; he is the lone member of the Loman household at the start of the drama to hold partially relinquished the American Dream and by the terminal he has wholly relinquished it. He faces world and efforts to do his household face it to. even pull offing to do Willy confront it for a brief minute. He is eventually honorable about his life – his calling and his larceny. He shows morality and unity. One of the hardest things to make in life is to confront up to world and Biff entirely manages to make this doing him the true hero of Death of a Salesman.

Is Biff the true hero of decease of a salesman

The inquiry posed here. “Is Biff the true hero of decease of a salesman” asks the author to asses’ conditions or non Biff is the ‘true’ hero of Death of a salesman as oppose to Willy Lowman’s function given to him by the writer A. Miller as being the tragic hero.

Miller broke from the norm of traditional word picture when making the character Willy Lowman. in that the archetypical Tragic hero had to be a descendent of aristocracy or blue decent. who’s death affects non merely those close to him but a group of people e. g a population. province of ill fame or land. America had ne’er had the Kings and Queens that a traditional calamity had historically needed. Miller’s purpose was to demo how the common on the job category adult male could be shown to be a tragic hero and an American tragic hero as oppose to a Grecian or Shakespearean one. Linda becomes Millers voice in the drama “attention. attending must be eventually paid to such a person” ( Page 44 ) screening that in Millers eyes a regular individual can and should be seen as a tragic hero.

Biff in Death of as salesman must be seen to be the chief supporter due to his ability to see the proverbial holes in the proverbial cloth of non merely his. Willys and all the Lowman’s lives but besides the holes that people fall through in chase of a dream. The dream in this instance being Millers thought of the American dream. The thought of the American dream stems from the impression that America is or was the ‘land of opportunity’ a big land of infinite skylines and chances waiting to be explored and taken. Miller pigments Biff as a character who ab initio buys into his farther idealistic position that a “well liked” individual will hold doors opened for them. in this sense Willy felt that the repute of a individual straight reflected its ego in gross revenues figures which translates straight in to wealth which he would utilize to interpret into clip pass more clip with his household demoing that Willy was a good adult male who’s end was for the well being of his loved 1s. its merely that his dream was incorrect. “all wrong” .

This thought of the acquisition of wealth and being good liked ( non to propose that to be good liked should be avoided. but to actively seek it out above all else can bare negative intensions ) detracts Willy from the chief end in anyone’s life to be happy and develop a sense of comprehensiveness through honest ego find. Given that at the clip of Glenn millers play the thought of the American dream was tarnished merely by a few American authors of that the clip and was still a prevailing driving force in American society a comparatively immature society. Miller Gives the reader the sense that this dream or the chase of it is non the lone dream or even the right dream for all people.

In the United States Declaration of Independence listed among the ‘unalienable rights’ is written “We keep these truths to be self–evident. That all work forces are created equal. That they are endowed by their Godhead with certain inalienable Rights. That among these are Life. Liberty and the chase of Happiness” . This infusion from the specifying piece of American literary history supports Millers character Biff Lowman’s thought of detecting 1s self in America as oppose to merely detecting wealth. Willy’s dream was non him. it was non who he was or what he wanted to make. Willies ain American dream was lived through the thought of acquisition of wealth and deriving ill fame as oppose to happening his ain dream and perusing it.

Biff purchasing into his male parents dream goes to see Oliver with the purpose of acquiring 20 thousand dollars in-order to put up in concern with his brother happy nevertheless Biff sitting in Oliver’s office realizes that he ne’er has been a gross revenues adult male nor was it his purpose to be one. “How the snake pit did I of all time get the thought I was a salesman at that place? ” ( Page 82 ) it was his male parents dream. Bill Oliver doesn’t acknowledge Biff and in the defeat of the realisation he had lied to himself Biff takes Oliver’s pen.

