Economic and social factor analysis
Economic and social factor analysis

Economic and social factor analysis

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  • Published: October 13, 2017
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This assignment discuss about the economic and societal factor analysis and discourse their affects related to recent economic downswing in United States. However all the factors of societal and economical issues are non discussed in this assignment but the major factors that come under this scenario is discussed in the assignment.

Brief debut about United States

World fact book ( 2010 ) Britain ‘s American settlements broke with the female parent state in 1776 and were recognized as the new state of the United States of America following the Treaty of Paris in 1783. During the 19th and twentieth centuries, 37 new provinces were added to the original 13 as the state expanded across the North American continent and acquired a figure of abroad ownerships. The two most traumatic experiences in the state ‘s history were the Civil War ( 1861-65 ) , in which a northern Union of provinces defeated a secessionist Confederacy of 11 southern slave provinces, and the Great Depression of the 1930s, an economic downswing during which about a one-fourth of the labour force lost its occupations. Buoyed by triumphs in World Wars I and II and the terminal of the Cold War in 1991, the US remains the universe ‘s most powerful state province. The economic system is marked by steady growing, low unemployment and rising prices, and rapid progresss in engineering.

What is Economy?

“ Economy can be described as the efficient usage of the limited pr


oductive resources to accomplish maximal satisfaction of human stuff wants. “ ( Fernando ; 2010 ) Economic factors:

  1. Economic growing rate
  2. Efficiency of fiscal market
  3. Business rhythm phases
  4. Exchange rates and stableness of station state currency
  5. Discretionary income
  6. Unemployment rate
  7. Inflation rate
  8. Interest rate

Beginning ; ( Authors ‘ work )

Some economic factors that caused USA economic system to worsen

Economic growing rate

Economic growing rate refers to an addition in a state ‘s one-year end product of goods and services. The rate of economic growing is frequently used as a measuring of alterations in the criterion of life. [ Stanlake ; 2006 ]

Opportunities of economic growing

If the gross domestic production is low the people will acquire encouraged to bring forth goods inside the state.

This production inside state aid to bring forth more so it can be exported and earn a gross for the state.

When there are more merchandises inside the state, they will be able to vie with foreign market.

Menaces of economic growing rate

When there is low GDP of a state means that there is an addition in unemployment rate.

Decline in GDP consequences to diminish the balance of payment history.

Economic growing can make environmental jobs such as addition in noise, air pollution, route conjestions.

Source= ( Author ‘s work ]

Unemployment rate

Harmonizing to Fernando ( 2010 ) “ Unemployment can be defined as the people do non presently have the occupations, people available to work instantly and people actively seeking for a occupation. ”

Types of unemployment:

Frictional unemployment

The clip period the people spend between occupations can be described as frictional unemployment.

Structural unemployment

This unemployment is caused by when there is alteration in construction of

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industry and this develops when there is a lasting diminution in the demand of a merchandise.

Cyclic unemployment

When there is a alteration in concern rhythm ( recession ) all the activities of state go down. So concerns besides get affected taking to make unemployment for workers.Source ; ( Author ‘s work )

Opportunities of unemployment rate

When the people are cut from their concern they have to pay less rewards so by cut downing the figure of workers they can maintain their net income border invariable.

Workers will acquire unemployment benefits as their neglected from the society.

Menaces of unemployment rate

The people who are unemployed become burdensome to the economic system as they do non lend to the state ‘s production intents.

Increase in illegal intimacies such as murdering, robbery, etc ;

On the other side businessman lose it ‘s gross as there is no production in the organisation.

Source= ( Author ‘s work ]

Exchange rate

Harmonizing to Stanlake ( 2006 ) The rate of exchange is the monetary value of one currency in footings of another. Like other monetary values, the rate of exchange is determined by demand and supply. The rate at which the lb exchanges for other currencies depend upon the demand for and the supply of lbs in the foreign exchange market. ( Stanlake 2006 )

Opportunities of exchange rate

The people can foretell future exchange rates and gain a net income this is known as guess.

If USA ‘s currency appreciate that means their buying power will increase as they can purchase more merchandises than earlier.

Threats of exchange rate

If the state ‘s currency depreciate they have pay more to purchase another currency.

When foretelling the exchange rate sometimes the rates increase or decrease quickly so speculators face deficits in hard currency.

Beginning ; ( Author ‘s work ]

Inflation rate

It is uninterrupted rise in general monetary value degrees of goods and services over a period of clip. Due to rising prices the value of money is falling. It means that when monetary values are increasing the buying power of money is falling. ( Fernando ; 2010 )

Opportunities of rising prices rate

Inflation may promote houses to spread out. Low and stable rising prices may do man of affairs optimistic about gross revenues.

Inflation reduces the existent load of any debt that family and houses have built up. This means that some families and houses will avoid traveling belly-up.

Menaces of rising prices rate

Inflation causes a autumn in value of money. That means when there is a higher inflaton rate the buying power of money falls quickly.

A autumn in demand for a state ‘s merchandise may make unemployment.

Inflation will severely impact to equilibrate of payment.

Beginning ; ( Author ‘s work )

Interest rate

Harmonizing to Cartwright ( 2001: p106 ) states that “ The refund of loans to both persons and organisation comprises the refund of the capital amount borrowed and an extra sum known as involvement. Interest represents the net incomes made by the loaner and the payment for the typing up of the capital. ”

Opportunities of involvement rate

When there is high involvement rate the people will borrow less money from Bankss so the money in people manus get lessening taking to command rising prices.


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