Mexico Vacation Essay Example
Mexico Vacation Essay Example

Mexico Vacation Essay Example

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  • Published: November 12, 2016
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My family and I had taken a trip to Mexico for Christmas and New Year’s vacation in 2009. My father decided that we should drive to Mexico instead of flying because it would be an experience to remember. I wasn’t too thrilled about being in the car for 2 days (36 hours) with my brother and sister because my sister can talk for hours and my brother snores so loud that no one can get sleep. We left on a Wednesday evening because my father likes to arrive to Nogales, the Mexican border between Arizona and Mexico, in the morning.

Since we drove during the night, I wasn’t able to see the cities of Phoenix and Tucson. To make our trip enjoyable my mother went to the store to buy movies and lots of snacks to keep us occup


ied, it worked for a while. As we entered Mexico, we were in the state of Sinaloa and drove to the city of Hermosillo which is a big city and to my surprise we spotted a Wal-Mart, Sam’s Club, KFC and McDonald’s. As we drove on, we passed several small towns that were nice and some that were very poor.

We saw people living in small shacks selling candies, fruit cups and figuring just to survive. We drove through larger cities like Navojoa, Culiacan and los Munches, they have beautiful historic churches, buildings and homes. We also passed through tourist cities like Mazatlan and Puerto Vallarta. As soon as we arrived at Guadalajara, I knew we were close to my grandparent’s home in Michoacan. Three hours later we arrived to our destination safely.

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I was so happy to see my grandparents because I hadn’t seen them for a year.

The town where my father was born is called El Tigre (The Tiger), there are approximately 100 homes and everybody knows everybody there or they are related some way or another. The last time I was there in Mexico was in 2004; so many things there had changed. The roads were all paved and there was running water from the faucet and even a big brand new church with a plaza in front of it. I met up with my cousins that live there and it was nice to see them again because it had been 5 years since I last saw them. They too had changed; we were all young teenagers now.

During Christmas in Mexico there are Fiestas, weddings and quinceneras to go to. So my cousins and I would go to all of them, there was no fear in attending these events because everybody from the town would attend. What I like about being in El Tigre was the people there, they were all polite, they would say “good morning” and “good night” when they would see you and that made us feel welcomed. The Fiestas were a blast; everybody would come together by the church. There are stands for tacos, games, candy, ice cream, and drinks.

There was also dancing and to think that no one will, they certainly do. They have this tradition for guys and ladies to walk around the plaza but the guys walk one way and the ladies walk the other and if the guys liked you, they

would throw confetti on your hair. My little cousin and I never really knew that until we got older but we’re always in the circle, throwing confetti on everyone. We were all getting excited because when it’s midnight, they light so many fireworks. They look so pretty in the sky, where it is pitch black.

It was on the night of New Years Eve, my cousins and I got together and rode our electrical scooters. We were going all around town, keeping ourselves busy. They had this river over there that everyone said it was hunted but only at night, so a group of us deiced to go. We walked up this rocky road and it was pitch black, none of us knew when we would get there. They say you have to keep walking and once your feet hits the water, your there. All of us were terrified but we thought “why not”? Once we got there, we didn’t hear much other than the water running down the rocks.

It had been over 10 minutes since we got there, and my cousin Alma wanted to leave already, she was the most scared, so right when we deiced to leave, and we heard something. It sounded like a crying but also yelling, the water wasn’t too deep so my cousin Albert, who was the brave one, walked through the water to look down the river. He said he had seen something coming towards us but he didn’t think we should wait until it shows up, so once he said that we ran down the hill as fast as we can. I was so

scared and in my head I thought something was following us. After that, we knew we would never go back.

We later went to my aunt’s taco shop and grabbed something to eat and got some drinks and went to the roof top to wait until it was midnight, we had some fireworks that we wanted to light up and we knew we weren’t going to be the only ones so the roof top had a better view. Once midnight came, all you hear is nothing but fireworks, everyone greeting one another. My New Years was one to remember with the cousin I rarely see. My last day had come, I was sad that I was leaving already but I knew I did so much with my cousins that I wouldn’t change on this vacation.

I built so many memories that I wouldn’t forget. I knew that I had to go say bye to everyone but that’s when it finally hit me; I was saying bye but not knowing when ill see them again. We knew we can call each other but it wasn’t the same like hanging out with one another, we hope that we will see each other soon. Saying bye to my grandparents was probably the hardest, but they tell us “Now it’s our turn to go visit”. My experience to and in Mexico was more than I imaged; I just hope I will be back soon.

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