Diversity In American Culture Sociology Essay Example
Diversity In American Culture Sociology Essay Example

Diversity In American Culture Sociology Essay Example

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  • Published: September 2, 2017
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The United States is a great state, exemplified by iconic economic, cultural, racial, societal and spiritual diverseness factors. The fundamental law of the state can protect a citizens ' personal rights to be different than others and to pick ain life manner, become member of any group, or even have personal penchants within the established bounds of local Torahs and statute laws. In fact, these Torahs and ordinances provide the maximal sum of personal and group freedom, all the piece, keeping peace and order in the society. Although the US has a scope of well-planned Torahs and policies sing the populace, different facets of diverseness like specific cultural patterns and linguistic communication remain large jobs.

The issue of linguistic communication besides assumes importance in the context of diverseness. English-Only-Movement of the eightiess had a figure of well-known advocates, who vociferously argued and contested that English


is the de-facto, official linguistic communication of the land and that all immigrants must larn it. Right now, about 25 provinces in the state have enacted Torahs that specify and stipulate English as the official linguistic communication. These provinces really passed Torahs sing English as the chief linguistic communication during the English-Only-Movement of the ulterior portion of the last century. Queerly, the federal authorities of the United States does non stipulate any such jurisprudence that specifically stipulates English as the chief linguistic communication. Unfortunately, all official federal paperss are in the English linguistic communication.

Supplying schoolroom direction for those pupils, who are English linguistic communication scholars, has been rather problematic and questionable. Two classical legal illustrations illustrate a sensed anomalousness in the state today. In landmark legal instance that originated in the

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San Francisco United School District, Lau v. Nichols, the apex tribunal of the state stipulated the compulsory instructional support for scholars of English linguistic communication throughout the state. The Proposition 227 ( 1988 ) passed by California electors recommended learning English rapidly to all pupils in the province. Katz ( Katz, 2000 ) divulged that the authorization proposed revoked support for bilingual instruction that was planned to keep the place linguistic communication, all the piece pupils learned English as the 2nd linguistic communication.

Human manner of life informally accepts many precious values that support the basic Protestant spiritual political orientation, capitalist economy, republicanism, competition and success. However, it is really hard to separate two values that are adored in the U.S - competition and success. Truly talking, about all Americans tend to depict success as satisfaction in one 's work and in service to the community ( Bellah et al, 1985 ) . The elusive issue of competition prevarications in both of these countries of success. In the U.S, persons strive difficult to vie with the best to acquire their dream occupations and to derive the best possible acknowledgment within their ain communities, every bit good as the environment where they work. Competition is common in all facets of life. Competition exists in economic, instruction and political domains. By citing a drawn-out series of interviews in a survey in the U.S, Bellah et Al. ( 1985 ) made the undermentioned observation:

`` One is successful to the extent that one personally comes out in front in a just competition with other persons. Most of those we talked to stress that they attained their present position in life

through their ain difficult work, rarely adverting the portion played by their household, schooling, or the advantages that came to them from being in-between category to get down with. ( p. 198 ) ''

Cultural groups in the US are every bit diverse as the state itself. Cultural groups populating here emigrated from assorted parts of the universe and during different clip spans. The civilization followed by these groups was wholly different every bit good. They had an organized and deep construction that included primary political orientations and interrelated beliefs and set of values. Most of these groups had a history of civilization that predated the reaching in the United States. For illustration, the history of Native Americans really predates the ulterior reaching of Europeans as colonists.

Different issues like assimilation into a new zone of civilization, socialization to the new country and social/economic experiences of diverse nature affected the grade with which different cultural groups retained many facets of their original civilization after their out-migration to the US. Americans with a European line of descent view national values like success and upward mobility in a different mode, when compared to other cultural groups. To cite an illustration, Ogbu ( Ogbu, 1988 ) pointed out that among middle- category Euro- Americans,

`` The culturally approved scheme for upward societal mobility, or the scheme for acquiring in front, stresses single competition, thrust, and enterprise. These qualities are expected and rewarded at place, at school, and in the workplace. . . [ and ] . . . besides constitute an of import portion of the values underlying the child- raising patterns of White middle- category parents and other socialisation agents.

