Describe a film that you really enjoy Essay Example
Describe a film that you really enjoy Essay Example

Describe a film that you really enjoy Essay Example

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  • Published: December 21, 2017
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This piece of coursework will be written on the film "Bruce Almighty", directed by Tom Shadyac. It is a fantasy-comedy which appeals to me because it lets you use your imagination at the same time as making you laugh. The film features the main character, Bruce Nolan, played by Jim Carrey. Bruce is stuck in a job that doesn't push him hard enough, working as a news reporter, documenting small, unimportant news. Generally he is dissatisfied with his average, mundane life and after a particularly bad day, Bruce has an angry outburst where he blames God for treating him unfairly.

In retaliation to this outburst, God decides to give Bruce his powers for a week to show him just how hard The Lord's job is. I chose this film for two main reasons, the first and foremost bei


ng because I was interested in the concept. The film's intention is to show it's viewers that God can't be responsible for all things that happen in your life and that you have to take responsibility for your own actions and look after yourself. The film really demonstrates how much society has developed in the fact that this film, years ago, could have been taken as blasphemy and would have offended people.

Secondly, I am a huge fan of Jim Carrey's and I enjoy watching his films and talking about them. This particular one is a favourite of mine as it reflects his best ability as a comedy actor. The film is set in Buffalo which is near Carrey's home town, perhaps this helped Carrey to relate with his character and feel more comfortable on set. The second main character

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is God, played by Morgan Freeman. Freeman has a more serious role to play and portrays the powerful, yet responsible character very well. His deep, commanding voice and excellent stage presence aids him to do so.

I was interested that Shadyac chose an African-American however, to play this role because generally, due to ignorance, I (as most others) would have imagined God as a white man. I would like to know if Shadyac did this to make a statement or to be politically correct in these modern times. More controversy is created as God is also portrayed as a normal human being living on Earth. On God's first meeting with Bruce, God appears to be sarcastic and slightly bitter towards him. He is angry with Bruce for his regular blaspheming and blame for all his troubles.

Another important character to the film is Bruce's partner Grace, played by Jennifer Anniston. Bruce is so obsessed with his work that Grace feels neglected and un-cared for. Throughout the film Bruce's character develops from an ignorant, selfish man at the beginning into a caring and understanding man at the end. One of the points where you can see Bruce's character developing is: the scene where he makes a photo album for Grace. This is a demonstration to show that he does care about her and that he is willing to do anything for her no matter how long it takes.

To create a more effective atmosphere, Tom Shadyac uses a number of special effects, a good example of this is a scene towards the beginning of the film when Bruce first meets God. In order to prove he is God, he

shows Bruce a file cabinet. Inside the file cabinet is an archive or all of Bruce's thoughts and actions ever since he was born. As Bruce opens the draw, it flies out at great speed to a distance of about twenty meters, Bruce is still attached to the end. The extremely long draw appears to have come out of an ordinary sized cabinet.

This surprises and amuses the audience. The amusement is aided by Bruce's reaction to the incident, in which he shouts and exaggerates every single word with over the top facial expressions. This kind of acting is a signature style of Carrey's and to a target child audience is very appealing. The film also appeals to an adult/teen audience as the script can be quite complex with many innuendos, thus a film for the whole family to watch together with the widest target audience possible.

The particular music chosen to enhance certain scenes also appeals to all ages of audience as it ranges in age its self, from Barry White's 'Never, Never Gonna Give Up You' though to Fat Boy Slim's 'Rockafeller Skank'. Barry White was used to set a romantic scene with Bruce and Grace, his music is a typical stereotype used to portray love. Fat Boy Slim is used when Bruce is driving around in his new sports-car, showing off and feeling pleased with himself. Fat Boy Slim is happy music that people often play loudly when they are in a good mood. This makes the scene more realistic.

There are many aspects of this film that appeal to me; I belong to the 'Young Teen' age bracket so therefore Carrey's over the top

acting still amuses me greatly yet, I am also old enough to understand the jokes in the adult script. I would recommend this film to anybody who enjoys to laugh. As I have said before, it appeals to all ages with different levels of humour for everyone. The one exception of people whom I feel may not enjoy the film would be the particularly religious Christians who may take offence to the way in which God is portrayed.

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