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How is Antigone a Foil to Creon. Foil Characters in Antigone Essay Example
723 words 3 pages

How are haemon or oedipus and creon foils of each other?In the play Oedipus the King and Antigone by Sophocles, foil and parallel characters are very common. The foil character in a story is the character who is the exact opposite of the main character, or in other word, the parallel character, and therefor serves […]

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Antigone Character Oedipus Sophocles
Dramatic Irony in Oedipus Rex Essay Example
803 words 3 pages

Sophocles often wrote about ancient myths that were common knowledge to the people who viewed his plays. “Oedipus The King” was written knowing that the audience is aware of the outcome of the play, and therefore utilizes that foreknowledge to create various situations in which irony plays a key role. More specifically, this dramatic irony […]

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Irony Oedipus Rex Sophocles
Oedipus: His Tragic Flaw Essay Example
2455 words 9 pages

Analytical Analysis on “Oedipus” And his Tragic Flaw It has been said that all tragic heroes possess tragic flaws. Whether this statement applies to Oedipus of “Oedipus” the King, written by Sophocles, is still a matter of much debate even centuries after its debut. If Oedipus bares a “tragic flaw,” then he is a man, […]

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Oedipus Sophocles Tragedy
Quotes Project, Antigone Essay Example
1386 words 6 pages

Joey Hepner highlights a powerful quote from Sophocles’ Antigone. The quote reads: “If you think what I’m doing now is stupid, perhaps I’m being charged with foolishness by someone who’s a fool” (Sophocles469). This quote is significant because it is said by Antigone after she has been caught burying her own brother, which goes against […]

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Antigone Belief Children Health Sophocles Therapy
Oedipus: Puppet of the Gods Essay Example
548 words 2 pages

Greek tragedy is generally characterized by a protagonist’s downfall cause by his own actions or character flaws. Sophocles’ Oedipus, however, does not fit this traditional mold. While in most tragedies the main character is a “free agent” who causes his own demise, Oedipus is merely a “puppet of the gods” who is simply a victim […]

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Mythology Oedipus Sophocles
Oedipus compare and constrast Essay Example
2758 words 11 pages

Croon and Oedipus represent two completely different characters that serve deferent roles in the tragedy. Their differences are emphasized through their actions and speech. Although Croon and Oedipus have some similarities, they represent foils of each other. Croon contrasts strongly with Oedipus and presents himself as Oedipus’ foil. The purpose in Croon being Oedipus’ foil […]

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Faith Oedipus Sophocles
Tragedy Essay (Euripides & Sophocles): Women
973 words 4 pages

To what extent do Euripides and Sophocles portray women as the cause of tragedy In Made, Hippopotamus, Oedipus The King and Antigen? Women In the plays of both Euripides and Sophocles Is a subject of much debate, indeed it seems as though people’s view on these female characters may well have changed over time for […]

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Oedipus Sophocles Tragedy
Teiresias Director Essay for the play ‘Antigone’
571 words 3 pages

To achieve my desired audience response to the scene in which Terrifies confronts Croon, I would stage it in a minimalist thrust configuration with a plain black background. This would give the audience a strange impression of the setting, setting the overall atmosphere of the play. The goal is to draw attention to the character […]

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Oedipus Rex Sophocles The Play
Sophocles’ Antigone: Character Depiction Essay Example
552 words 3 pages

Sophocles’ Antigone displays Creon as a misogynist due to his position in the play as a newly appointed ruler of Thebes who eliminates all burial rights to Antigone’s brother, Polynices. Antigone defies this order believing that the will of the gods and her family’s honor is more important. Creon, however, advocates family honor aggressively to […]

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Antigone Character Ethics Sophocles
The Greek Worldview: Sophocles and His Tragedies Essay Example
2300 words 9 pages

The birthplace of tragedy was the city of Athens, and here it also reached its full flower in the fifth century B. C. with the masterpieces of the three great Greek tragedians: Aeschylus, Sophocles, and Euripides. Among these Sophocles is often held to be the greatest dramatist of all, at the least Oedipus Rex, following […]

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Oedipus Rex Sophocles Tragedy Worldview
Antigone: Defiant and Strong-Willed Essay Example
519 words 2 pages

Sophocles is known as one of the greatest tragedians in the history of Greek Literature. Among his works, Antigone may be considered as the stand out and the greatest. It is the story of Antigone, the daughter and half-sister of Oedipus, the main character in another of Sophocles??? tale. In the story, Antigone showed how […]

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Antigone Database Oedipus Sophocles
Comparing and contrasting versions of Antigone by Sophocles and Jean Anouilh Essay Example
837 words 4 pages

In either version of Antigone, the plot is essentially the same. The King forbids the burial of a traitor to the city of Thebes, but the man’s sister disobeys the order and is eventually killed, along with the King’s son and wife. The characters are relatively constant between the two versions. Ismene, Creon, Antigone, and […]

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Antigone Sophocles
A Surreal World: Comparing Antigone and Blood Wedding Essay Example
749 words 3 pages

