The saddest day of my life

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The saddest day of my life was probably the day my grandpa passed away. Not only was he my grandfather, but he was my best friend, and with whom I shared the happiest moments of my life. Everything was great and I lived in a peaceful world. Until a horrible thing happened and everything changed.

I was in another room when I heard my grandma yell for me. When I came into the room my grandpa was lying in the floor. I laid down beside him and held his hand. I didn’t know what was going on, my grandma and parents explained it to me and in that moment I felt an immense sadness in my heart, that moment was when I could understand everything and knew what was going on, and I knew that I would never again see my grandpa.

After I tried to understand what had happened, my family and some friends met us at the church for the funeral to give one last good bye to my best friend. It was the first funeral of my life. I didn’t know what to expect or do I just knew we had to dress nice and wear black. I will never forget it because it was a really sad day, it was my first funeral and everyone was crying and hugging each other. I will never forget him or all the memories we had together.

When the funeral had finished, all people went together to the cemetery. Some men had already prepared everything for it. When we arrived, the men who carried my grandfather, let us see him for the last time, when I got close to my grandfather I couldn`t believe that the person that was always happy and laughing, now was quiet. In that moment, I felt confusion and loneliness. My grandfather and my best friend would never be with me again.

I knew that I would have an angel watching over me and my family, but I had lost my best friend. Since that moment until now, I only have memories of my grandpa of whom I spent great times in my life with. That day was the saddest in my life although I knew that in that moment I would have a great angel for the rest of my life.

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