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The Use of Epiphany in the Works of James Joyce

The use of Epiphany through Isolation In the stories, Eveline, Araby, and A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man, by James Joyce, Joyce concludes these three stories in his trademark literary style of epiphany; this is achieved through the protagonist’s direct isolation from his/her own bleak reality. Joyce interprets an epiphany as a […]

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Jim Dine – College

In this sculpture Dine takes normal everyday tools and adds a fun and colourful edge to them. Although ‘Five Feet of Colorful Tools’ is simple it does bring out the normal tools and gives them a vibrant look. It is very Pop-Art based, using a simple idea and lots of block simple colours. This would […]

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Frank Auerbach

Frank Auerbach is an artist whose work is almost completely diminished when it’s reproduced in books or magazines (or websites for that matter). The images are as far removed from Auerbach’s actual work as a photograph of someone is from the real person. It’s all to do with the complexity of the surfaces that Aurbach […]

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Wifredo Lam

Cuban surrealist artist Wifredo Lam (1902-1982) was renowned for his unique style which combined his rich cultural heritage with the social issues that inspired him. Throughout his life he traveled many places and learned from some of the most famous artists to ever create art, namely, Pablo Picasso. Lam has become an international symbol for […]

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Soap Bubbles: The Life of an Artist and the Purpose of the Piece

The still-life painting “Soap Bubbles” has been hailed as one of Jean-Baptiste-Simeon Chardin’s, a French painter during the 18th century, greatest art pieces. During the 18th century, still-life paintings were regarded as the lowest genre of art in France while history painting as the opposite (Irish Art Encyclopedia website). Even with this fact, he was […]

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Margaret Preston

Margaret Preston was a dynamic, unique Australian artist born on the 29th of April 1875 in Adelaide. She is renowned for her bold artworks, and through them, she showed her ongoing passion to establish a national identity. What were the different experiences for your individual? She began to take interest in art after an influential […]

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The Birth-mark and The Artist of the Beautiful

“You have rejected the best earth could offer:” …and it was worth it The short stories “The Birth-mark” and “The Artist of the Beautiful,” both written by Nathaniel Hawthorne in 1846, demonstrate and attempt to symbolize the boundaries of beauty in society. In “The Birth-mark,” the young and exquisite Georgiana has simply one imperfection, a […]

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Raffaello Sanzio Da Urbino

Ever wondered who was behind the paintbrush for paintings like “Sistine Cherubs” or “The School of Athens”? Raffaello Sanzio da Urbino was this famous Italian artist. He was admired by how much clarity was in his paintings as well as visual achievement. Together with Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo, he formed the traditional trinity of […]

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Katsushika Hokusai

Katsushika Hokusai was a Japanese artist. He was born in 1760 and died in 1849. Hokusai was a painter, drawer, engraver and woodblock printer. He was influenced by western art and incorporated the western style of landscape and traditional Japanese methods into his painting and printmaking. Many of his prints were appreciated by Europeans and […]

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My Le Thi – Artist

Recurrent Imagery provides an ongoing dialogue and connection with the audience and her art making practice Often uses symbolic representations within her work, predominantly of skeletons, skin colours, ladders, shoes, rice and masks In contrast to western vanitas, Thi uses the skull as a symbol of unity and as a common link between cultures and […]

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David Hockney

Artist David Hockney’s arguably most famous works are those that portray the sunny environs of Califonia. But within his California paintings there is a large variety of tones and moods. In this essay I will compare and contrast “Mulholland Drive: The Road to the Studio” painted in 1987, and “California” painted in 1987. Hockney is […]

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