Mock Interview Analysis Essay Example
Mock Interview Analysis Essay Example

Mock Interview Analysis Essay Example

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  • Published: November 22, 2016
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As the interviewer, what aspects of the interviewee’s responses did you focus on? Did you concentrate more on behavioral or verbal responses? Why?

As the interviewer, I focused more on the behavioral response of the interviewee. This may be attributed to the fact that words uttered may be thought about and altered, while behavior comes out naturally. Whatever reaction the interviewee may have towards the questions and comments raised are clear manifestations of their true emotions.

Overall, how did the interviewee hold up under your scrutiny? Is there anything you thought they did exceptionally well? Did anything they said give a negative impression?

The interviewee was able to answer all of the questions with much confidence. As the interviewer, my initial actions showed superiority over the inte


rviewee. Fortunately, the interviewee was able to go beyond what was seen, and act in the most professional way possible.

If you had to name one thing that you learned from your partner’s responses, what would it be? (Answers might take the following form: “Every time I asked my partner a question, she responded quickly and thoughtfully. When she was interviewing me, I kept stumbling. Ultimately, I think she came across as prepared and informed, while I came across as disorganized and incoherent. I need to work on that.”)

The exercise definitely taught me a lot of new ideas unknown to me before. The reactions my partner had as an interviewee were exceptional. He/she acted in the most professional way possible, and reacted discretely to questions asked.

When you were being interviewed, what do you think you did well? What do

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you think you need to work on for future real-life interviews?

From the start of the interview, I felt nervous and conscious of how I looked like. In addition to this, I felt intimidated as the first round of questions were asked. I was being conscious of the numerous questions asked, but in the end I was able to answer them correctly. I just want to be more confident with myself and in communicating with others.

What overall impression of you do you think your interviewer had at the end of the interview?

I believe that the interviewer was able to assess me well for the interview conducted. Regardless of the nervous behavior I had, I believe that I was able to showcase my talents and catch the attention of people with regards to the questions asked.

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