The weeping woman Essay Example
The weeping woman Essay Example

The weeping woman Essay Example

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  • Published: January 21, 2018
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Cubism was an art movement that originated In France and Spain In 1906. Cubism influenced painting and Sculpture. Cubist artists include Pablo Picasso, George Braque's and Juan Grips. Picasso had recently traveled to Africa and Native America and was inspired by the tribal masks. Cubist Artists captured different viewpoints at the same time.

This showed movement and made the Image look AD. They used collage and paint in neutral colors to show different textures. In this painting, there are many places where this woman could be situated.

She could be in a church, as on the left hand side of the painting it looks as if stained glass that's in many churches Is reflecting.

Also the use of primary, bright colors links In with the colors used in a glass window


in a church. However, she could be at home, as there is what looks like stripy wallpaper in the background with a brown boarder, also the shapes can represent cushions. The colors represent warmth and happiness, so this Influences that she's at home, she feels comfortable. She could perhaps be In a pub, due to the garish colors used on the background.

I feel that the focal point of this painting is her mouth area. The majority of the painting is done with warm, primary colors, whereas the area around her mouth is a grey/white color.

The colors contrast with each other, also the mouth area Is outlined with a dark, sharp outline. Her hand frames the mouth area, attracting your attention to that point. The eyes also stand out. They eyes seem to be a curved, oval shape, this does not fit

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in with the conventions of a cubist painting. The white in the eyes stands out, they are highlighted by the large eyelashes framing them.

The atmosphere conveyed in this painting Is quite dull and gloomy.

Pablo Picasso used bold. Black outlines on this painting to influence on the depressing emotions the woman is feeling. A whole array of emotions is being felt by this woman, this is shown by the wide use of different colors. The woman's hands are cupping her face, it's as if she's ashamed that she's so upset. However, her cheeks are flushed, so she might be trying to hide that she's embarrassed.

In this painting, I feel that the woman is distraught from a certain situation.

This is because of the extreme angle of her eyebrows, and the variety of lines that are fragmenting her face makes her facial expression look very unnatural. She Is clearly upset and maybe scared of something that's happened. Also, her eyes are very bright, they look glossy as if she's been crying. Although, the highlights on the eyes can represent that there is a light at the end of the tunnel, she will eventually be happy again. There seems to be a tear drop rolling down the curve of her cheek, so she must have been crying.

Due to her tailored jacket, and feminine at, she may be at a wedding.

Perhaps the tears are of happiness and sadness at the same time, she might be proud of her son or daughter getting married. She might be jealous and in love with the person getting married so she can't hide her emotions, making her herself

with her hands. Although, she could be at a funeral, as the Jacket she Is wearing is quite dark, and she looks to be situated In a church, crying from losing a loved one. Many bright, primary colors have been used in this painting, they contradict the emotions that the female is going through, she's distraught, yet rounding the mouth area.

A dirty green is used around her facial area, this suggests illness. She is making herself ill due to the grieving emotions she's going through, its affecting her overall health and wellbeing. Green is also the color of jealousy, she may be Jealous of someone that's getting married, or Jealous of other people at funeral because they still have their loved ones. This is an analytical cubist painting, you can still clearly see the woman, although flashes of color are used.

Sharp, bold shapes and lines have been used to add emphasis on certain parts of the minting.

The symbolism aggression, she's angry at herself or a situation that has happened. Picasso used circular shapes for the eyes, as this creates an innocent look, eyes are the key to the soul, she's innocent on the inside yet angry on the outside. They are highlighted by the bold eyelashes surrounding them, Picasso wanted the eyes to be noticeable.

The surrounding of the mouth is an off-white color and contrasts with the rest of the painting. This suggests that the woman has been crying for such a long period of time, that the tears are burning away her skin, she is veiling bone, which is revealing her inner emotions.

Her discomfort and sadness is eating away

at her, it's affecting her health drastically. The object in her hands could be a tissue to save her tears and soak them up, it could be a piece of clothing that the loved one she has lost used to own, she's holding onto it for comfort.

Maybe it is the will of someone who has died, she doesn't want to let it go. It may be a letter informing that a loved has died in the war, the colors on the letter suggest that there is information given. Pablo Picasso was born in Spain.

However he moved to France to study art and develop more into his art skills.

When he moved to France, his mum wrote him letters every week. Then, in one of the letters she wrote during the Spanish Civil War, she wrote about a town called Querying. Querying wasn't far from where Picasso grew up as a child. She wrote about the bomb that had been dropped on Querying, and how it killed thousands of people. She said that the smoke that was created by the bomb stung her eyes, and created many tears.

So Picasso painting was based on the situation that his mother was in.

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