In this movie, there are many interesting turn of events that alter the fate of the characters presented in the film. The Ides of March is a political thriller that stars Ryan Gosling as Stephen Myers and George Clooney as Mike Morris. It is directed by George Clooney as well. The movie is essentially a political race in which the democrats and the republicans are trying to get Stephen on their side. The reason for this is because both sides believe that Stephen has a specialty in which he can bring people in. although the movie is set up to be political, emotions seep into the scene during plot twists in the movies.

This movie was filmed in a 3rd person point of view. We are taken on a ride through the life of Stephen Myers and how he ends up in the situations that he does. He starts off as the campaign manager for the democratic party who has candidate Morris on their side later we find out that the republican party wants to recruit Myers in order for him to speak for them and aid their candidate into the seat as the next president. Stephen refuses stating, “I’m with Morris!” in the film.

Although the movie revolves around Myers, I want to briefly talk about Mike Morris. This Candidate is not the innocent for the public candidate we thought he was. In the movie we learn some interesting things about him. First of all, he had relations with someone named Molly. Molly is an intern who was introduced after meeting with Stephen. It is revealed that molly was impregnated by Morris after she calls him late at night when she was having a sexual interaction with Stephen. Morris called her to aid her financially as she is only an intern and was very scarce in money. To add on to this, he was called by the republican party as a way of negotiation. The party explains that they will let Morris secure the election if they receive his endorsement for Thompson who is aiming at the seat as the Secretary of State. This is the point where I and a lot of people began to question Morris’s morals. After this, the intern that Morris left impregnated, decides that it is in her political career’s interest, to undergo an abortion. Stephen supports her in achieving this as he understands the consequences of her retaining this child. Stephen gets fired after this event for the fear of his party in not trusting him. Shortly after, molly commits suicide. This problem drives Morris into meeting Stephen to talk about his campaign. Stephen lays out a brief plan for Morris and asks him if he accepts. Morris accepts. Another thing Morris does is he doesn’t attend Molly’s funeral. At this point, people understand why and how it would’ve affected Morris if he had showed up. Towards the end, Morris shows himself as a stained candidate when he begins to unite with Thompson and Thompson endorses him and begin to beseech the people into handing their votes to Morris. The movie ends with Morris firing Stephen as he is the last piece of evidence left in his trail.

Overall, I enjoyed the movie, the plot twists could have been better and even some were unnecessary. If you are into politics, I don’t recommend this movie as it has more of a emotional involvement with the characters than it does politically. The movie was basically centered around a deceiving Politian who screwed over everyone at the end.

The way this movie ties into our lessons is that candidates are willing to do anything in order to receive votes. Although voting is free, we constantly see people manipulated into voting for other candidates by their own candidates. This is all just a ruse that is fueled by the search of power.

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How to analyse film – Step-by-StepFirst viewing: Comprehend the big picture. It’s tempting to just watch a film once and analyse it straight away. Make basic notes. Writing notes early is a good habit to get into. Second viewing: Finding meaning in the film. Now, it’s time to rewatch the film again! Third viewing: Unpack the details and look for examples. Don’t worry! Tabulate your notes.
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