Learning to Ride a Bike to Learning to Drive a Car Essay

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Nowadays in Malaysia, it is traffic everywhere most of the time near roundabouts which make many people late for work; accidents take place and so on. Learn to ride a bike is easier than learning to drive a car because of the situations that happen these days which is traffic jam. Is it easy to learn ride a bike? I will be stuck in the jam for almost half an hour when I drive to college using Kuching Road that connects to Duke Highway with a car. We can learn to ride a bike by ourselves compared to asking someone to teach us how to drive a car.

There are a lot of advantages when we learn how to ride a bike. The main advantage of riding a bike is it saves a lot of money for fuel compared to a car. For a bike, it just consists of a small tank which is around ? to 5 liter but a car tank which was very big that is something like 40 to 50 liter that will cost hundred for a long drive, especially during holidays for hometown travelling which places a distance from my place like Bidor, Simpang Pulai, Terengganu, Malacca, Johor Bahru and many more.

In this era, the price of fuel like RON 95 is RM 1. 90 therefore RON 97 is RM 2. 0 which can affect fuel payment for high income people compared to lower salary people. By learning how to ride a bike than a car, a bike can save a lot of money which can be used for other thing for instance buying more furniture for the house, children studies, medical, buy other stuff that are very helpful for our daily routine and is useful in future. In Malaysia, especially in Kuala Lumpur which is known as the capital of Malaysia, there are a lot of traffic jams that take place because all the roads are connected to the centre of the city which is the place that many people work at.

To pass through this jam, we should learn how to ride a bike rather than drive a car because it will save more time to reach their working destination balance than be stuck in the traffic jam for many hours instead of receiving warning letter or pressure by the companies. We also can do some other things with family or friends by going out for dinner, spent time with them; go for gym or some personal things by learning to ride a bike. Furthermore, we can reach a place or destination quickly by riding a bike match up to being stuck in traffic jams by driving a car which will increase our tension.

Learning to ride a bike is better than learning to drive a car because of the low maintenance for it. For a bike, if we change the engine oil it just costs RM 40 to RM 70 which can be used for past 5 month of the service date but for a car, the engine oil cost around RM 100 to RM 200 which is very expensive these days. Furthermore, to change the tires when it’s bald and not safe during rainy seasons that will cause accident, and the cost of the service would be roughly RM130 to RM 200 for a bike and for car service it will cost about RM 800 to RM 2000 for all sides, it is very expensive contrast to a bike.

If bike got spoiled, we can change it buy buying new spare parts from the shops which cost lower rather than a car that the spare parts are too expensive to change it when it’s flawed. In conclusion, learning to ride a bike is very easy and consist lot of advantages that are affordable by us. People should learn to ride bike than a car because nowadays teenagers and youth like to ride bikes. Is it hard to learn how to ride a bike?

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