( p. 14 ) ''

African Americans may non wish to portion the premium value placed on individuality that is embedded in the Euro-American civilization. Harmonizing to Hill ( Hill, 2001 ) , African American parents ever portion and absorb the nucleus values of the American society that includes the really strong ethical values, every bit good as value involved with accomplishment. The same writer besides found out through a figure of research surveies, that really strong and fond affinity bonds still exist, along with engagement in common assistance affecting an drawn-out household that finally extenuate against a strong individualistic accomplishment orientation.

Up nomadic middle-class African American households tend to go on their strong extended household ties and kinship-help forms. Different cultural groups of the US portion all right facets of individuality, like independency and autonomy. To give an illustration, Escovar and Lazarus ( Escovar and Lazarus, 1982 ) , reported that the relationship between one group of Mexican American female parents and their off springs support the development of dependent civilization instead than independency. Conflicting beliefs, values and patterns contribute to cultural discontinuity that normally exists in the national civilization. For illustration, basic political orientations of Protestantism, capitalist economy and republicanism ever confront negative tendencies like subjugation, racism, classism and sexism.

Oppression as a negative cultural factor

Visible marks of racial and economic stratification occur in the basic makeup of metropoliss, town, suburbs and communities spread across the state. Cultural minority groups populate most of the urban inner metropoliss that are going progressively really hapless. Traditionally, the suburbs of major and medium metropoliss remain largely Euro-American and in-between category citizens. Social category position is defining because of suburban

communities that are developing into rich and mercenary life style enclaves. Harmonizing to Hodge ( Hodge, 1990 ) , subjugation makes up for this type of stratification and he believes that this occurs when:

`` The members of a group are restricted by others so that the group 's members typically have fewer rights or less power than those who restrict them. Those who restrict the group are its oppressors. Others who do non actively lend to this subjugation may however profit from it. ( p. 90 ) ''

Harmonizing to Hodge ( Hodge, 1990 ) , there are two different types of utmost subjugation: ( a ) violent sort of subjugation forced by slaying and physical ferociousness against the laden, like that was involved with slavery motion, and ( B ) peaceful sort of subjugation imposed lawfully like de jure segregation in public installations ( by the way overturned by Brown v. Topeka, 1954 ) . Hodge besides believes that go oning skewed and unequal support of public schools will take to a low quality instruction criterion, particularly for hapless and minority kids that finally guarantee that they will stay disproportionately hapless and wretched. Many establishments that maintain and perpetuate peaceable and legalized subjugation continue to the troublesome for the state.

Oppression is rather unsafe and it contributes to unnecessary human agony by endangering the endurance of the downtrodden and oppressed. Available informations from Children 's Defense Fund ( May 19, 2006 ) , highlights a blue image, where there are incidences of below the belt high per centums of kids from cultural minority groups that live in acute belongings. This study besides suggests that there is

echt deficiency of pre-natal attention provided to female parents and hapless health care provided to kids. Very high rates of homicide and imprisonment among really low-income group African American males are the other two negative factors that are impacting American civil order.

Available research informations from the Children 's Defense Fund ( May 19, 2006 ) besides shows that more than 13 million immature kids live below poorness line in the US, which is a seeable addition of about 12.8 % since the twelvemonth, 2000. There was besides a seeable addition in poverty rate among Latino kids ( 23 % ) , African American Children ( 8.4 % ) and white kids ( 7.75 ) .

Hodge besides believes that subjugation is a cause that is deep rooted in the constructs of dualism of Western construct based on moral values of good, evil and bad. In the procedure of Manichaean thought, good relates to ground, jurisprudence and reason factors, while bad signifies emotion, opportunity, chance, spontaneousness and nature. Inflicting or coercing unneeded and unnecessary human agony is extremely immoral even in the dualism of Western thought. However, the justification forwarded for the hurting and agony experienced by laden groups relies on a distinguishable position of one 's ain group as good and those that are diverse as bad or inferior.

