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What is Ethnocentrism? It is a belief that one’s own culture is better than all others and that all other groups are measured in relation to them.

Types of ethnocentrism:

1.American Exceptionalism: referred as a perception that the United States differs from other developed nations due to its unique origins, national credo, historical evolution, and distinctive political and religious institutions.

2.Eurocentrism: Importance of European culture and the western world at the expense of other cultures. Eurocentrism has frequently declared other cultures as inferior or even denying their existence as truly human.

3.Indian Nationalism: Political and cultural expression of patriotism by Indians, of pride in the vast and rich history and heritage of India.

4.Japanocentrism: A belief that Japan should be the center of the world for its cultures, economy and politics.

5.Sinocentrism: Any ethnocentric perspective that regards China to be central or unique relative to other countries.

Effects of ethnocentrism Ethnocentrism leads to stereotyping.

Ethnocentrism leads to issues in the workplace & schools when it concerns languageTheEqual Employment Opportunity Commission received 228 complaints out of about 9,000 claims of national origin discrimination, observers say that many more workers who feel silenced don’t take action for fear of losing their jobsA case settled recently for $1.5 million- Hispanic housekeepers at a casino were not allowed to speak Spanish, janitor repeated that he had to hide in a closet to train new employees who understood only Spanish, others were told of harassment by supervisors who called them “wetbacks,” accused them of stealing and fired them for objecting to the English policyEffects of Ethnocentrism 14. R.D’s Drive-In in Page Ariz were the boss restricted native Navajo. nearly 90% of the restaurant’s employees are Navajo but the owner’s family was not.

Joe Becker speaking on behalf of the owner said there were complaints from customers and staff about rude comments being made in NavajoNative American people sent to boarding schools and told not to speak their language they were trying to make Christians out of them Effects of Ethnocentrism.

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