That Was the Last Time I Saw Him Essay Example
That Was the Last Time I Saw Him Essay Example

That Was the Last Time I Saw Him Essay Example

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  • Published: December 7, 2016
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Sitting on the bus chair looking at the warm sun, beautiful sky and listening to the sound of birds along the way to school indicate my mind to think about a person. This person was special. He was the man who thought me braveness. He was the guy who always lent his ear to hear my problem . He was the clown that’s always make people laugh. He was my ultimate Grandfather. When I was in the age of childhood, he was the one who took care of me. My mother was dead when I was a baby due to serious accident ,so most of the time was my grandfather taking care of me .

I can’t really remember how was my mother really looks like, but I will never forget my grandfather’s adorab


le face. He looked like Elvis Presley which has a bold hair, long legs and sparkling eyes. His pure and loving heart has cured a lot of my problems in my life. I still remembered that once I was really sad due to my red-crescent society club have lose the state level foot drill competition. When he saw I was sad about this, he come to convince me and said: “Son, don’t give up, there’s always fail before you success.

The key to success is never give up. Those words have given me a lot of support to continue work harder for success. He was a good solider, he fight for the country when he was young in the World War Two. He always shared his experience about the World War two with me during I was free

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He likes to fishing . He told me that fishing is a type of hobby that trained our patience in our life. In the school holidays I will always followed him to the river for fishing . There was a time that I caught I really heavy and big fish, I can’t even stand properly to pull up the fish but my grandfather help me to pull up the rod like a piece of cake.

I realize that most of the grandfather in this world was old and weak, but he was different . He was a fit and healthy old man… until the day the devil grabs his soul. The day that the evil devil grabs my grandfather’s life still vivid on my mind . 21st of June 2000 was the day I lost my faithful grandfather, until today I still felt guilty on it. I keep asking myself that why before that day I did not hug him? Why I did not say I love him? Why all this things come too suddenly? Now all was too late, he was in the heaven now.

That morning I still remember that he still remind me to buy some bread back home after school because there are out of bread in the house. He gave me ten ringgit and say : “Use it to buy the bread and the rest is your pocket money, I love you! ”. “Okay ,okay I will buy it back for you grandpa, don’t so disgusting please.. ” I reply to him. Then I rushed to the school bus that was waiting for me. He waves his hand

to me but I just don’t care about it when the bus moved. I thought that all things will be like normal but… After school I went to the mini market to buy the bread and walk back home.

Along the way I met an old friend, so I decided to have lunch with him. At the moment I really forget about my grandfather who was waiting for my appearance at home. When I reached home and founded that he was not at home just leaving a few plates of dishes on the table. Suddenly the house phone rang, it was from the hospital. It said that my grandfather has just hit by an irresponsible motorcyclist and due to he has a lot of serious injuries ,the doctor can’t helped him anymore. When the phone end, my heart broke, my leg were shivers and my mind was blank. I don’t dare go to the hospital until my dad was back .

When I reached the room that they located my grandfather’s body, my tears drop like rains and my feeling was unexplainable. I saw the white and cool body of my grandpa lying on the bed deadly indicate my guiltiness about his death. It took a long time to let my feelings to calm down, because I knew that this accident would not happened if my grandfather did not come out to find me. I feel so wrong about it. I remembered, that morning he smile to me, prepare the delicious breakfast for me and informing me to buy the bread, but now it is all memories. That was the last time I

saw him.

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