Both Antigone, by Sophocles, and Blood Wedding, by Federico Garcia Lorca have similar fantastical elements that help guide the story to it’s conclusion. The use of magical characters in the plays is symbolic of vision and true sight, breaking of norms, and lighting up societal flaws. Not only does the use of magic illuminate critical […]

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Antigone Blood Sophocles Wedding
Antigone By Sophocles Essay Example
1282 words 5 pages

The city of Thebes, torn by war, is the setting of Sophocles’ play Antigone. The absence of a true leader for many years has led to a dispute between Antigone’s two brothers over who should rule Thebes. Both Polyneices and Eteocles were brothers, but Polyneices was exiled before returning to the city with an invading […]

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Antigone Jason Sophocles
Sophocles’ Ode to Man Essay Example
892 words 4 pages

This descriptive poem, “Ode to Man” reflects the usage of power by man in society. The writer uses natural imagery, diction, personification and the structure of 4 lines per stanza to indicate and ensure how the poem and society can reflect between each other and its conflicts. It vividly explains how man became powerful with […]

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Literature Nature Poetry Sophocles
Oediphus the king Essay Example
4733 words 18 pages

Oedipus the King starts in the legend where Oedipus, king of Thebes, is trying get rid of the plague in his city. Oedipus sends Creon to the oracles at Delphi to get the answer to the city’s problems. Creon is away for a long time, and he returns with Teiresias, the blind prophet. They repeat […]

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Database Oedipus Oedipus Rex Sophocles
Matt Hoetzl Essay Example
1017 words 4 pages

In the prologue of Oedipus Rex, Oedipus is informed about Apollo’s recent prophecy. Apollo orders the people of Thebes to seek vengeance against the killer of Laios. Oedipus, unaware of the fact that he himself is the person referred to by Apollo, agreed with Apollo’s advice out of fear that the same killer would target […]

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Apollo Event Oedipus Rex Sophocles
Oedipus The King: Did the Prophecy Cause his Destiny? Essay Example
1008 words 4 pages

Undoubtedly there has been a tremendous amount of speculation and dissection of this play by countless people throughout the ages. I can only draw my own conclusions as to what Sophocles intended the meaning of his play to be. The drama included a number of horrific and unthinkable moral and ethical dilemas, but I believe […]

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Oedipus Oedipus Rex Oedipus The King Sophocles
Fate and Destiny in “Oedipus Rex” and “Medea” Essay Example
1663 words 7 pages

The belief in gods and superstitions infused the lives of ancient Greeks. It was manifested in their customs, traditions, religion, feasts, and most certainly in their arts. Dramatists Sophocles and Euripides wrote masterpieces involving the intervention of gods and the supernatural in the progression or termination of the plot. However, in two of their most […]

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Destiny Oedipus Rex Sophocles
Oedipus: A Victim of Fate Essay Example
989 words 4 pages

Oedipus, the protagonist from Sophocles’ “Oedipus the King”, is a great example of the immense power that fate has within literature. Sophocles is very effective in portraying the wrath of fate as he shows how Oedipus is a victim of fate and, despite his endless efforts, was unable to avoid it. Fate managed to overcome […]

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Oedipus Oedipus Rex Sophocles Victim
Themes of Drama: Reflections of Values
750 words 3 pages

A dramatic theme is an underlying message found within the action of the play that reflects the values of the time at which it was written or the values of the author that produced it.  The moral code depicted by that theme often drives the plot and the action of the play.  Although they are […]

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Arthur Miller Death of a salesman Oedipus Rex Philosophy Sophocles
Antigone – a Search for Justice Essay Example
500 words 2 pages

In Sophocles’ Antigone, the character Antigone displays rebellion and strong morals. However, she opts to defy Creon’s government laws, which he considers fair. This choice creates complications for both herself and those around her in her quest for justice. In contemporary society, the notion of justice portrayed in this tale may be viewed as injustice […]

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Antigone Justice Sophocles

Popular Questions About Sophocles

What is Sophocles best known for?
What is Sophocles known for? Sophocles was one of the three great Greek tragedians. Of his eight plays (seven full, one fragmented) that remain today, his most famous is Oedipus the King (Oedipus Rex), which is known for its impressive construction and use of dramatic devices.
What is Sophocles tragedy?
Sophocles (c. ... Only seven of Sophocles' tragedies are extant: Philoctetes, Ajax, Electra, Trachiniae (Women of Trachis), and the Oedipal Trilogy (also known as the Oedipal Cycle) consisting of Oedipus Tyrannus (Oedipus the King), Oedipus at Colonus, and Antigone.
What was Sophocles philosophy?
The philosophy of Sophocles is that the dead control and affect our life. - In Greek tragedy the natural forces are destructive. These forces might be nature, gods or fate. Man is helpless in facing these powers.
Did Sophocles invent Oedipus?
The story was not invented by Sophocles. Quite the opposite: the play's most powerful effects often depend on the fact that the audience already knows the story. Since the first performance of Oedipus Rex, the story has fascinated critics just as it fascinated Sophocles.
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