Pet Friendly Vacation Hotel Essay Example
Pet Friendly Vacation Hotel Essay Example

Pet Friendly Vacation Hotel Essay Example

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  • Published: December 30, 2017
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The target for creating pets and the owner can enjoy he entertainment and leisure hotel that have pet hotel, music garden. Pet grooming, pet hospital and pet training camp training. Nowadays, the pet market has a huge business opportunity. We have professional and enthusiastic management team.

Within a few days, they can enjoy resort style parent-child time. Not only pets can feel the happiness. They also have the simple pleasures of time for holiday. We hope our vacation hotel will reduces the distance between pets and the owner, and provide customers all kinds of service satisfaction and enjoyment value.

Let our new hotel become to the top of pet hotel in Macaw. Industry analysis Nature of Industry: Most of Macaw hotel Is for tourists.

Even without both for people and pets. This pet hotel Is combined with people and pet


s have a nice place to enjoy short-term holiday. The concept is human-pet relationships as relative and increase leisure entertainment satisfaction. Economic trends: In recent years, the numbers of pets have continued to grow that promoted the pet Industry In Macaw. People treated pets as a family rather than playmate only.

It means the pet market is becoming prosperous. With the social development and living standards improve, pet become the most loyal partner and family of people ND the value of pet also improved significantly. Regulatory Issues: Pet hotel Supervised by Dillon of Animal Control and Inspection (DICE). Potential risks: Staff difficult to recruit is a potential problem in this industry. Pet shop staff is different to a common staff. Not only have professional requirements, but also have heavy workload.

Staff could often bite or

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scratched by pets.

They have to work much harder than others do. Staff recruitment in this industry is more difficult than other. There have doubts about safety. Increase leisure entertainment. Company Description Our Mission and Vision: Create a pet and owners can share entertainment leisure place.

The value is satisfying pet and people's emotional interaction. Brings enthusiasm for animals as the first priority idea. The profit for feedback about animal affair, want to improve the problem of stray animals, all the small animals can have owners and a love nest.

Owners: Raise partner own funds and bank financing total of ten million patinas, develop a compound "pet hotel". Legal Form: Limited Partnership of 5 people.

Products and services description Our major services are Kennel Service, Pet Grooming Service, Day Care, Pet Wedding and Birthday Party. Kennel Service is highlight of our hotel. Our professional facilities include premium quality guest rooms, a canopied park and a snack bar. We provide accommodation of air-conditioned private indoor rooms separated by concrete walls to prevent disturbances from neighbors.

High quality ceramic tiles on walls and floor help maintain a clean and dry environment. An independent window in each room for adequate lighting and ventilation can minimize bacterial and viral infection. We aim at providing superb home-like ambiance for pet guests, cages are not available. Our hotel is complete with park with a canopy. Dedicated caretakers are assigned to play with pets to reduce the stress they may experience in a new environment and promote their adaptively. We provide professional Grooming Service include bath, beauty and Spa.

Transparent glass is used in beauty parlor and Spa area for owners drink

tea whilst share pets beauty process of fun. The bath and beauty include cleaning, nail clipping, ear care, trimming, cleanse anal glands and hair design. We provide pet playground for pets have a whole day of playing. We will arrange a series of play programs for pets exert energy and expand relationship with others to being social activities. Our hotel equipment can provide to media group or a group of friends for a wide variety of party.

Such as pet birthday parties, pet weddings, pet festival parties, and so on.

Our facilities include large dog cafe, pet exquisite snacks and drinks, theme site layout, audio, lighting and photography (hand camera, single lens Strength: Suitable for owner and pet interaction. Overall pet service content. Meet the consumer diversified demand.

Weakness: Pets are difficult to control in the outdoors. Consumers bring their pets that there is no attention and cause the dispute between pets and owners. Opportunity: Urbanites like short trip. Leisure businesses have vigorous development.

There is no industry focuses on pet and people's theme hotel in Macaw.

Threat: Due to the new management concept, correlation legal and mode of operation has not yet mature. Due to owners are willing to spend on pets, industry probably could be effected economy is in recession. Marketing Strategy Product characteristics: In recent years, the pet market will bring huge businesses opportunities, especially the personage pet experience service having a substantial growth model. Pet and people sharing entertainment combining leisure resort hotel, such as: pet grooming, pet hospital, pet training camp, photography studio, pet weddings, gathering . Limitation pet commodity and service concepts of.