As per Hodge, `` given dualism, it is considered sensible to honor with more power and rights those who are seen as closer to the good ; likewise, it is sensible to curtail the power and rights of those seen as less good '' ( p. 97 ) . This unreasonable logic and apart from being xenophobic, it

generates such negative tendencies as racism, agism, sexism and improper intervention of those with emotional, mental and physical challenges.

Race/ Racism in USA

This is a really basic and cardinal sort of subjugation, where one peculiar group will hold unreasonable power over other groups within the society. Some celebrated bookmans define racism as something that is an institutionalised system of huge power independent of personal biass, but supported by different personal actions and engagement that finally result in the publicity and prolongation of advantages for one peculiar racial group and a figure of disadvantages for another ( Blum, 1999 ) .

To exemplify this, province authoritiess set up Torahs and policies for modulating support for schools and high school graduation demands. More frequently, such Torahs and ordinances will ever hold a significantly negative influence on those groups that are based on ethnicity, race and societal category. Peoples who create and implement these Torahs may hold good purposes, but their sensed actions in transporting out occupation duties ever back up and perpetuate institutionalised racism and negative influence on a peculiar group or groups.

In some instance, there is ample grounds that many persons ( with witting or without witting actions ) force hurtful Acts of the Apostless of bias and racism against other groups. In a landmark survey, Lewis ( Lewis, 2003 ) found that instructors in a peculiar school participated in prejudiced patterns against pupils from minority groups in ways that prevented or denied full entree to acquisition and societal direction in the schoolroom. There are state of affairss in which such instructors really ignored pupils ' knowing Acts of the Apostless of bias and favoritism against pupils from

peculiar groups.

Race is an indispensable and needed construct that supports and agrees with societal stratification and authorization of one group over the others. Carter ( Carter, 2000 ) defines race as `` the sociopolitical appellation that is assigned on the footing of sensed tegument colour, physical characteristics, and in some instances, linguistic communication ( e. g. , Hispanic ) '' ( p. 865 ) . Carter farther points out that `` racial group appellation has been associated with givens about cultural features as good '' ( p. 865 ) . Lewis ( 2003 ) stated that `` racial classifications are used to make up one's mind who is similar and different ; chances and resources are so distributed along racial lines as people are included in or excluded from a scope of establishments, activities, or chances because of their classification '' ( p. 152 ) .

Goldberg ( Goldberg, 1990 ) , cautioned against person taking a simplistic position of how racism is created, maintained and perpetuated. Harmonizing to the writer, racism is inter-twined within a racialist duologue that pervades the full society in different signifiers that are scientific, lingual, economic, bureaucratic, legal, philosophical, and spiritual in nature. Goldberg ( Goldberg, 1990 ) besides stated that:

`` Adoption of racialist discourse has been widespread. It has been assumed across categories, states, societal and cultural groups ; in different topographic points, at different times, and under widely changing conditions. This can non be explained entirely in socioeconomic, political, or historical footings. Such accounts are remarkable in disregarding a cardinal characteristic: the strength of racialist discourse, that is, its compelling character for agents. Similarly, the prevalent givens of racism

's unreason, and of the `` false consciousness '' of racialists, stress the psychosis of the racialist personality instead than his or her persuasion, witting belief and strong belief, or rational willingness. To grok this widespread domestication of racialist discourse, the inquiry of human bureau and the formation of subjectiveness must be addressed. ( pp. 308- 309 ) ''

Racist duologue besides creates an sentiment of humanity that lets for categorization and description, finally ensuing in many hierarchies that pin down those, who are culturally and racially dissimilar.

