Head Girl Winning Speech Essay Example
Head Girl Winning Speech Essay Example

Head Girl Winning Speech Essay Example

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  • Published: November 30, 2016
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Good afternoon fellow panthers, first I would like to thank my parents, siblings and friends for their countless hours that they have put towards my Head Girl campaign. Without their help and support I know this campaign would have not been as successful as it is. For those of you who aren’t familiar with me, my name is Grace Kennedy and I would be truly honoured to be your next Head Girl. Now I know everyone has their own interpretation on what a head girl is.

But I have recorded a list of the top three reasons why I am the most qualified for this position and what I have to offer Regi. (30 secs) Number three, in the course of maintaining an honour-roll average throughout high school, I am very involved in a wide variety of extra-curricular activities offered at o


ur school. Being a part of various sports teams each season like the cross country, volleyball, soccer, swimming, tennis and the rowing team, has taught me the meaning of commitment, dedication, responsibility, time management and working with others.

As well as being a student athlete, I have been a member of both the Junior and Senior School Band and school play. My involvement in these activities have not only helped me develop physically, socially and emotionally but have also helped me learn to create a balanced healthy lifestyle. Number two, is ability to handle criticism. Indeed I’ve been given favourable opportunities so far in high school. However I have had my fair share of upsets.

In grade 9, I was cut at the very last junior girls basketball tryout

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and this year from senior girls soccer. Despite being disappointed, I am not one to give up. I truly believe that as one door closes, another door always opens. Perseverance is a quality that has served me well. During the school year there will be ideas that will get shut down but as the old saying goes, as one door closes, another one opens. Finally we have reached number one which is, I have the ability to get along with a wide range of people.

As a representative of the RND student body , I have very strong feelings towards not just a certain group of people but everyone in our school community. I am very fortunate to have had the opportunities to be a team mate, band member, lab partner, fellow camper to some of you. Whether you are in a band or on a sports team or a school mission trip or simply in the classroom or hallway, it is important to be respectful and kind to others. When representing you on student council, I will make it a priority to try and help each student get involved in our school community.

Mr. Hill was right, getting involved makes coming to school more purposeful and enjoyable. I’m sure any grade 12 student can tell you that being in high school is not only about learning curriculum; it’s about making new friends, maturing and conquering stress and pressure. I would love the opportunity to ensure that each student’s needs are heard, explained and, ideally, met. So when you vote, make the right choice, help me win this amazing race, remember this face

and vote for amazing Grace.

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