Effective Communication In Health And Social Care Essay Example
Effective Communication In Health And Social Care Essay Example

Effective Communication In Health And Social Care Essay Example

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  • Published: October 2, 2016
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Assess the hazards identified in the health and social care setting. And make recommendations in relation to identified hazards to minimise the risks to the service user group. M2 and D1 In this assignment I will be assessing the hazards identified in the health and social care setting. The first potential hazard I saw whilst carrying out a risk assessment whilst at a health and social care setting was a wet floor. As the floor was wet it was a hazard and had many risks to it, which could have resulted in severe damage or injury.

It is harmful to the staff, visitors and children. It was in the corridor near the reception. It could have severe results such as anybody got have slipped and fell over.


As there was a kitchen right next to it and a children play area, if a staff member was coming out the kitchen with a hot drink and slipped any child near that accident could have become burnt which would have led the staff member also hurting themselves by banging their head or arm on a table or chair.

It is very likely of that occurring in a setting especially when there were children in the area. It can lead to broken bones and injuried aswell. (Stretch et el, 2010) To reduce the risks to the service user groups, staff should keep the children away from the wet floor and put a wet floor sign there. As it is still wet try drying it up and wait there till it has dried up. Objects on the floor were found on the floor scattered o

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the floor as the children had finished playing but did not clean up.

As they were scattered the children or staff members or visitors could have fell over them, leaving them to injure themselves by tripping and banging their head or arm on a table or a sharp object. It also could have resulted in the children putting some of the little object in their mouths which would have been severe if it got stuck in their throat and would have made them choke. The possibility of this occurring is likely as it can happen, and the consequences can be severe. To reduce the risks to the children, the objects should be cleaned up and hould be put out of the way so nobody hurts themselves. Also, the staff should assist the children and make sure everything is put away and watch that no child attempts to chew on any of the little objects. The sockets in the room were dangerous as they did not have safety caps on. This could have electrocuted any of the children if they touched any of the sockets with wet fingers. This may have lead to more then first aid treatment. Also, if they poked something into the sockets something metal they could have become hurt again.

It is likely for this to happen if all the children are not being watched or if they come from the toilet and do not dry their hands. To minimise the risks of the children getting hurt by the sockets, all the children should be watched and assisted in anything they want to do and if they want to try

to turn on anything electronic the staff members should put in the plug and turn it on rather than the children attempting it. Also, making sure there are safety caps in every socket so the child cannot attempt trying it. (www. oucanlearn. com) By having unclean surfaces in the classroom and dinner tables in the school, it could lead to the staff, visitors and children picking up infections which would affect their health and well being. The probability of this happening is between likely and unlikely. However, the consequences can be severe it can be anyone being ill, or can lead to further problems. To minimise the risk of this occurring make sure the surfaces are cleaned properly with chemical sprays, so that all the bacteria can get rid of.

For example using a spray such as dettol. The surfaces should be cleaned in the morning before school and in the afternoon after school. (www. cleaningexpert. co. uk) Lastly, the doors not having a secure lock as this can lead to the children leaving the premises or an intruder entering the premises and harming somebody. It is likely if the door does not have a secure lock. It is likely to happen and is a bit severe especially when child is missing or if an intruder enters the building which can harm the children or even the staff embers. By there being locks on the doors it keeps the children away from danger reduces changes of getting fingers caught in the door and safety and security for the child. To minimise the risk a secure lock should be put into place also security cameras

and intercoms should be in place to help both the staff and children for their own health and well being. (www. doityourself. com) In conclusion, a lot of incidents can happen accidentally rather than purposely such as wet floor.

Even though the staff should take care, I think the service users safety should be looked after aswell. As service users depend on organisation such as NHS to treat them by providing excellent care. However, staff should think what is best for the service users safety not just the service user but all the people on the premises. I think it’s good that policies, legislations and procedures are in place to keep each individual safe. However, I think sometimes these legislations, policies and procedures do not get followed correctly, which leads to accidents and injuries.

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