Lester ( Lester, 1993 ) , in an article published in the San Francisco Chronicle, titled `` 'Warlords ' and White Lies, '' described modern twenty-four hours uses of `` the vocabulary of hatred. '' For illustration, the writer argued that the term warlords is `` a term reserved for Asians and Africans '' and that `` Europeans in a similar feudal function were 'lords of the manor'- or, if particularly militant, 'knights ' `` ( p. A-23 ) . The term warlord is synonymous with a political struggle in Somalia, while it may mention to gang force in the United States. On the other manus, cultural clangs that occur in the Eastern Europe are non portrayed as tribal warfare or `` white on white '' force. In racialist mention, many categorical differences shape the footing for set uping relationships with those that are dissimilar. Apartheid, de jure and de facto segregation in lodging and school spheres are the social agreements were racist discourses sustain and maintain racism.

Classism in US civilization

In the United States, the term society makes up of a alone category construction that maintains and reproduces itself

with the active aid of societal establishments and bureaus. Economic, educational, political, and societal privileges are the sole advantages for the members of in-between and upper category societal groups that are non available to people from lower strata of society. Perceived disagreements in public school support among rich and hapless vicinity is one clear illustration of how the system maintains and brings about a skewed societal category construction.

Childs from richer households ever get better quality instruction than those kids who come from hapless households. As a consequence, kids from flush households ever prepare for occupations that allow them to retain the same societal category strata that their parents acquire in the society. Similarly, kids who come from hapless background and who receive inadequate and improper instruction prepare themselves for occupations that restrict them to the societal strata of their parents.

There are studies of an increasing Numberss of cultural minorities, who are achieving in-between and upper category income and societal position degrees. However, the per centum of staying in low income and low societal position degrees is still really high, when compared to Euro-Americans. Edelman ( Edelman, 1987 ) argued that, `` African American kids are three times more likely to populate in poorness than Euro- American kids. '' On the other manus, Close ( Close, 1993 ) , opined that household members from cultural minorities, who get in-between and upper category position seldom acquire an entree to all the available chances of power and prestigiousness those are allowed for Euro-American opposite numbers.

Sexism in US society

The subjection of adult females to work forces airss many jobs in the society, as it is a marked signifier of

subjugation. The domination of males over females may ooze into societal, economic and educational construction of the state. Male attitude and behaviours reflect characters of authorization, power, and leading. On the other manus, females represent attitudes and behaviours that are fostering and lovingness, and they are more suitable for place and household life apart from raising kids. On a negative side, society neglects or devaluate their attitudes and behaviours in leading functions in the society.

Traditionally talking, adult females have ever been restricted to `` more feminine '' and low paying occupations at the work environments. Homes and households that are looked after by individual adult females may belong to low income group than those that are headed by individual work forces. These sensed prejudices affect their socialisation during their childhood and young person, their educational phases and vocational aspirations and the more common freedom of picks and options that they exercise.

Traditionally, adult females ever fight for their political, societal and economical rights and privileges. Women rights militants have been more active than of all time and they have been contending for a figure of causes runing from right to vote to abortion. Women 's heroic poem struggles for freedom and equality besides includes rights to full citizenship, plus those that involve picks and penchants made in the spheres of personal wellness. Many adult females militants and academicians have equated the low position of adult females in the US society as something that is about equal to racial intervention of minority populations. Womans from cultural minority group live in dual hazard in the society. They are besides expected to fall in the adult females rights protest

groups to better and heighten their ain societal position.

A less frequent statement made by some people really want the Euro-American adult females articulations oppressed cultural categories, who are contending for freedom and equality. As discussed in the old subdivisions, ample groundss of sensed inequalities in employment based on racial and sexual parametric quantities are easy seeable in the national unemployment rate. For illustration, a 2002 study revealed that work forces with college grade earn more than adult females who possess similar educational making ( Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2002 ) . This study besides suggested that adult females of Euro-American beginning were on par with Euro-American work forces in important direction and professional places ; in fact, this was apparent even in the unemployment rate. The national unemployment rate for Euro-American work forces and adult females over 20 old ages were 4.7 % and 4.4 % severally ( Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2002 ) .

