Antigone: Defiant and Strong-Willed Essay Example
Antigone: Defiant and Strong-Willed Essay Example

Antigone: Defiant and Strong-Willed Essay Example

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  • Published: May 7, 2017
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Sophocles is known as one of the greatest tragedians in the history of Greek Literature. Among his works, Antigone may be considered as the stand out and the greatest. It is the story of Antigone, the daughter and half-sister of Oedipus, the main character in another of Sophocles??? tale.

In the story, Antigone showed how love for family can drive a weak maiden to become the hero of the tale. She showed dynamism in her character, from being a damsel in distress, Antigone showed that she is a brave, and a persistent woman who will not rest until she had done what she believes is her duty as a sister.Although physically weak, she almost transformed her character into an epitome of a strong-willed woman. She defied a king???s decree even with the knowledge that the punishment fo


r her act is no other than death. These changes became her strength. One that made her overcome the crisis of her life as a true epic hero might.

Even before the event in this story, Antigone???s life is already twisted by fate. It may have been thought that everything had ended as her father atoned for his sins. However, as it turned out, her tragedy has just begun.Her inner hero came out as she was faced with the crisis involving her dead brother Polynices. First she showed her defiant and persistent nature when despite King Creon???s decree and her sister, Ismene???s, refusal she set out to enact a burial ritual for Polynices. In the dead of the night, without help from anyone else, she sprinkled dust over the exposed remains of her brother (Sophocles).

She defied the

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king???s orders and ignored the warnings of her sister. Through the act, she also showed the strength of her will and her courage.She was brave for she dared to rebel against a tyrannical king. She was not afraid even it meant death for her.

She even took her own life after being caught while giving her brother proper burial rites (Sophocles). She showed the strength of her will that even though she feared death, she still continued to pursue with her mission. She was afraid and yet her desire to have her brother properly buried was greater than her fear. As such, even though she was alone, and it meant death as punishment, she walked to Polynices??? remains and worked up the funeral rites, not only once but twice.On the second time, she was finally caught by the guards (Sophocles).

From this it may be said that the character, Antigone, in the tragedy, ???The Antigone,??? is a dynamic character. Unlike Ismene who was weak and from the start and remained as that up to the end, Antigone, changed. She used to be weak and afraid just like Ismene in the beginning. She even tried to persuade Ismene to join her in her endeavour. However, her desire to give her brother a decent burial and to adhere to the laws of the gods drove her to gradually develop into a character with a different personality.??Read about??6 Strong AcidsFrom one who feared as a lady might, she became a brave and defiant woman who dared to go against the will of the King. She also turned into a persistent

and strong-willed individual that despite the warnings and knowledge of the punishment for her act, she continued with what she willed. She even pointed that Creon has no right to stop her from what she means to do. And so, she went and sprinkled dust over the exposed remains pf Polynices in order to help him find his way to Hades.The characteristics she developed may be considered as strength for it became the driving force that pushed her further than her known limitations.

It is also her strength as it established her role in the entire tale. Another reason why it may be seen as strength, for it helped establish her true self, that she was unlike Ismene and any girl may be in the story. This is because she did not let death interfere with her being a sister to Polynices. She did not let fear eat her into nothing but a coward who watched as dogs mangle the dead body of her brother. She fought the norms and followed the laws of the Gods.Work Cited

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