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A Place without People A place without people can be hard to imagine and out of our imagination because it hardly exists in this world. In this world people are everywhere but it’s beyond our imagination and you can even find them in the most unexpected place for ex, Top of the mountain, in caves, digging through mines, diving through seas. But there are place without people. It can exist in our dreams or thoughts I wake up in a daze and find myself in a pitch black space. It is a few moments later that I realize its dark because I have my eyes closed.

I open my eyes and find myself in an alley. After walking into the street I find it deserted, like everyone just stopped whatever they were doing and left. If I was to judge the time by the light, I would say it was day. But the street-lights are on. Looking up, I notice it is actually night, but the stars seem so much brighter and the moon so much bigger! Confused and with questions spinning in my head, I decide to walk and explore. While walking down the street I see images you would expect to see in horror movies.

A phone dangles off its receiver, giving a busy tone; the soda machine in a deli is running above an overflowed cup and a flooded floor; a cement mixer is churning on its own; the boiling water on a street vendor’s cart is spilling itself on the ground. All of these views send a shiver up my spine. Reaching a suburban are, the chills continue: front-yard swings are still swinging, balls are rolling aimlessly down the street, an old person’s record player gives out the sound of a soloing Prima Donna and a television looks as if it has been invaded by monochromatic bees and wasps.

I step onto one of the yards. In this newfound twilight the grass has a whole new shade of green: blue-ish, but with a touch of purple, and yellow and red. I look the flowerbeds and, strangely, am not surprised to find flowers with faces. “Where is everyone? ” I ask. The flowers answer in a chorus of high-pitched voices, as if a group of eight year-olds swallowed helium. “They’re not here! ” “This isn’t right. What is this place? ” The moment the question escapes my lips, everything merges into a blur and starts spinning around me.

I clasp my head as it starts to ache. Then, suddenly, it all goes black. I wake up in a daze. Examining my surroundings, I find myself back in the alley, with signs of life coming from the street. Sitting up, I notice I am surrounded by hand-rolled cigarettes which, upon closer inspection, are filled with marijuana. I dig through my pockets only to find pills and some powder. I think about the place I visited and whisper to myself “I don’t know where I was, but I know how I got there and I am never going back.

I know at times we want a peaceful place to rest but it’s for the best. A place without people can be terrifying, frightening and scary when you try to imagine it whether it’s on the moon, deserted, the abyss, inside the lizard, haunted house, after the war or inside the pyramid. We are used to the people around us. It can be peaceful at times but terrifying for us. But I think that we are not used the silence and peaceful places. Silence can sometimes kill you. Name: Azzah Shuja Class: IX – A

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