Ethically and Socially Responsive Business Essay Example
Ethically and Socially Responsive Business Essay Example

Ethically and Socially Responsive Business Essay Example

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  • Published: January 20, 2022
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Ethics are very significant aspects that are necessary to the success of an organization. Most of the organizations with the desire to achieve their core values will be operated with the principles of the good code of conducts. The code of conduct usually originates from the top management team of the firm and transferred to the junior employees. The junior employees in a business will always obey the outlined standards of conduct within the organization (Joyner, & Payne, 2002). There are various benefits that an organization will attain when they adhere to the stipulated codes of conducts. In this study, we will highlight the right step the management of the restaurant will undertake to ensure the company maintains its client base.

Describe the main areas of the selected company's code of conduct that are of significant importance to the b


usiness and explain why
In cheesecake factory, the management has been on the frontline in fighting for their employees to maintain a high ethical standard. This step has facilitated the firm to tap more customers to undertake most of their processes. The smooth operation of various activities and the delivery of quality service by cheesecake factory is due to the way in which the employees are committed to delivering their duties with honesty. The cheesecake factory has incorporated most of their fundamental ethical principles to the top executives and managers. Considering the fact that senior executives are the key stakeholders of the company as they decide and implement most of the significant decision within the firm, it is usually appropriate for them to have the most competent ethical practices. It will be easier for the senior managers to

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influence the junior workers to adhere to the solid principles. When the factory is run by individuals with high ethical principles, it will be easier for the company to realize most of their set principles within the desired time (Co, 2002). Various challenges that might face the operations of the factory will be solved appropriately with competent personnel.

The cheesecake factory has the mandate to ensure the appropriate steps have been followed when addressing various principles. They should be in the frontline in ensuring that all the employees of the organization adhere to the set principles. One of the most desirable channel that as a chief executive officer of the company should remember is first to uphold a high reputation in conducting your duties. When the top managers show a high sense of responsibility, it will be easier for other members to follow suit.

Suggest three ways in which the restaurant can engage in socially responsive activities in the community within which it operates
Corporate social responsibility should be the primary concern of the company. Every time in the course of operations, the firm should create some resources and give back to the community. This can be facilitated by supporting various projects within the society and ensure that there is equality in the way various society members are being treated.


In summary, when a firm practices high ethical principles in most of their activities, there is a high capability of the firm becoming successful. The success of any given enterprise will rely on the motives and the way in which the workers of the firm conducts themselves. The high reputation of a company is always drawn from the behaviors

of the employees within the organization.


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