Key is committed to improve product

quality and the combination structure optimization. We will choose awareness higher products as the agent's brand, the product quality problems directly affect the enterprise image. Distribution: In the next two years which is expected to add a pet supplies specialty stores at Macaw downtown. To convenient consumer for buy pet supplies and consulting hotel service. While provide our product is consistent with resort hotel.

Service quality combined with the idea of love pets, everything for loving pet as a starting point to improve the service and the quality of products.

For any commercial speaking, service quality is the key of successful business which the elements of first consideration. Promotion: Use the network power, advertising in the internet and communicated with e-mail to promote our news. Price: In making pricing strategy, profit-push is business's ultimate goal. Make reasonable price is the key to reach the goal.

Under clear customer perceived value basis to make a clearly market research- customer's consumption level and the emend of the market. The product price proceed accurate positioning is Gordian technique of price management.

Market Research: According to Hong Kong AFC announced feeding dog and cat opinion survey, which showed that nearly eighty percent of 1000 pet owners depending on the breeding of dog and cat for family members. More than ninety percent of respondents would time for dogs, cats clean up and to bring pets do exercise and regular inspection. Information resource http:// www.

Hack. Has/content/2010/1211179346. SHTML people for pet emotional assessment of heavy proportion. Pets owners are more ailing to spend on their own pet, which will be bring pet market another wave of growth opportunities.

A)Len recent years,

keeping pets population increase (B)Pet owner financial conditions are relatively optimal: (C)Pet owner have higher economic decision- making power (D)Pets increasing status of life 2. Pet industry aspect: (a)The pet market scale analysis The chart shows that Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan's pet market scale has certain potential, can bring huge business opportunities (B) The pet market sales business situation analysis: In 2007, Taiwan selling shop operators statistical pet food items has amounted to 200 teems, pet food sales the previous year GAP growth of 5% to 10%, pet supplies has sharply to 15%.

Pet products of sales had already more than 1000 items. At present, the pet market sales roughly study as follow: Resource: http://www. Catwalk.

Com/ Catwalk info. HTML Operations description Service methods: Five service method: Active Service Act: see whether need help travelers, to do to find the problem, give service at first time. Smiling Services Act: Intimate nature, decent and generous; smile treat every guest. Family Services Act: Be warm and thoughtful, as their loved ones; listen to the reasonable needs of travelers.

Accessibility Services Act: know simple English, sign language dialogue, the use of special equipment; seriously do everything. Services Note: Opening honorific,smile to be eternal, to correct attitude, to stabilize mood. Sincere service, happy to work; attention to detail, and innovation. Standard Service: The standard service is to provide top service for customer. Pet boarding service: most complete pet room service and configuration Pet hospital services: physical examination, vaccine and to obtain a license or renewal of a licensed (pet importation and exportation).

Pet Breeding services: looking for the ideal companion for your pet. Pet wedding services: launch a series

of pet wedding feast set. Such as wedding veil and bride photo, exchange dog tag and special ceremony cake, invitations, basic venue and decorate banquet. Beauty services: beauty department are trained in obtaining the license staff mention work the best service with the best staff to meet the requirements of the customer. Hospice service: if the pet unfortunately to die, we will plan the funeral and supply the cremation services.

Above every kind of service can be reservation by our telephone, network and presence our hotel. Our hotel will provide to the latest offers and messages through the network. Supplies and supplies We will choice some high degree of confidence, and cheaper sources of supply manufacturers. Supplies and products will divided two categories into PIP supplies, products and general supplies, products on the level of service.

PIP supplies and products will use imported goods, which will also raise the price of services and products out price.

Ordinary goods and products will choose the cheaper made in China, which also makes the low consumption tribe affordable. The majority of pet supplies are consumables and high expense items, so whenever the pet supplies creased by 2% and supplies old than new goods 5%, we will buy new supplies. Pet product is consumables, so when the product is less than 50%, we will buy the product to the warehouse to be full. Control procedures The pet hotel will install a "Hans pet store management system", this is a professional applies to pet shops, pet hospital management software.

The software includes the sales of pet supplies, pet grooming, pet care, pet boarding, pet trade, pet breeding and other business

management. The software brings together business Pos foreground sales, membership management, support for stored value cards, loyalty cards, metering cards, discount cards and other business, can solve businesses Invoicing tedious problem, building comprehensive the pet database and member database, also contains a wealth of business summary report, let us hotel business situation at a glance.

