Mechanical Workshop Safety Regulation Essay Example
Mechanical Workshop Safety Regulation Essay Example

Mechanical Workshop Safety Regulation Essay Example

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  • Published: October 24, 2016
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Only authorized personnel are permitted to enter the workshop areas without permission. The technician-in-charge must approve the capability of individuals to safely use machines or perform work before they can proceed. Safety guards must be utilized whenever equipment is equipped with them, and it is prohibited to use equipment if the guards have been removed. All individuals working in the mechanical workshop must acquaint themselves with the workspace and read and sign the relevant risk assessment if their work or equipment has been assessed for risks.

5. It is necessary to use Personal Protective Equipment, such as Barrier cream, lab coats, safety glasses/goggles, and safety shoes, when needed for the task at hand. Additionally, when working with machinery or equipment containing rotating spindles, wearing jewelry, loose clothing, and having lo


ng hair uncovered is not allowed.
6. Before using any hazardous substance that could pose a risk to health, a COSHH risk assessment must be conducted and a safe system of work must be provided to the users.
7. According to the Abrasive wheel Regulations 1970, only individuals who have received training are allowed to mount abrasive wheels. Grinding machines should only be operated by technical staff and eye protection is mandatory.

8. Carrying dangerous or vision-obstructing loads is prohibited. Maintenance records for machinery, tools, and equipment must be kept, including service or repair dates and the responsible person's name. If a fault cannot be immediately fixed, it should be reported to David Wyse (50 4499) and an out-of-order note should be attached where easily visible.
9. Defective equipment should be reported to the technician in charge.
10. Workshop areas do

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not allow smoking, eating, or drinking.
11. Keep the gangway through the workshop clear and clean up any spills such as oil or grease immediately.
12. Clean equipment after use and properly store any materials, tools, or equipment used.

13. After each working day, precision measuring equipment, drills, etc. should be placed back in their appropriate cabinets.

14. Unauthorized removal of tools and equipment from the workshop is not allowed unless permission is obtained from the technician-in-charge.

15. All accidents/incidents/occupational ill health must be reported using the online reporting system at:

16. In case of a fire, follow the instructions provided in the FIRE ACTION NOTICES placed throughout the building. Immediately evacuate the building and gather at the assembly point.

17. The technician-in-charge is responsible for ensuring compliance with these rules.

18. For any health, safety, or security issues, please contact the School Safety Manager David Wyse at 50 4499.

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