Phiten Braclets a Scam Essay Example
Phiten Braclets a Scam Essay Example

Phiten Braclets a Scam Essay Example

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  • Published: February 1, 2017
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Phiten bracelets and necklaces have become very popular in the world of sports. The main sports they are used in is baseball and golf. At Phiten, they claim that their necklaces will “add energy” and “help people enhance their quality of life” (Hirata). The makers of Phiten say claim to use a special way of breaking down titanium into water, creating something they call aqua titanium. This aqua titanium gets infused into their products, which they say will help a person’s overall lifestyle and increase their energy.

However, the problem is that there is no scientific proof to back it up, so people should not spend their money on Phiten products. The average Phiten Necklace costs twenty-five dollars for a consumer to purchase. All the necklace c


ontains is a plastic clip and some kind of nylon material surrounding what they claim to be aqua titanium. It is very inexpensive for Phiten to make these necklaces. In order to make a big profit on them, they say that they have a way to break down the titanium into water which creates positive ions that help align your body and give you positive energy.

However, according to a metal chemist, “titanium (Ti) itself is not water soluble, it needs an ionic bond like fluoride (TiF) to become soluble” (Bad Wax). What they say they do to the titanium to make it have a special balance to help your body function better, cannot even be done. Josh Beckett, a pitcher for the Boston Red Sox, is an athlete who wears a Phiten necklace. He says that he believes the necklace does help his physica

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abilities, along with his mental abilities. There are many other star athletes who wear them as well and will say the same thing.

Sports, however require very adequate mental strength. You have to be confident in what you are doing and stay mentally strong throughout the entire game. Jim Wohlford, who played in the MLB as an outfielder, said that “Baseball is ninety percent mental half of the time” (Reed). Another MLB baseball player named Ted Williams said that “ Hitting is 50% from the neck up” (Reed). These are major league baseball players who practice almost year round and play games nearly everyday, yet they still claim that the game is hugely based on how strong you are mentally.

If someone believes the Phiten necklace will work, then it may actually work because it gives them that mental edge in believing it works. This is why so many athletes are wearing them these days, and why Phiten has made such a big profit off pieces of nylon. It is crucial to stay mentally strong in sports, and Phiten has taken advantage of this aspect and used it to charge people a ridiculous amount of money for a cheap necklace. Also, Josh Beckett gets paid by Phiten to wear the necklace and make it sound like it works.

This makes it hard to believe if professional players like Josh Beckett actually believe they work, or if they just say so because they get paid for it. When a young athlete sees their favorite player wearing the necklace and they see how good the player is, they are most likely going to believe

in the product. However, the necklace did not make that player a good athlete, they were born with athleticism and worked hard to improve their athleticism. There is no proof that these necklaces work, but professional athletes make it sound like they do, which encourages other athletes to buy it.

Since sports are very mental, the young athlete wearing the necklace may get a good hit, throw a good pass, or hit a good shot in golf and believe it was because of the Phiten Necklace. However, in reality it was because sometimes good plays just come around in sports, not because the necklace has special powers. They now believe it works because Phiten makes false claims about it balancing the positive ions in your body, then may tell friends about the product having their friends buy it, and then they all get scammed for their money.

The biggest problem with the Phiten necklace, is that it is not FDA approved. Phiten actually will not even bring it to the FDA to be tested, because they know that they are creating a complete scam. If someone wants to wear the Necklace just because of the way it looks, that is fine. If Phiten wants to say it is a stylish athletic necklace, that would also be fine. However, to present false claims saying it will improve an athletes performance and help ease pain for some of its users, is absolutely preposterous.

That is the main reason their necklaces are so highly priced, which is not fair to the people who are wasting their money on these products. Someone could make a necklace

out of yarn for five cents, and it would have the same effects that a twenty-five to forty dollar Phiten necklace would have. If one believes it will help them in the sport they play, it most likely will help because it would increase their confidence and give them mental strength. One does not need a company like Phiten giving them made up scientific facts that are not proven to boost their confidence.

It is similar to a superstitious thing, it just tricks their minds into making them believe it works. To charge up to forty dollars on a product like this is robbing people of their money. One should really consider what the necklace actually is before spending such a high amount on it. If one were to do so, they would realize that buying this product is a waste of money. The company makes false claims and uses elaborate, scientific words to make people feel that the product actually has some science to it.

They even use diagrams to show this process that they claim to be unique and highly effect, when in reality breaking titanium into water on its own can not be done. People saying the product works in this case does not prove anything since sports are so mental. Their mind may say it works, but that is their mind playing tricks on them. Phiten made a line of products, claiming that they were infused with special titanium components to help bring out the positive ions in one’s body.

They could never prove this fact, and never plan on bringing it to the FDA to have it

proven. They give them to professional athletes for free to use, and sucker young athletes into buying them at ridiculous prices. What the people at Phiten do is wrong because they are scamming many people of their money by making false claims. In order to prove something works, it needs to be tested scientifically or else human brains can be fooled into believing it works. This product should not be boughten at such a high price.

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