What Is the Role of Morality in Modern Society Essay Example
What Is the Role of Morality in Modern Society Essay Example

What Is the Role of Morality in Modern Society Essay Example

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  • Published: August 24, 2016
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Our life is a long process, which permanently changes and develops. Nowadays modern society lives in incredible rhythm, where the main purposes are earning money, earning money and earning money. Also purposes are to have a power too. It is not good for society in whole. Society consists of simple persons, who are a nature existence with emotions and feelings. A human being has a soil. It is a subtle matter, which necessary to keep and care. Ancient Chinese philosopher Confucius mentions about saving and keeping soil by means of moral and spiritual education.

Methods are four parts of Confucius’s doctrines rites ( li ), goodness (ren) ,master (zi) and filial piety, relationship values ( hsiao ). The main idea, which unites these doctrines, is a morality and spirituality. It is benevolence, aggregate of all good appearances. Benevolence is a necessary state for every person. But what does it mean? What is a morality and spirituality? Morality is a code of elementary norms of proprieties. Also morality is similar notion with spirituality. Both are the main things in the society and in culture.

But morality is a temper of behavior in society; spirituality is conditions of soil, right world-view and harmony with own mind. Also it is the essential part of steady-state economy and cultural heritage. Morality creates stability state. If people want to be a real state, but not only group of individuals uniting by general territory, they should know and learn own historical past, know own culture and speak on native language. Language, history an


d culture are a fundament of moral and spiritual person. Nowadays society should have not only schools and university’s education, but also a moral education.

Moral education is a base for growing good person and citizen. Human of future is a moral human. We live in twenty first century in century of sciences and technologies. Mankind develops and develops very fast to better direction but to worse direction too. The bad development connects with loosing morality in society. Where can we see it? We can see it everywhere. What happened with our world! Comparison twenty century and twenty first century, I have a sense, like all theories overthrew [radically changed] the established views.

Many human and cultural values are destroying in our days. For example LGBT is a sexual minority (lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transsexuals). This minority appears in twenty first century. Ok, we develops, we try to perfect… But, same-sex love and marriage is step to future? No, it isn’t it. Nature creates man and woman for reproducting. Man and man cannot create a child. It means, that people forget about borders of morality. People do anarchy in the society. If we recollect Ancient Greece history about Sodom and Gomorra. What did there happen?

Men and women copulate in street. Also who are gays? Gays are weak and abnormal persons in woman guise. They make up face and have a girls behavior. According to sociological statistics homosexuals consist forty per cent of world’s population. This minority grows by new members day by day. If we imagin

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our life in the near future, in the worlds will be about thirty five per cent of men remain. Our planet can be disappear, because man is unite person who can conceive a child, a future generation. Therefore many scientists say about this problem.

It is a problem and if we don’t decide it we would be die out. Modern society doesn’t want to understand moral values and begin to create a moral institutions. Where from early childhood clever and wise people will teach children to moray and wisdom. Moral education is a deep notion, helping to live understanding of cultural values. What does morality give to human? Exactly morality distinguishes and defines human from others nature existence. Exactly morality makes human a creator of own life and destiny Family is the first step in moral education.

Morality and spirituality system of person founds in family and in school. From birthday comprehension of child builds on parents’ actions and on cultural and regional aspects. Parents teach us how to act, how to do something. Especially one of the main parts of moral education is moments, when elder people say to younger about how to behave in some situations. For example, a girl- teenager begin to dates with other boy, her mother always asks her about him and try to learn her how to speak, how to see and how to kiss. And one more instance is norms of behavior in restaurant.

These norms describe in many guides. There show how to use covers, how to seat or how to drink vine. It is ethics. It is one of the useful part of morality education. But in this part it is possible to notice, that ethics leads to standard and strong behavior. people can become robots. What characteristics of moral person? Who is he? A person who has moral principles, rules and requirements, which are like own views and convictions, like usual forms of behavior. Also it is a person who see borders lightness and darkness and keeping these.

However we can meet many people who are very moral but imperfection of will doesn’t make possible to realize all in reality. For example, one pupil force to cover up his bad friend who makes crime actions. If this pupil shows his morality he would be stave off danger and bad end. In addition our morality displays in strange forms. One of the forms is a donating by own desires and by ourselves. For instance a woman who has sense of shame, live with alcoholic. Alcoholic torments her children and her. Also young girl, who compels to marry on unlovely man, because she has with him intimate relations.

So morality is a difficult burden. It we see in many different life situations. How do to overcame weakness and show moral principles? It is very not simply question. Nowadays people don’t accept morality like right rules of behavior. But cultural values exist in some part of our mankind. They would be laugh,for instance when Ancient Chinese philosopher Confucius has a definition and notion about morality. According all life the

philosopher tryes to understand the purpose of life. During childhood Confucius read many philosophical books.

Later he began to interest ancient world. And the main idea of his doctrines is a saving ancient, traditional and cultural values. The purpose of Confucian education is not only to transmit and develop knowledge, but also to deliver and apply values. Confucian learning is seldom meant to be merely a scholarly exercise. It has a wide practical extension and employees tools to help students put into practice the doctrinal understanding of family, community and society: the core of values fostering a spirit of self-discipline, family solidarity, public morality and social responsibility.

In other words, Confucian education is moral education but one not devoid of scientific spirit. It leads the individual toward self-realization, which is to say, to becoming fully human through embodiment of the qualities of neisheng (inner sageliness) and waiwang (outer kingliness). For that reason, modern education could derive benefit from the still vital attitudes and values of Confucian tradition. In conclusion, moral education is a necessary thing in modern society.