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For more than 6 years not the citizens of Chicago were able to purchase the emergency contraception called Plan B or commonly known as “The Morning after Pill”. The rule first was put in place by former Gov. Rod Blagojevich after state officials received complaints that pharmacists were refusing to fill prescriptions for emergency contraception, commonly sold under the brand name “Plan B. after the law passed it allowed anyone that was eligible to purchase the pill can just request for it at the pharmacy counter and it would be sold to them no questions ask; But in a recent ruling by a Chicago judge could have possibly change the way that it is available. As reported by the State Journal Register Judge John Belz rule those pharmacists are not required to sell that pill to someone if they do not want to.

This comes after two pharmacy owners of Wheaton, Chicago, Luke Vander Bleek of Morrison and Glenn Kosirog of Wheaton who didn’t want to dispense or stock “morning-after” pills or help patients obtain them elsewhere. These pharmacy owners objected to selling the pill because of religious belief but because it was a law that they had to sell it they decided to take it up to the court system with which as we know now that the judge ruled in their favor. Mark Rienzi, a Catholic University law professor and one of the pharmacy owners’ lawyers, said after the ruling.

The law of Illinois and the law of the United States make it clear that people can enter the health-care profession without having to check their conscience or religion at the door. ” This article relates to the Topic of contraception in Human sexuality, and with these ruling it can mean changes that other may what to follow. As stated in the discussion in Human sexuality the pill is an emergency contraception that is used after a couple has unprotected sex. The pill works in a way that it delays the release of the unfertilized egg in a woman.

Although the egg is not fertilized there is still opposition to the pill being available to readily because many advocates believe that this is still consider abortion to many. For example both Bleek, and Kosiro, who identified themselves as a Christian and believes that life begins at conception, so it all depends on the believe but because of the Right of Conscience Act if a pharmacist believes that this is immoral and goes against his religious believe he/she can deny to sell some the pill.

Although the pill is very controversial I believe that it should be at the decision of the pharmacists to sell it to someone and that they should be able to deny anyone access to the pill because of their religious belief. However they availability of the pill to everyone that is eligible to purchase is something that has so far prevented abortions from happening and from unplanned pregnancies from ruining lives of young people .

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