Safety in Offshore Oil and Gas Industry Essay Example
Safety in Offshore Oil and Gas Industry Essay Example

Safety in Offshore Oil and Gas Industry Essay Example

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  • Published: August 30, 2018
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Regardless of the type of job, health and safety is essential in all working environments. Although the risk of accidents and fatalities may be lower in some occupations, prioritizing safety is always crucial. Safety protocols differ between offices, oil rigs, and other types of jobs. Moreover, industries with high-risk work sites have specific laws to enforce safety standards for workers.

In work areas with low hazards, such as hospice facilities, strict safety precautions are still necessary. Safety is especially crucial in situations where multiple people perform the same task in shifts. Jobs like these require specific standards to ensure a safe working environment. This type of work can be found in various industries, including the chemical industry, nuclear reprocessing industry, paper manufacturing industry, oil refining industry, and different medical facilities.

In a hospice facility, miscommunication between nurses during shift changes


can have serious consequences, including errors and fatalities for patients. Similarly, in industries involving chemicals and waste management, the failure to maintain proper documentation can lead to significant environmental hazards for the surrounding ecosystem.

This paper focuses on the safety issues that arise when responsibilities are transferred between shifts. Specifically, we will examine how the offshore oil and gas industry manages shift handovers to minimize accident risks. Offshore oil and gas operations are continuous 24-hour processes aimed at optimizing exploration, production, and support activities. However, ensuring safety should always be a primary consideration in their design.

Personnel in the offshore installation industry typically work for 2-4 week periods, with 12-hour shifts. They handle complex technical systems that require reliable information processing and decision making skills. To ensure proper handling of eac

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system, several conditions must be met: clear understanding of future production goals, accurate mental representation of the current process state, and an accurate internal model of process dynamics (Kragt and Laandweerd, 1974). Continuous process tasks have certain characteristics that require attention. For example, in industries like oil and gas where there is a long response time between process alterations and effects, effective communication during shift handover becomes increasingly important. In these types of processes, the actions of personnel may not have an immediate effect until subsequent shifts, so inadequate information exchange can lead to disasters (Lardner, 1992). Other characteristics depend on the unique features of each industry performing continuous processes.

Tasks in the offshore industry are performed in geographically isolated areas and with unusual shift patterns. All crew members may leave the facility at the same time, which can lead to more severe communication errors during shift handover. A study conducted in this industry showed that the shift change phase is associated with the lowest level of alertness and performance (Parkes, 1993). Additionally, the offshore industry experiences high levels of noise, increasing the likelihood of miscommunication in verbal interactions (Ross, 1978).

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