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Good stories are able to convey thought-provoking ideas about the world in which we live and explore. Works of fiction provide us knowledge and wisdom that help us through hardships and sufferings. Stories with strong characterisation allow us to relate with the personal and interpersonal conflicts, and feel a deep empathy and sympathy with their circumstances which may resemble our own. Tim Winton’s short stories “Big World” and “Long, Clear view” are great examples of what a ‘good story’ is.

Similarly, “Big World” presents a simple story about the main character’s journey which represents the themes of changing the course of one’s life to experience a new world and a brighter future. It is about the coming-of-age and maturity of Australian adolescents. “The Big World” confirms the benefits of personal journey. The protagonist of the story illustrates that his life has no freedom and no future. He embarks upon a journey to regain a sense of purpose and motivation in his life.

As shown in the line, “A few of our classmates pack their bags for university and shoot through… Biggie and me, heading to work every morning”, the use of juxtaposition describes the difference between the protagonist and his classmates. The protagonist and his friend Biggie had to work on their job because their school marks were bad. However, their school mates were heading straight to their future and work on what they wanted to do. This states the protagonist’s powerlessness and loneliness. Later on the main character slowly discovers the danger of his life and future with Biggie.

This is represented in the line, “Some days I can see me and Biggie out there as old codgers, anchored to the frggin place, stuck forever. ” This highlights the narrator and Biggie’s hopeless future lives where the narrator is worried that after they have become old and weak, they might still remain in the same place for eternity without any development. But, through the unexpected events and experiences lead the narrator to see his realisation of the “Big World” that is separated from his previous life of failure and limitations.

Such are the positive outcomes of going journey, which ultimately result in stronger understanding of one’s desires and identity. On the other hand, the “Long, Clear View” lets people discover their identities and problems through relationship through their family, school friends or love. It also offers an opportunity to change the course of one’s dignity in order to head towards a more meaningful path that provides new perspective and relationships with society.

However, it also confirms the difficulties and problems the young protagonist is suffering in his new countryside of society that is totally different from his normal life in the town. However, the unexpected events and relationships lead the protagonist to become matured and grown up. At beginning of the story, where the protagonist is unable to adapt to the new environment of the countryside. As shown in the line, “lines between farm kids, townies, blackfellas and white, boys and girls…” the use of listing demonstrates the different ways of life in the countryside school compared with the town schools.

The protagonist feels amazed and stunned by the racism and discrimination among the girl and boy that were going on in the school. Therefore, it is harder to get used to the countryside’s environment and this made the protagonist afraid who is “townie” to have his relationships with the classmates. But also the protagonist is the son of the cop, so it was more disadvantages to him. Then, there is a time where the protagonist reveals his sense of power where it is illustrated in the object “old rifle”.

The use of symbolism represents that he eventually becomes an adult, as he thinks that he needs to save his family and become their protector. This gives an idea of how the protagonist’s father had failed the role as a father, as the protagonist shows his father’s powerlessness. However in the end it becomes quite obvious that the departure of the narrator’s father was his own way to escape from all the issues and problems that are abundant within his household Growing up is indeed a difficult task, but it’s what allows adolescents to prepare to face reality and to achieve our goals in life.

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