Department of Management Professional title Job content CEO Making and execution decision-making, leadership and organization goals. Financial manager Master the company's financial trends, funding, scheduling. Public Relations Manager Professional ability to communicate with customers, in order to reach the goal of understanding and trust between the organization and elated the public. Marketing Manager Committed to product marketing and promotion.

Business Manager Development, upgrading, and use of the technical capabilities of the business plan to ensure the business plans paintings of quality, cost-effective and owner satisfaction.

Human resources manager The elect of human resources, education, use, leaving the actual project to promote the implementation experience. Hotel staff Room type rates and incidental services introduced finishing daily room sales, cashier and reconciliation, individuals or groups reception, booking information, emergency treatment, to arrange continued to live reserved matters. Housekeeping staff (including venues cleaning staff Responsible for providing a clean room and bathroom cleaning work; maintenance of a resort environment clean.

Chef Design dishes and pet food production, food procurement practices. Waiter Assist the field services (point meals, room), restaurant clean environment. Beautician Manicure, foot hair, pedicure circumference, pull the ear hair, clear ears, shaved abdomen wool, shaved anal wool, repair lachrymal gland, flea, medicated bath, the overall shape shear. Actor Cure the diseases of animals, pet health test economic infectious disease testing. Nursing

Staff Assist the pets of various medical services and consulting.

Trainer The dog training courses.

Wedding Planner Wedding processes for the new creative planning, the wedding site supervision, choice of the date, the selection of wedding apparel, wedding venue, scene layout, and for the couple to design a wedding program. Photographer Wedding photography, event photography, pet photography. Staff description Employee benefits To provide better benefits and employees, the the human resources department to elect the views of the staff, improve staff welfare provisions.

The company's progress thanks to the staff. Retirement system, pension system.

Group insurance: provide employees accident medical insurance, hospital medical insurance, Ping-an Insurance. Weddings, funerals, childbirth allowance.

Employees per year receive year-end awards will be based on performance and daily performance. According to the employee's annual performance evaluation results to decide whether to get a raise. Employees per year starting from the first year of work, can have 12 days of paid annual leave. Employees 12 days of paid sick leave per year.

For housing provident fund for employees. The year-end bonuses and dividend paid on. Committed to cooperate with the school. Ill also provide a large number of part-time jobs to university students. Cooperation with volunteer groups, social groups.

To get more manpower. Financial projection The economic development and the company obtained or not are closely related, when the economy is not good, to make people desire to consume reduced and unwilling to spend more money to engage in leisure activities, this also includes a pet related services. So depending on the commensuration, homeopathic curtails operations or increase promotional advertising, this also increases the additional expenditure.

Because pet Hotel have consumers

and pets, pet and pet inter-biting is have the possibility of occurrence in order to security concerns, so buy insurance to reduce losses, will increase spending. In our forecast range, in order to reduce the risk of the company running, to we have been able to predict the cost or revenue, we made cash flow projections 1-3 years; define what will probably use the direction of the income and capital of the company funds, thus made a probability prediction.

Cash flow projections 1-3 years Unit: Ten thousand 2013 2014 2015 Business activities generated cash flow Provide labor services received cash 166 185 213 Receive and other business activities of cash O O O Cash inflow small meter 166 185 213 The cash payment to the staff and workers 44 5266 All kinds of taxes and fees to pay 34 35 37 Payment and business activities of the cash 81 82 95 Cash outflow small meter 159 169 198 Operating activities create of net cash flow 7 16 15 Investment activities generated cash flow Investment income has the cash 30 31 31 Deal with fixed, intangible assets received cash -

Cash inflow small meter 30 31 31 A qualified asset under acquisition and construction fixed, intangible assets that pay cash 35 33 38 Investment payment of cash O O O Cash outflow small meter 35 33 38 Investment activities generated cash flow net amount-5 -2 -7 Financing activities generated cash flow Absorption investment received cash 37 44 44 Borrowing received cash 45 30 30 Cash inflow small meter 82 74 74 Repayment of the debt that pay cash 30 35 35 Distribution profit, pay interest paid

cash 31 33 34 Cash outflow small meter 61 68 69 Cash and cash equivalents net accrual 20 13 Capital needs

Pet hotel project is expected to cost of MOP 35.

5 million, consisting of part of the beauty salons, training field, hospitals, photography studios, guest rooms, pet boarding center, banquet hall and indoor swimming pool. The hotel has five layers. The first floor have lobby, photography studios and banquet rooms. The second floor have hospital and beauty salon. Third floor has pet boarding center.

Fourth floor have guest rooms.

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