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In the essay “On Becoming a Writer” Russell Baker want to become a writer. Baker realized that he wanted to become a writer since he was sixteen. But he also felt that he was in a world all by himself because According to Baker (1982) sixteen year olds did not come out of high school and become writers (p. 66). Eventhough he had that frame of thought he always thought of himself as a writer. “I told people I’d like to be a writer, it gave me a way of thinking about myself which satisfied my need to have an identity (Baker1982 p. 66).

Russell Baker believed that becoming a writer gave him an identity which was a need he felt he needed to satisfy. In the essay “On Becoming a Writer” Baker start by telling the readers about his struggle in highschool. According to Baker (1982), the notion of becoming a writer had flickered off and on in my head since the Belleville days, but it wasn’t until my third year in high school that the possibility took hold. Baker also found English to be dull and boring (p. 66). As a matter of fact Baker did not like anything about English period.

Baker Felt that the English assignment were laboring, agonizing and a waste for the teacher to read and for him to write. “The classic thrust on me to read seemed as deadening as chloroform (Baker 1982 p. 66). As a junior in high school Baker was assigned to a teacher name: Mr. Fleagle. Baker also describes Mr. Fleagle as being very dull and uninspiring. According to Baker (1982), he was said to be stuffy, dull, and hopelessly out of date (p. 66). Baker goes on to describe Mr. Fleagle as old and prim to a fault. Baker point out Mr. Fleagle glasses and his hair was primly as well.

Mr. Fleagles wore clothes such as: suits, neckties, vest,and collar buttons sown shirts as also primed. Baker probably felt that Mr. Fleagles was either a little bit snobbish, stuck up, or other words not very approachable. Baker also describes Mr. Fleagle mannerism and how he love Macbeth. “Mr. Fleagle loved Macbeth and wanted us to love it too, but he lacked the gift of infecting others with his own passion” (Baker 1982 p. 66). Late in the year, Mr. Fleagle assigned them an informal essay. Baker of course was not fond of the assignment especially being an informal essay.

According to Baker (1982), of all forms of writing, none seemed as boring as the essay (p. 66). Baker procrastinatedabout the assignment until the day before the assignment was due. That night Baker Scan up and down the list of topic until one grab his attention. “The topic on which my eye stopped was “The Art of Eating Spaghetti” (Baker 1982 p. 66). Baker began to think about the topic ”The Art of Eating Spaghetti”, but instead of writing he began to think of the fond memories of him and his Uncle Charles, Doris, Uncle Hal and Aunt Pat.

Back then a spaghetti dinner was considered an exotic dinner and it was Baker first time eating spaghetti. So Baker was not well school in eating spaghetti, never the less it still bough up fond memories of that night” All the good humor of Uncle Hal’s house reawake in my mind as I recalled the laughing ,arguments we had that night about the social respectable method from moving spaghetti from plate to mouth”(Baker 1982 p. 66). Suddenly Baker felt inspired not to write an informal essay for Mr. Fleagle English class, but to write about the spaghetti dinner at Uncle Hal’s house.

According to Baker (1982), suddenly I wanted to write about that, about the warmth and good feeling of it, but I wanted to put it down simply for my own joy, not for Mr. Fleagle (p. 66). Baker almost became selfish, disregarding all the rules and regulation for writing an essay. According to Baker (1982), Mr. Fleagle would surely give it a failing grade (p. 66). Baker got so wrap up in his work that he had no time to write a comprehensive paper for Mr. Fleagle. According to Baker (1982), when I finished it the night was half gone and there was no time left to compose a proper, respectable essay for Mr.

Fleagle (Baker1982 p. 66). Baker had no choice but to turn his personal work as an assignment for Mr. Fleagle, after a few days s passed and Mr. Fleagle finally pass back the papers. Everyone got there’s back but Baker. Baker thought that this was going to be bad. According to Baker (1982), he said I want to read you an essay (p. 66). This is the title” The Art of Eating Spaghetti”. While Mr. Fleagle read Baker paper the class listen and laugh attentively, “Even Mr. Fleagle stopped two or three times to repress a small prim smile” (Baker1982 p. 6).

In conclusion, I feel Baker was trying to tell his readers not to give up on a dream or just follow your heart. I believe that Baker giving his readers a very good persuasive detailed on how not to give up and follow your heart. Also Baker attitude and his tone, changes from a dreary one to one where he realized his purpose in life. The way I feel about Baker essay is that there a lot to be learned, as a person that aspire to be a business owner this essay teaches me not to quit, five up, or lose focus.

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