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Both Harriet and Charles gain an insight into the worlds of their respective impassions; Both Emma and Sebastian are very possessive of their respective companions, which indicate that both of these characters are the most dominant and controlling In each relationship, whereas Harriet and Charles are deferential and idols Emma and Sebastian. Emma views Harriet as her new project as she wishes to “Improve her” as she sees potential In Harriet. However, It can be Inferred that instead of having Harmless best interest In mind, she Is In fact doing this to boost her own ego.

This can be seen in Enema’s description of Harriet: “she was short, plump and fair”. It is significant that Emma draws attention to Harrier’s height because in the Georgian era, taller females were seen as more beautiful which suggests that even though Harriet is attractive, she cannot outshine Emma. This view can be supported by critic Kathleen Anderson who stated that Emma “considers herself superior to her beloved propge, whom she strives to direct and influence. “The use of free indirect speech in “Those soft blue eyes… Would not be wasted on the inferior society of Highborn suggests that Austin disproves of Enema’s intentions with Harriet and her manipulation: “She would detach her from bad acquaintance… He would form her opinions and her manners. ” This form of guidance that Harriet undertakes by Emma Is similarly paralleled In “Beaverhead Revisited” as Sebastian Is Charlie’s instructor In aesthetics and Charles undergoes an aesthetic rebirth. It has been considered by critic Else Graham that “Bridgehead Revisited” is a “work of extended aesthetic self-reflection in the genre. This can be seen during their intimate visit as the Botanical Gardens, Sebastian states “Oh, Charles, what a lot you have to learn! ” When they return, Charles explicitly credits Sebastian with this sort of artistic audience when he states, “Collins had exposed the fallacy of modern aesthetics to me” and that his “eyes were opened”. Sebastian himself possesses an “piece beauty” and so fits well into the mysterious and indulgent world to which he lures Charles into. Additionally, Bridgehead Castle is at the pinnacle of this new world of art and beauty, and the protagonist states that It Is “an aesthetic education to live within those walls. It can be clearly seen why Charles would be attracted to receiving guidance from Sebastian and the “glittering world,” as Hugh once stated, In which he Is now a part of. Eroticism from other characters. In Emma, Mr.. Knightly particularly criticisms the relationship that she has formed with Harriet Smith, saying that “neither of them do the other any good”, and that Harriet is the “very worst sort of companion that Emma could possibly have”. Mr. Knightly also dwells on the important question of how Emma can imagine that she has anything to learn herself while Harriet is presenting such a delightful inferiority.

This is a significant reflection on Enema’s character, as Mr. Knightly has known Emma well since birth and therefore his Judgment of her is liable. Whereas, in “Bridgehead Revisited” Car warned Charles about how his relationship with Sebastian will be unable to work when they are older: “l know of these romantic friendships of the English and the Germans… They are very good if they do not go on too long” this foreshadows what is going to happen to Charles and Sebastian in the future and that their friendship is not worth clinging on to.

Similarly, Anthony Balance attempts to draw Charles away from Sebastian by saying “when dear Sebastian speaks it is like a little sphere of soapsuds drifting light and then- hut! Vanished. ” This statement by Balance indicates that Sebastian is shallow as everything he says is completely meaningless and expresses a concern for Charles losing his identity because he dollies him too much. A fundamental difference between Harriet and Charles is that unlike Harriet, Charles was searching for some form of guidance at the time when he met Sebastian.

In his first few weeks at university he “felt at heart that this was not all that Oxford had to offer. ” This suggests he was harboring romantic illusions about a world of intellect, aesthetics, ND youthful verve that he was unable find among the majority of his peers. Sebastian also provides Charles with the opportunity to relive his childhood and experience what it feels like to be a part of a large family: “That summer term with Sebastian, it seemed as though I was being given a brief spell of what I had never known, a happy childhood” as there was only Charles and his father.

By analyzing Charles’ estrangement from his family perhaps explains why he is attracted to Sebastian, who is obsessed with youth and expresses many childlike qualities including the fact that he carries a toy bear named Allusions. Additionally, it could also be argued that Charles is physically attracted to Sebastian; Charles finds him beautiful and alluring. There’s been much speculation on the possibly of a homosexual relationship between the two.

This is mainly based on being referred to as “fairies” by two girls in the club in London which indicates that those on the outside view their relationship as a sexual one, as well as Charlie’s comment that he and Sebastian took part in “naughtiness high in the catalogue of grave sins. ” However, this could also be talking about sodomy’s since Charles and Sebastian were instantly drinking and, as the Old Hundredth incident indicates, they were perhaps not estranged to brothels.

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