Essay on Genre

The function of Genre

The concept of genre is useful in looking at ways in which media texts are organised, categorised and consumed. It is applied to television, print and radio texts s well as film. The concept of genre suggests that there are certain types of media material, often story-types, which are recognised through common element, such as […]

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Which genre would you place the film run Lola run into and why

Run Lola Run is a film in which a young woman (Lola) is given the task of recovering 100,000DM for her boyfriend in a twenty-minute period. If she fails to recover the one hundred thousand in time, her boyfriend fears the mobster will kill him he owes the money to from a robbery. The film […]

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How the genre of Sleepy Hollow is established in the opening sequence

Recently we have been studying the film Sleepy Hollow. In this essay I am going to explain how the genre of Sleepy Hollow is established in the opening sequence.The opening of any film is important for many reasons. One is that it sets the tone of the film. In Sleepy Hollow there is a “scary” […]

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Music History

20th Century Music TermsTerms to know:Impressionism – Style originating in France of only giving the impression, not details of a scene. The music sounds dreamy, blocks of sounds rather that following a Tonic/Dominant formula. The term comes from a painting by Monet entitled: Impression:SunriseAvant-guard – New or experimental art, music and ideas developed by the […]

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It Genre Texts Promote A Set Of

I think it is correct in saying that genre texts promote a set of values directly linked and related to the contexts they were produced in but I don’t think they can just be boxed off as being related to that specific context. Some values related to context have continued throughout genre. Genre is an […]

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South Seas Genre Movie Analysis: Forgetting Sarah Marshall and Blue Crush

Ed Rampell once claimed that “any film relating to the Pacific Islanders, their islands and cultures” is considered part of the South Seas genre. The Pacific Islands, which consist of thousands upon thousands of little islands grouped together in the Pacific Ocean, are generally perceived by western culture as an escape to the bright yellow, […]

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My Life had stood – a Loaded Gun

“My Life had stood – a Loaded Gun” by Emily Dickinson has many thematic facets and can be interpreted at many levels. But its two dominant themes are feminist and artistic. Although Emily Dickinson was the only nineteenth century female American poet that wrote beyond the conventional poetry of woman sentimentality but unusual feminine themes […]

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