On the other manus, African American and Latino work forces over 20 old ages of age were unemployed at a really high rate of 9.5 % and 6.4 % severally. In contrast, the rate of unemployment among African American and Latino adult females over 20 old ages of age was a startling 8.8 % and 7.2 % severally. Racial and gender differences were non merely limited to employment, but besides in wages as good. In nutshell, the accumulated information suggest us that there is a important addition in employment for Euro-American adult females, but lower additions for both work forces and adult females from cultural minority groups.

An of import issue of adult females 's rights motion ever centered on acquiring an

equal entree to better occupations that paid better wages. A research survey conducted by Bureau of Labor Statistics in 2005, demonstrated that the average hebdomadal net incomes for Euro-American work forces was much higher than that for Euro-American adult females and cultural minority work forces and adult female. This information shows that an unjust pattern exists in the US that treats one peculiar cultural community in mode that is extremely skewed and contrary. Similarly, African American and Latino work forces earned far lesser rewards than Euro-American adult females did.

Oppressing Torahs and statute laws

Any drastic alterations or transmutations in the national civilization ever faced terrible opposition. Cases of ill will, motiveless Acts of the Apostless of terrorist act and racial hatred were some of the drastic steps witnessed. Past events indicate that those persons who were involved in hate offenses and different signifiers of negative behaviour ever planned to legalize cultural domination patterns. Another signifier of negative behaviour has been to intimidate and discredit those groups that purportedly posed a discreet menace to the position quo. History provides us many such illustrations. The formation of the Immigration Restriction League in 1884 and the lynching of 11s Italians in New Orleans in 1891 were two noteworthy illustrations of purported bullying and terrorist act that were intended to protect the so called national civilization. The Emergency Quota Act of 1921 was another illustration of inhibitory piece of statute law that was proclaimed to salvage national civilization ; this oppressive statute law planned to restrict in-migration for all nationalities to 3 % of that group 's expatriate population life in the state as of the twelvemonth 1910. On the

other manus, the National Origins Act of 1924 really brought down the quota of immigrants from 3 % to 2 % of those groups present as of the twelvemonth 1890.

The Great Melting Pot Myth

There was a important inflow of foreign subjects into the state between 1870 and 1920. This inflow included subjects from states parts like Southern and Eastern Europe, Asia, and Central America. Most of them came in big groups of all time than earlier and they could organize their ain cultural enclaves and go on to follow and profess their ain civilization. However, these new groups of immigrants were non ready to absorb into the mainstream civilization. To countervail this instability, a modified and restructured signifier of cultural assimilation as signified by the thaw pot was put in topographic point. This new signifier promised that immigrants were no longer needed to go forth their native civilization and accept and foreigner and native civilization.

The chief thought was to organize a new common civilization that would instill the best from all civilizations those were present in the society. This move seemed a large paradox! It was a really different rhetoric, while the procedure was about the same. Whatever the motivations were and nevertheless, they were professed, the national and institutionalised civilization remained north European. Unfortunately, the people and the bureaus that governed and managed the state were Northern European in mental focal point and cultural values.

Journal Activity

Why do you believe issue of linguistic communication besides assumes importance in the context of cultural context of US? Do you experience that utilizing English as the de-facto criterion for schoolroom instruction is good for the state? Do you

hold with the fact that subjugation in any signifier is damaging to the endurance of a civilization? Does classism in US schools create a skewed social construction that favours kids coming from an flush society?

Pause and Reflect

If you want to go an effectual English instructor, how do you undertake the sensitive job of learning English to kids, who come from different cultural backgrounds? Think of all those stairss and programs that help you become an effectual instructor after get the better ofing jobs like racism, classicalism and subjugation.

Internet Activity

Fix a list of all Torahs and statute laws that relate to subjugation and classism in different provinces of US. Similarly, collect current statistics and informations on gender differences and sexism in the US.

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