The pickings of this pen is symbolic in the sense that Biff has ever been excessively praised by his farther giving him an over hyperbolic self-importance. he was ne’er told non to steal and Willy frequently praised him for it “Shut up! He’s non stealing anything! ” ( Page 40 ) in add-on the pickings of the pen by Biff at the office of Mr Oliver can besides be seen as Biff taking something for himself. something physical. from a life in which he feels he plays no existent portion. the act of taking the fountain pen. something physical. sees this object go the reparations he seeks from following his farther faulty ideals and beliefs. Towards the terminal of the drama this credence of stealing becomes more prevailing when he admits he stole a suit and exhausted clip in prision for the larceny. Biff is the lone 1 who voices his sentiment that they had been following the incorrect dream recognizing he was non a leader of work forces and that he was good. like willy. with his custodies and he should be out west being practical edifice something or working as a farm manus.

Williess worship of Dave Singleman a adult male he met whilst a going salesman is one of a warped position. Singleman becomes a farther figure. function theoretical account and beginning of inspiration for Willy. “Cause what could be more hearty than to be able to travel. at the age of eighty-four… and be remembered and loved and helped by so many people? ” ( Page 63 ) . The name Dave Singleman nevertheless can be seen to connote Singleman is a ‘single’ adult male a adult male who lives out of a bag traveling from hotel to hotel in purdah and isolation. The features of this reading of Singleman Willies function theoretical account seem reflect on Willie in his life. following the thought of a salesman who is good liked will be a success nevertheless one time once more this is the incorrect dream for Willie to be following.

At the clip Biff gimmicks Willie his farther with another adult female he is traveling to Willie for aid. to see if he can talk to his math’s instructor to acquire him to knock up his grade so that he could graduate and take up his college football scholarship. he goes anticipating his farther the “well liked” salesman with all the appeal and personal appeal in the universe to be able to acquire him out of holding to re-sit his test nevertheless he comes to recognize Willie is non who he makes himself out to be when he uncovers this misrepresentation. “Biff Don’t touch me you – liar! Willy “Apologize for that! ” Biff “You fake! You phony small bogus! You fake! ” from this minute on Biff starts to se Willie for who and what he genuinely is and most significantly seeing his male parents flaws. this is of import because it allows punch later in life to see through the ‘vie en rose’ and deluded image that Willie tries to provision therefore leting him to get down to detect ad pursue his ain dream.

Willie believes he has to be successful for Biff to love him but Biff instead ironically has loved him all along which Willie realizes at the terminal of the drama when Biff breaks down and calls in forepart of him to which he says “isn’t that – isn’t that singular? Biff – he like me! ” ( Page 106 ) . This realisation nevertheless does non take away Willie from his mission to take his ain life. shortly after he has another psychotic belief of Ben ( the psychotic belief of him being his older and more successful brother although he had non seen his brother since he had left him in thier young person ) this shows that Willie has gone excessively far in his mental debasement when his conversation with Ben even after his realisation with Biff spurs him on even more to take his ain life.

Ben says to Willie that “the jungle is dark but full of diamonds” ( page 106 ) proposing that willies decease is the dark jungle and that from his decease he will have diamonds. the diamonds in this instance being insurance money the household more notably Biff was to have from his decease. money that he would hold left to pummel to get down up a concern. one time once more this shows that Willy still can’t see what Biff was seeking to state to him and that he was ne’er traveling to give up on the chase of his dream.

Biff up on returning place after he and happy had left Willy in the chop house realises he must be honest with his farther about who he is in order to gain his dreams “Biff- Pop! I’m a dime a twelve. and so are you! . Willy – I am non a dime a twelve! I am Willy Lowman and you are Biff Lowman! . Biff – I am non a leader of work forces. Willy. and neither are you. ” For Biff it is in abdicating Willy and willies dreams that he becomes free to order his ain hereafter and it is here that for the first clip in his life wholly rids himself of the oppressive bonds of willies dreams. This can be interpreted besides as the decease of Biff as the gross revenues adult male. the decease of his association and duty to willies political orientations leting him to be free to get down his new life out West. conveying new life withe the decease of an old one. the decease of a salesman.

In decision since Biff is the lone member of the household to abdicate Willys thought of the American dream with the add-on of recognizing his ain dream and what he must make to peruse it. Biff therefor must be seen to be the true hero. It must be added besides that the American dream can still use to Biff’s chase merely Biff’s chase as stated in the American fundamental law is a chase of felicity the felicity Willie ne’er managed to derive for himself or his household by following his ain American dream.

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