The Husband’s Message Analysis Essay Example
The Husband’s Message Analysis Essay Example

The Husband’s Message Analysis Essay Example

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  • Published: May 3, 2017
  • Type: Poem Analysis
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Generally, the mood of the poem, The Husband’s Message, is a sense of incompleteness or sadness and profound love. The poem tells the story of a man who was exiled from his homeland and forced to leave his wife because of a certain “feud. ” After the “feud” ends, the man then carves a message to his wife on a wood plank in which he recounts how sad his life has been without her and pleads for her to journey across the sea and join him now that he is wealthy and powerful.

In other words, despite his riches and power, the man feels still feels incomplete without his wife by his side. Moreover, the author used various poetic devices to achieve these moods or feelings in the story. The first noticeable poetic device is the personification of the man in the form


of the wood and its carved message. Although it is indicated in the poem that the speaker is the messenger, the fact that the wood traveled “across the sea” and to “strange destinations” means that there is no other person in the story but the man who carved his message on the wooden plank.

In addition, the author also used alliterations as shown in the lines “Lived in love together” and “Depart and divide the quiet water” to emphasize how deep the love between the husband and the wife is. To emphasize the man’s sadness or feeling of being incomplete, the author used imagery such as “cuckoo’s sad song” and the “mournful sound in the wood. ” Finally, the author also used figurative language such as “sailing over the waves” to show how badly

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the man needed his wife.

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