Healthy Behaviors Breed A Healthy Life Essay Example
Healthy Behaviors Breed A Healthy Life Essay Example

Healthy Behaviors Breed A Healthy Life Essay Example

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  • Published: April 26, 2022
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The Medical Dictionary defines unhealthy behaviors as patterned habits that bear physical, mental and social effects to an individual’s health in the long run. These habits are mostly fueled by the lack of or inability to exercise self-control in daily life. While overcoming these habits is difficult, willingness, coupled with effort and persistence can bring out the desired results. I will detail some of the unhealthy habits I am engaging in, ones that I am contemplating to change and the ones I have already managed to put behind me.

The most challenging unhealthy behavior that I am currently battling is poor interpersonal relationships. Relatives, friends, and classmates have kept complaining about how anti-social I have become lately. This unhealthy habit began not long ago when my parents bought me an iPhone as a bi


rthday gift. In fact, none of them ever anticipated that this new gift would cause their child to grow into an anti-social being. I guess they would not have bought it if they could have known this beforehand. I have successfully learned to keep myself “busy” on the phone and avoid the people around me. I can barely hold discussions lasting five minutes with neighbors. I often retreat to my phone after the usual hello greeting and totally avoid random questions that people might be having for me. Though I am doing my very best to overcome it, the battle is far from over.

The ‘friendship’ I have developed with my phone has consequently born poor sleeping habits. Late night chats, participating in trending topics on social media and sharing funny pictures on WhatsApp have become part of my lifestyle. Ever since I go

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my phone, the earliest time I ever put down my head to rest was 11 p.m. The phone is the last thing I touch before falling asleep and the first I touch when my eyes pop open in the morning. There are days I have gone to bed at 4 a.m. all in the name of participating in online activities. Out of curiosity, I have had to wake up in the middle of the night to find out what is happening on the internet and check out how many likes the latest photo I uploaded has garnered. Lack of enough sleep and a changed sleeping pattern that this habit has bred in me has led to unproductivity both at school and workplace. The addiction that has come from this practice has made it almost unconquerable for me. I can barely concentrate in class and at work without my phone. The only motivation to leave it would be the confiscation of my cell phone since all the efforts I have deployed to try and stop this unhealthy habit have been futile.

I am currently contemplating changing my eating habits. The excessive weight gain that has come from regular consumption of junk foods has brought much-unexpected inflexibility to me. I can no longer participate in some of the activities I used to love in my past life, and am only left to imagine how flexible I used to be. Coupled with the anti-social behavior that I have lately developed, movements are rare. Some clothes are no longer fitting! Friends and family are all complaining about how ‘enormous’ and ‘massive’ I have become. I have made a decision to

quit on junk foods and substitute them with vegetables and fruits. These foods are known to boost the immunity and health of the body and the mind. I have also decided to enroll at a nearby gym and cut my weight. Other than bringing back my flexibility and shape, the stated activities will have a positive bearing on my health and psychology.

In addition to changing my eating habits, I have also decided to improve my hydration habits. For the past three years, I have heavily consumed juice and soda in the place of water. The sugars from these drinks have also played a leading role in adding to the excess weight I now have. I plan to replace these drinks with water since the latter is much healthier and has no side effects. Furthermore, water detoxifies the body.

Although still in a battle with few unhealthy behaviors, I have fought and won serious and more harmful habits in my past life. I have battled tougher addictions over the years and emerged victoriously. I will share two of them, namely smoking and drinking. The hardest habit that took me time to shed off was smoking. I was introduced to smoking at the age of ten and since then, quitting the practice became impossible. Smokers can attest that the nagging desire to hold a cigarette in your hand is never easy to silence. I tried several tactics, but none of them seemed to work for me.

Tired and frustrated, I was on the verge of giving up. This, however, was not the case with alcoholism. I could go for as long as two weeks without taking alcohol and still

be fine. I could easily conquer the burning desire for alcohol, but smoking proved to be a thorn in my flesh. One day, a friend of mine recommended a book that has stories of people who were once addicts to smoking but have successfully stopped the habit to me. I went to a nearby bookshop, grabbed it and immediately began reading when I got home. Midway through the book, I felt that the two habits were so easy to overcome! I felt that this was doable to me! Two weeks after finishing the book, the desire for these two drugs had miraculously disappeared. It is two years now since I last smoked and drank.

Having managed to put behind me two of the most challenging habits, I have the motivation that the ones I am currently battling are nothing at all. I have the willingness to change and since the wheels to bring about these changes are already in motion, I know I will eventually come out victorious! Healthy behaviors breed a healthy life.

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